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Solid Bed Foundation

Model # 101242

$98.73 - $519.97
$519.97 (List Price)

$98.73 - $519.97 $519.97 (List Price)

Stearns & Foster XL Twin/King Foundation Enhances Mattress Life and Your Sleeping Comfort \n A solid, satisfying sleep routine can be yours with the Stearns & Foster extra long twin bed foundation . Built to ensure a sound sleep and prolong the functional life of your mattress, the XL twin foundation turns your sleep zone into an island of steady rest and relaxation.

Model # 101239



Build A Better Night’s Sleep with the Queen Bed Foundation from Stearns And Foster \n Up your mattress support with the Stearns and Foster white II queen foundation and you’ll enjoy a sleep-enhancing combination that has to be experienced to be believed. With over 165 years of experience building and supporting luxury mattresses, Stearns and Foster is the trusted choice for a foundation that will deliver night after night of the best sleep of your ...

Model # 47448



The Sealy Low Profile Bed Foundation Sets the Tone for Deep Sleep \n Raise your bed to the optimum sleeping height and enhance its comfort and convenience by slipping the Sealy Duratech II Full Foundation under your full mattress. Designed to deliver an even distribution of support and built with Sealy's superior craftsmanship, this foundation delivers long lasting performance that’s dedicated for rest and comfort.

Model # 71449



The Sealy Twin Bed Foundation Gives Your Mattress a Lift The perfect companion to your twin mattress, this Sealy duratech low profile twin foundation gives you and your mattress just the right lift for optimum comfort. Designed to enhance the quality of your sleep and extend the life of your mattress, the twin bed foundation provides a stable base for building a solid sleep routine.

Model # 101320

$49.33 - $519.97
$519.97 (List Price)

$49.33 - $519.97 $519.97 (List Price)

Feel the Difference with the Stearns & Foster Extra Long Twin Bed Foundation Elevating Your Sleep \n A fitting complement to your extra long twin or king sized mattress, the Stearns & Foster Lux Estate twin extra long foundation lends just the right amount of lift so you can achieve the height and comfort you need to sit, sleep and do more on your luxury sleeper. Stable and reliable, this base provides a solid foundation ...

Model # 101262

$32.23 - $73.15
$220.00 (List Price)

$32.23 - $73.15 $220.00 (List Price)

The California King Foundation Supports Your King-Size Lifestyle \n The Sealy regular California king foundation has you waking and sleeping better by providing a firm and stable support to your king size mattress by enhancing the nuances of your quality mattress. Your bed will feel bouncier and more supportive with this solid base holding it up.

Model # 71454



The Sealy Low Profile Bed Foundation Elevates Your Bedtime Experience \n Enhance not just your bed’s height but your entire bedtime experience for years of better sleeping with the Sealy Duratech II queen foundation. Designed to deliver an even distribution of support and dedicated to your rest, this queen box spring keeps you comfortable in bed doing all the things you love to do as you relax.

Model # 99364

$99.93 - $499.97
$499.97 (List Price)

$99.93 - $499.97 $499.97 (List Price)

Build your sleep routine on a foundation that’s designed for superior support. The Serta Double Beam Queen Box Spring gives your mattress consistent support night after night for providing a solid sleeping surface for years. Offering the perfect fit to your queen size mattress, this strong base delivers stability and reduced motion so you can fully appreciate the comfort details of your quality mattress. A double beam further reinforces support to your mattress and an ...

Model # 99355



Build Up Your Sleep Routine on a Sealy Posturepedic Box Spring Queen Prolong the life of your mattress while relaxing in soothing supportive comfort with the Sealy Posturepedic Queen Regular Box Spring . An essential to a good night�s rest, this foundation uses a field of responsive coils to multiply the comfort and longevity of your mattress, creating a soothing nest where sleep reigns.

Model # 99356



SertaPedic Queen Foundation Gives Your Mattress a Boost Offering the perfect base to your mattress, the firm SertaPedic Queen Box Spring provides superior stability and reduced motion so you can enjoy an enhanced sleeping surface night after solid night. An innerspring network helps distribute the weight evenly further alleviating pressure points and making this box spring an essential in your bedroom space. Designed to enhance the quality of your sleep and increase the comfort, bounce ...

Model # 64950



Enjoy Solid Sleep with the Stable Support of the Sealy Low Profile Full Foundation Designed to offer you the perfect bed rest you’ve come to expect, the Sealy Duratech low profile full foundation provides your mattress with the perfect height and fit so you can enjoy your bed to the max. Providing enhanced lift, bounce and life to your bed, it makes ultimate comfort a bedtime reality.

Model # 64725



Bring Home a Sealy Queen Foundation for Years of Solid Rest Low profile yet highly essential, the Sealy Duratech low profile queen foundation provides your mattress the perfect height and fit giving you a way to maximize the benefits of your mattress and experience ultimate rest. Enhancing the lift and bounce of your bed, it also increases the longevity of the comfort life of your mattress.

