Craftsman Fuses, 6 pk.

Item # 82374 | Model # 82374
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Bring Back the Power with the Craftsman Fuses, 6-pk. Craftsman’s Fuses, 6-pk.  include a 0.2A and 0.25A fuse, plus two each of 0.5A and 10A fuses. Electrical applications like automotive headlights, household electronics and meters often make use of the cartridge fuse design. Whether you work as a professional auto mechanic, repairman or you simply consider yourself an everyday do-it-yourselfer, you can replace fuses like these quickly and easily. Keep these fuses handy in your toolbox, garage or shop so you can remain prepared just in case one blows. Whether you replace fuses regularly or you just want to keep a few handy for when you need them, the Craftsman Fuses, 6-pk. includes a great variety to keep your power and lights on.

  • Craftsman’s Fuses, 6-pk. includes one each of 0.2A and 0.25A fuses, plus two each of 0.5A and 10A fuses
  • These replacement fuses can be used on the following meters: 82082, 82139, 82141, 82146, 82149, 82312, 82314, 82315, 82344, 82345, 82362 and 82411
  • Use in electrical meters, automotive headlights and more


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