Stainless Steel Bar Accessories

Model # 72181

$12.93 - $19.99
$24.99 (List Price)

$12.93 - $19.99 $24.99 (List Price)

The Stainless Steel Can Opener: A Sleek Kitchen Essential Designed for the modern kitchen, this Kenmore electric can opener combines a crisp stainless steel exterior with a powerful motor and sharp blade to open it with ease. Taller than most openers, it�s perfect for bulky cans and large containers like juice, while the built-in knife sharpening function adds a whole new level of convenience to your kitchen.

Model # 97711

$29.99 (List Price)

$14.93 $29.99 (List Price)

• Includes OpenMate™ multi-tool which opens bottle tops, hard plastic packages & pop-top cans • Removable cutting head rinses clean under running water • SureCut™ patented technology - opens cans the first time, every time • Brushed stainless steel • Includes knife sharpener & cord storage

Model # 15141

$19.59 - $19.93
$27.99 (List Price)

$19.59 - $19.93 $27.99 (List Price)

Smooth edge can opener cuts on the side of the can, below the can edge - leaving no sharp edges on the can or lid. The easy-to-turn, side-wind knob requires less force and features OXO's non-slip, comfortable grip. Safe, hygienic and easy for small and large cans.

Model # 42512

$17.99 (List Price)

$12.59 $17.99 (List Price)

Our GOOD GRIPS Can Opener makes opening a can easy on your hands. Big cushioned handles give you extra strength to pierce a can, and the oversized knob turns easily.

Model # 80179

$16.49 (List Price)

$11.54 $16.49 (List Price)

12 Locking Tongs feature brushed stainless steel with soft, non-slip handles and comfortable thumb rests. Easily lock these Tongs in the closed position for convenient storage. The lock consists of a large pull-tab that doubles as a hole for hanging.

Model # 69345

$16.49 (List Price)

$11.54 $16.49 (List Price)

Finally, the perfect Tongs for use with nonstick cookware. These OXO GOOD GRIPS Tongs feature the sturdy stainless steel construction and soft grips you expect, with the nylon heads you need to protect your cookware.

Model # 42469



Stainless steel handle is rust resistant. Pick up food without risk of burning yourself.

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