Model # 42327



Sealy DuraTech Queen Foundation Gives You an Enhanced Bedtime Experience Enjoy solid nights of sleep with the Sealy DuraTech Queen Box Spring . Keeping you perched in comfort night after night, this queen foundation with its sturdy construction and firm innerspring system keeps your mattress steadily in place while reinforcing the benefits of your mattress. The DuraTech foundation helps you enjoy your mattress longer by prolonging its life and providing consistent support along its base. ...

Model # 101346



Enjoy the Supreme Support Of This Lux Estate Full Foundation Brown This Stearns & Foster Lux Estate brown full foundation provides the support you need to enjoy a wonderful night's rest. When paired with a premium-quality mattress from Stearns & Foster, this foundation keeps your sleep set in perfect condition for years. This set of box springs is backed by an impressive 25-year warranty, a sure sign of high quality. Stearns & Foster's commitment to ...

Model # 101243



Add Years To Your Bedtime Comforts With The Low Profile Split Queen Foundation The Stearns & Foster Lux Estate split queen foundation low is engineered and built with the same level of care given to every product in the Luxury Estate line. Your new bedding is designed to last for decades, and the choice of a matching box spring foundation is an important step toward ensuring that it remains comfortable for this time. A matching ...

Model # 99357



The Sealy Low Profile Queen Foundation Helps Customize Your Bedtimes Sleep and wake up better with the Sealy Queen 5'' Low Profile Box Spring propping your queen size mattress. This sturdy foundation provides the steadiness, bounce and reduced motion you need to fully appreciate the comfort details of your mattress. Complement your mattress with a fitting base to experience really solid sleep.

Model # 101280

$132.93 - $399.97
$399.97 (List Price)

$132.93 - $399.97 $399.97 (List Price)

Sleep On Superior Quality with the Split Queen Mattress Foundation Sleeping in style with the Stearns & Foster Lux Estate brown II split queen makes waking up every morning an exciting experience and provides you the valuable downtime that you need for productive days at work. The base supports your Stearns & Foster bedding to lighten your nights with a solid sleeping platform while prolonging the life of your queen-size mattress. You can also benefit ...

Model # 120516



The Low Profile Box Spring Twin XL Combines Strength and a Solid Structure for a Great Sleep Foundation The Sertapedic low profile twin XL boxspring with the StabL-Base� Double Beam Foundation gives you even support across the mattress bottom to reduce sagging issues and extend mattress life. It's constructed from a solid wood frame and covered with breathable cotton/poly material. The interior of this product houses an innerspring and wood support system that's crafted for ...

Model # 79497



A good night�s sleep starts with a firm foundation A solid foundation is the basis of everything. Our Sealy Posturpedic Queen Foundation isn't just a box spring. This firm foundation was specifically designed to create an environment where your back can get the support it needs, by being slightly firmer than most. Featuring a rubberized fabric specific to Sealy�s Stay Tight� technology, the Posturpedic Queen Foundation will hold your mattress in place and help keep ...

Model # 117259

$260.00 (List Price)

$130.00 $260.00 (List Price)

Choose Serta's Perfect Sleeper Low Profile Twin Boxspring For Super Sleep Choosing a Perfect Sleeper Low Profile twin boxspring is your first step to building a sturdy long-lasting bed set. Just like houses that need to be built on a solid foundation, your bed set needs a solid foundation too. Serta has the well-earned reputation of designing and manufacturing boxsprings that truly elevate the comfort level of your sleeping experience, and they can do that ...

Model # 116543

$74.98 - $392.00
$392.00 (List Price)

$74.98 - $392.00 $392.00 (List Price)

The World Class Twin XL Boxspring Gives You the Foundation You Need For a Better Night of Sleep The Beautyrest World Class twin XL boxspring gives your Beautyrest mattress the strong and stable support it needs. Pair this Triton foundation with a supportive bed frame and enjoy a mattress that won't bow or sag. The mattress will enjoy improved life and durability with this solid and proper foundation. Constructed of high-grade wood and steel struts, ...

Model # 32705

$133.88 - $520.00
$520.00 (List Price)

$133.88 - $520.00 $520.00 (List Price)

Make certain your mattress provides the comfort you expect every night with the Stearns & Foster extra long twin low profile box spring. The limited deflection box spring is designed to provide a solid foundation so your mattress doesn�t sag and lasts longer, giving you the best sleep possible night after night.

Model # 31941

$182.93 - $520.00
$520.00 (List Price)

$182.93 - $520.00 $520.00 (List Price)

Make certain your mattress provides the comfort you expect every night with the Stearns & Foster extra long twin box spring. The limited deflection box spring is designed to provide a solid foundation so your mattress doesn�t sag and lasts longer, giving you the best sleep possible night after night.

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