Kenmore 57950 50 gal. 9-Year Short Natural Gas Water Heater

Item # 57950 | Model # 57950
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The Kenmore 57950 50-gallon short residential natural gas water heater is energy-efficient, with foam insulation, and has a cobalt blue glass-lined tank with a large anode rod to protect the tank from corrosion. It also includes a self-cleaning cold water inlet tube which reduces and protects against mineral build-up in the tank. A 50-gallon natural gas water heater is the minimum recommended size for a 5-person or more household with typical water use.

  • Glass-lined steel tank with one anode rod for increased tank protection
  • 2 inches of energy-efficient foam insulation
  • Factory-installed temperature and pressure safety valve
  • High recovery 45,000 BTU input delivers more hot water
  • 9-year warranty on tank and parts


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