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General Information

Sears Outlet stores carry the same name brand products you see at regular appliance retailers. In fact, many Sears Outlet products are brand new, and have never even been out of the box!

For even deeper discounts, we offer products that may have cosmetic damage or are out of box. No need to worry, these items have gone through extensive testing and carry the same manufacturer's warranties that new in box items do. And since the conditions and availability of items vary, prices may vary too.
Sears Outlet sells two types of merchandise: New and Out of Box.

New products have never been used and have never been out of the box. We work directly with appliance manufacturers and other major retailers to liquidate their overstock or out-of-season products at discounted prices!

We carry three types of Out of Box merchandise:

  • Floor Model: A new, unused item that has been removed from its original packaging and placed on our sales floor. Extremely limited signs of wear on the item or its packaging. Instructions are included.
  • Refurbished: Item that was returned and has been tested and repaired if necessary to meet "new" mechanical specifications. Product may have minimal cosmetic damage.
  • Cosmetic Damage: Item has sustained some amount of cosmetic damage, like a scratch, dent, or other wear-and-tear, but works like new. Item has not been previously used or purchased.
All of our Out of Box items are one-of-a-kind, discontinued, or scratched and dented merchandise. A manufacturer's product warranty, if any, would still apply.

Out of Box merchandise is always Sears Outlet Certified which means it has undergone rigorous testing, repairs, part replacement, and cleaning. To find out more about Sears Outlet Certified merchandise, please visit the Sears Outlet Certification Process page.

Pricing is determined in part by item condition and availability; like how long we've had it in the store, for instance. All of our Out of Box items have been inspected, repaired if necessary, and meet brand new specifications. On a product's page, you can read about the condition and view pictures of the product before you purchase.

Item Condition & Photos
Shopping SearsOutlet.com is simple and sure to get you the best deals possible.

Find a item you like and visit the product page to view all of your buying options. By default, SearsOutlet.com will select the item closest to your location. You can see details about the item like price, condition, color choices, location, and delivery/pickup options. You can even view pictures taken locally of that individual item.

Product Options & Specifications

There is also the option to See All Buying Options on the right side of the product page. Here you can view other available options of the same item. These items might be different conditions and prices, or located in stores that are further away.

All Buying Options

When you've found an item you'd like to purchase, select how you would like to receive your item (Delivery, Shipping, or Store Pickup), then click Add to Cart.

Add to Cart

If the item has Protection Agreements or Parts & Accessories available, you will be able to select those before viewing your cart.

Protection Agreements Parts & Accessories

Once you have reviewed your order, you can select Proceed to Checkout, Check out with PayPal, or Checkout with Lease It. Follow the instructions on the Checkout pages to complete your order.

Although the Sears Outlet stores are the main source of our inventory, in order to find you the best deals and selection, we also show inventory for other Sears formats including Sears Department Stores, Sears Hardware Stores, and Sears Hometown Stores. The only difference is that this inventory is only available for purchase as Store Pickup.

Product Information

Sears Outlet stores take local pictures of the actual items. On the product page, look for the icon "View Photos & Condition". Click the link to read specific details about the condition of that product and view photos of that individual item.

Item Condition & Photos Item Condition & Photo Detail

If the product is located in a store near you, you can also stop in to see it in person. The product page will tell you in what store the specific product is located.

Note: We do not take local photos of New in Box items. These items do not have cosmetic damage and will therefore look identical to the stock photo displayed on the product page.

SearsOutlet.com lists items from other Sears formats including Sears Department Stores, Sears Hardware Stores, and Sears Hometown Stores, but only Sears Outlet Stores offer delivery options. The others will only offer Store Pickup.
If available, a manufacturer's product warranty will still apply to most Out of Box items. Many items also have the option to purchase an additional Protection Agreement.
SearsOutlet.com carries discounted merchandise for Sears Outlet Stores, Sears Department Stores, Sears Hardware Stores, and Sears Hometown Stores. We offer both new items as well as one-of-a-kind, out of box, discontinued, refurbished, scratched and dented merchandise. Prices of individual items will vary depending on the condition of the merchandise.

