Surround Sound Home Theater

Model # 96974

$257.97 (List Price)

$154.93 $257.97 (List Price)

Panasonic 8482 Full Home Theater Entertains The Panasonic Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc 8482 Home Theater is ideal entertaining for your next movie night at home. Cinema surround is a state-of-the-art Panasonic technology that produces impressive cinema-like surround sound, giving you an incredible experience every time. Sound is perceived as coming from the correct direction thanks to Panasonic's proprietary direction perception control technology, made possible by years of research. 3D cinema ...

Model # 139828

$479.93 - $719.93
$799.99 (List Price)

$479.93 - $719.93 $799.99 (List Price)

The new Samsung Curved Soundbar was designed to specifically sit on the base of, or be mounted under your Samsung Curved UHD TV for seamless integration. Bring a full range of sound to everything you watch with the powerful wireless subwoofer and the simple, wireless connection of TV SoundConnect™. The immersive surround sound of the 8.1 Channel Speaker System, paired with the unique side-firing speaker design, make your favorite movies, shows, and games come to life. You can also ...

Model # 112259

$54.93 - $159.93
$199.99 (List Price)

$54.93 - $159.93 $199.99 (List Price)

Panasonic 120-Watt Home Theater System Provides a Customized, Unique Sound System Layout The Panasonic Home Theater System 120w Sound Bar SC-HTB70 allows you to configure the sound bar with integrated subwoofer to match your home theater layout. There are four different possible setups for the stand: 90 degrees for wall-mounting, 80 degrees for rack top, 30 degrees for inside rack, and 0 degrees for rack-top layouts. Regardless of the placement of your TV, you can ...

Model # 125743

$72.93 - $246.93
$289.99 (List Price)

$72.93 - $246.93 $289.99 (List Price)

Samsung 28" 720p slim LED HD TV Gives You Outstanding Quality Experience excellent picture and sound quality in a slim, compact television with the Samsung slim LED TV . You won't miss a single detail of the big game or action-packed movie with the Clear Motion Rate of 120. The Samsung 28" 720p slim LED HD TV also features Eco Sensor, which automatically adjusts picture brightness, DTS premium surround sound, Wide Color Enhancer Plus for ...

Model # 139081

$99.93 - $179.93
$199.99 (List Price)

$99.93 - $179.93 $199.99 (List Price)

Enjoy powerful sound with the Nakamichi Wireless Subwoofer . Nakamichi’s wireless module does away with cables running between the main unit and the subwoofer. Instead, the subwoofer connects to a compact wireless module that communicates with the main unit. This unit features an active speaker system that provides high sound quality in a slim design. It does not require any satellite loudspeakers or other speaker cabling, which are normally associated with conventional surround sound ...

Model # 131049

$89.93 - $269.93
$299.99 (List Price)

$89.93 - $269.93 $299.99 (List Price)

TV Surround Sound System w/ Built-In Subwoofer Immerses You in Rich Sound \n Enhance your TV experience with the elegant, easy-to-use 170 watt 2.1 channel integrated Sony TV Surround Sound System w/ Built-In Subwoofer HT-XT1 . Simply connect your TV and HD devices with HDMI® or stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth® and NFC. The elevated chassis design features dual down-firing subwoofers that deliver solid bass response while supporting up to 66 lbs and 55" TVs. ...

Model # 111790

$199.93 - $314.93
$449.99 (List Price)

$199.93 - $314.93 $449.99 (List Price)

The 5.1 Channel 3D Blu Ray Home Theater Delivers a World of Entertainment Now you can connect, watch and share with your new Samsung 5.1 Channel home theater system HT-F5500W . This Home Theater System will turn your family or media room into a realistic cinema experience complete with incredible surround sound andSmart Blu-ray that has a full Web browser and built-in Wi-Fi. The 5.1 Channel 3D Blu Ray home theater by Samsung lets you ...

Model # 135916

$69.93 - $195.93
$229.99 (List Price)

$69.93 - $195.93 $229.99 (List Price)

Samsung 24" 720p Smart LED HDTV Big On Features The Samsung smart LED HD TV is a compact 24 inches that's perfect for a dorm room or kitchen counter, but that doesn't mean you're going to sacrifice quality. The set is WiFi ready, with full browsing capabilities. Enjoy Dolby sound technology that can add surround sound quality to any audio. Hook up a cable box, gaming system or USB drive so you can watch your ...

Model # 130552

$159.99 (List Price)

$127.93 $159.99 (List Price)

The 28" Class 720p 60Hz LED HDTV Offers a Simply Brilliant Viewing Experience. Enjoy an immersive TV experience with the Seiki 28" Class 720p 60Hz LED HDTV . High definition picture quality and audio surround sound through two speakers work together to enhance all your favorite shows and movies. This 28" Class LED HDTV also boasts two HDMI inputs and a USB input that supports the JPEG format. This way you can stay connected while ...

