Viera HD Television

Model # 111362

$479.97 (List Price)

$359.93 $479.97 (List Price)

50" Class Smart Viera 1080p HDTV for Easy Online Access and a Crisp, Clear Picture Get more from your TV with the interactive Panasonic 50-inch Class Smart Viera S60 TV 1080p . Featuring 1080p full HD resolution, you'll see your favorite movies and programs at their best in crystal-clear texture and detail. Enjoy a better picture when objects are in motion with 600Hz sub-field drive - your favorite sports or action flicks never looked better. ...

Model # 111556

$1149.99 (List Price)

$862.93 $1149.99 (List Price)

Here’s the New Standard in Quality and Performance with CNET’s 5 Star “Spectacular” Rating, Their Strongest Recommendation Ever Not simply smart, but brilliant, this plasma TV delivers connectivity, interactive content and a jaw dropping HD experience every time you turn it on. From checking your email, streaming videos and music to transforming old films into immersive 3D movie nights, it’s built to suit your mood. A hub of entertainment, this 50 inch plasma links up ...

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