Mini Body Massager

Item # 30040 | Model # MBM-12-3053
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This vibrating full body mini massager has 3 kneading massage heads which are designed to fit human body and a high performance vibrator to give best massage effect. It can ease muscle ache and improves blood circulation. After a long time studying or working when you feel tired, this mini massager can soothe your aches and pain and make you feel comfortable. Perfect for both young and adult. Easy operation and portable designed, you can enjoy a good massage at anywhere anytime. This full body massager can work off of USB power. Can be used no matter sitting, standing or lying down. The mini full body massager is a must for work, life and study. 


Overall Dimensions3.5 x 3.5 x 3
Product Overview
TypeBack & body massagers
Category TypeHandheld
Number of Batteries Required3
Speed Ratings
Number of Speeds0

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