Because each product is unique, it is important to review the photos and condition details of each item before purchase. In some instances, the product is greatly discounted due to damage.

If you would like to read more about the different condition types of items on SearsOutlet.com, click here.
Sears Outlet completes a rigorous refurbishment process on all out of box merchandise. This process includes testing, part replacement, cleaning, and mechanical repairs when necessary.

To find out more about Sears Outlet Certified merchandise, please visit the Sears Outlet Certification Process page.

Order Processing

Once you complete the Checkout process, the following steps will occur:

  1. You will get a confirmation number after clicking the Place Order Now button. Your charge card has not been charged yet.

  2. The store in which your item is located will verify the item is available. During this time, you will receive an email confirming we have received your order and are verifying its availability. Your charge card has not been charged yet.

  3. Once the store locates your item, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all of your order details. Note: THIS IS YOUR RECEIPT! Your charge card has now been charged for the merchandise and specific details related to your order are provided.
Note: While Searsoutlet.com will not charge your credit card until an item is confirmed to be in inventory, there are several banks that will "hold" funds for an online purchase immediately at order placement, especially when using a debit card. It is possible for the bank hold funds up to 4 days in some cases, even when the order was declined by Searsoutlet.com because the inventory was not available.
We offer several different options to receive your product when you purchase online:

  • Store Pickup: If your item is located in a nearby store, you may select the option to pick up in store. Don't forget to bring your email receipt with you to the store. There is no charge for store pickup.
  • Delivery: Many of our items are available for delivery. Pricing and delivery time will depend on where your item is located around the country. We offer both local and national delivery options.
  • Shipping: Smaller, lighter weight items may be eligible for shipping via UPS. Pricing and shipping time will depend on factors such as item location, size, weight, and availability.
You can read more about our shipping and delivery services on our Shipping and Delivery page.

Note: Items from Sears Department Stores, Sears Hardware Stores, and Sears Hometown Stores are only available for purchase as Store Pickup.
Yes. You can make your purchase online for any of the store formats (Sears Outlet Stores, Sears Department Stores, Sears Hardware Stores, and Sears Hometown Stores). Make sure to bring your email receipt as proof of purchase when arriving for pickup.
If you arrive in store to pickup your item and change your mind, Sears Outlet store associates will assist you in finding a similar item that will meet your needs. If you prefer not to shop for a comparable item, you may also choose to have the item cancelled and receive a refund.
When you place an order on SearsOutlet.com, you will receive a confirmation email with further information about the status of your items. There are several different fulfillment processes depending on how you have chosen to receive your order:

  • Shipping via UPS - Most orders will ship within 48 hours of order. You will receive a UPS tracking code via email once your order is ready to ship.
  • Local Delivery - A Sears Outlet customer service representative will call you on the next business day to schedule your delivery. You will receive email notification when your order is out for delivery.
  • National Delivery - Your item may take up to 10 days to reach your local delivery hub. Once it arrives at the local hub, you will receive an email from our delivery provider which will allow you to schedule your delivery date. On the date of your scheduled delivery, you will get a call from the delivery driver prior to his arrival.
  • Store Pickup - You will receive an email when your entire order is ready to be picked up in store.
Please note that orders with multiple items may arrive separately as they may come from different locations.

To read more about our shipping and delivery options, please visit the Shipping and Delivery page.
SearsOutlet.com has partnered with Lease It to provide our customers with no-credit-required leasing options for our products.

To learn more about Lease It, please visit the Lease It page.


Some of our items are delivered to you directly from your local store, others come nationally from one of our other stores, warehouses, or vendors. Your item(s) qualify for local delivery if they are located within 75 miles of your delivery address. If your item(s) originate at a location that is more than 75 miles from your delivery address, your order will be considered a national delivery order.

To learn more about local and national delivery, please visit our Shipping and Delivery page.
We offer hook-up and installation services for many of our products.

To find out what types of items we currently provide installation and hook-up for, please visit the Shipping and Delivery page.
If your item is eligible for installation or hook-up, you old item may be eligible for haul away.

For more information on what items are eligible for haul away, please visit our Shipping and Delivery page.