Model # 138339

$239.93 - $424.93
$499.99 (List Price)

$239.93 - $424.93 $499.99 (List Price)

Enjoy superior entertainment on the Hitachi 49" Class 1080p LED HDTV . This TV features high definition and a fast clean motion response time for exceptional picture quality. You'll also enjoy the surround sound and superior connectivity with 3 HDMI inputs as well as a USB input so you can enjoy content from all types of sources.

Model # 105746

$2.93 - $16.99
$14.99 (List Price)

$2.93 - $16.99 $14.99 (List Price)

Setting a new high-definition standard for watching videos or working on the big screen, the 6 ft. 30AWG high speed Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable connects digital cameras, camcorders and other HDMI-equipped portable devices directly to standard HDMI� enabled TVs. Now you can easily watch video, stream media, and view documents through your TV as this cable will allow you to link your portable device to the standard HDMI connector (type A) found on most televisions ...

Model # 131559

$374.93 - $637.93
$749.99 (List Price)

$374.93 - $637.93 $749.99 (List Price)

Samsung 46" 1080p LED Smart TV Sharpens Up the Show Samsung smart LED HD TV serves up amazingly brilliant and vivid visuals using Wider Color Enhancer Plus. Clear Motion Rate 120 captures every detail in action-packed scenes in movies and sports events. An Eco Sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness for the room. DTS premium sound system can create thrilling surround sound effects. A full web browser for shopping, social media, YouTube and more.

Model # 93473

$749.99 (List Price)

$499.93 $749.99 (List Price)

LG 50-Inch Plasma HDTV Makes Your Sofa the Best Seat in the House \n Get ready to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows more than ever before with the LG 50PA4500 50-Inch Plasma HDTV. Turn the most comfortable spot in your TV room into the best seat in the house with features like a Triple XD engine for clear, detailed images and resolution upscaler to bring even standard definition content to life with brilliant ...

Model # 111505

$1039.93 - $1199.93
$1599.99 (List Price)

$1039.93 - $1199.93 $1599.99 (List Price)

Samsung 55" Class LED HDTV 1080p Personalizes Your Programming You've dreamed of a TV that knows what you like to watch, and now the Samsung 55-Inch Class 1080p 120Hz Slim LED HDTV is finally a reality. Smart TV 2.0 technology finds the movies and shows you love so you won't have to. It's S-recommended, which personalizes your options according to your personal taste. Not only does it locate frequently-watched programs, it displays them in lucid ...

Model # 111480

$779.93 - $1019.93
$1199.99 (List Price)

$779.93 - $1019.93 $1199.99 (List Price)

60" Class Aquos LED Smart TV Goes to the Head of the Class Sharp 60-inch Class Aquos 1080p 120hz Smart LED HDTV is built for multimedia viewing. In your living room, family room or home theater, this smart TV with dual-core processor and built-in Wi-Fi keeps everyone entertained with amazing high-definition images and 20-watt surround sound audio system. Enjoy your movies and streaming video in brilliant colors, dynamic contrast and maximum clarity with the 1080p ...

Model # 94046

$151.93 - $322.93
$379.99 (List Price)

$151.93 - $322.93 $379.99 (List Price)

Samsung 32" Class LED HDTV 1080p for Quality Movie and Picture Viewing with Smart Sound Upgrade your home entertainment experience with the Samsung 32 Inch Class 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV UN32EH5000 . Bring your movies to life with Wide Color Enhancer for more vibrant colors highlighting subtle details and tones. This 1080p HD TV presents realistic images showcasing life-like texture and detail. Enjoy twice the resolution of other HD TVs! With a Clear Motion Rate ...

Model # 137385

$3499.99 (List Price)

$2399.93 $3499.99 (List Price)

Every seat is a great seat with the samsung curved design, upscale everything you watch to UHD 4k, UHD 4k standard future proof, experience incredible UHD picture with UHD dimming \n Curved Panel Samsung’s curved screen is supported with proprietary technology that creates an accurate picture with exceptional color, without any picture distortion. It has a dramatically improved field of view that creates a panoramic effect and helps the picture feel bigger.  UHD Upscaling   ...

Model # 94056

$399.99 (List Price)

$279.93 $399.99 (List Price)

Samsung 32in. Class 1080p LED HDTV Takes Home Entertainment to New HD Heights The Samsung 32-inch class 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV UN32EH5300 is more than just an HDTV. This TV boasts an ultra slim design with Wide Color Enhancer Plus, which provides vibrant, realistic-looking images. It takes home entertainment to a new level with Smart Content, which offers you new and exciting ways to explore and locate your favorite shows, movies games and more. This ...

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