Smart Steel Refrigeration Equipment

Model # 115409

$999.93 - $1019.93
$1599.99 (List Price)

$999.93 - $1019.93 $1599.99 (List Price)

Maximize frozen food storage with the  Whirlpool® WRS537SIAM side-by-side refrigerator 's In-Door-Ice® Plus system. It creates 30% more usable space in the freezer* and offers a bin that tilts out or can be removed and placed on the counter to make filling glasses and pitchers easy. The  stainless-steel Whirlpool WRS537SIA refrigerator features an exterior filtered water and ice dispenser with Tap Touch controls, to provide a smooth, sleek appearance while offering cold, filtered water and ...

Model # 118586

$1599.99 (List Price)

$799.93 $1599.99 (List Price)

With a generous 27 cu. ft. capacity and featuring our Slim SpacePlus™ Ice System, this LG side-by-side refrigerator 99103 maximizes food storage space to accommodate all of your family's food. It's designed with convenient slide-out and folding shelving, tilting and adjustable door bins, and multiple crisper drawers to help facilitate organization. The LG   99103 fridge comes with sophisticated styling and features like an intuitive LED display, contoured doors, and Smart Cooling System to ...

Model # 118600

$699.93 - $1149.93
$1899.99 (List Price)

$699.93 - $1149.93 $1899.99 (List Price)

With almost 30 cu. ft. of storage space, this Whirlpool® WRS950SIAM side-by-side refrigerator delivers the space you need for bulk food purchases and large party platters. It also features MicroEdge® shelves, which give you 25% more usable shelf space and help contain leaks. The In-Door-Ice® Plus ice dispensing system creates more space in the freezer, and the bin tilts out or can be removed to make it easy to fill glasses, pitchers and coolers. The ...

Model # 111631

$871.93 - $1634.99
$2179.98 (List Price)

$871.93 - $1634.99 $2179.98 (List Price)

Kenmore Side-by-Side Refrigerator – A Kitchen Essential Built to deliver a wide range of essential features in a spacious design, this Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator 5116 cools groceries, filters water and doles out ice, while keeping produce fresh longer by absorbing natural ripening agents. A smart addition to any kitchen, it’s easy to organize, keep clean and even filters its own air.

Model # 111626

$617.93 - $2249.99
$2469.99 (List Price)

$617.93 - $2249.99 $2469.99 (List Price)

Kenmore Elite 29.8 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator - Adjustable Storage With nearly 30 cu ft. of storage Large Capacity, space-saving features like full-door gallon storage and SmartSense temperature management, the Kenmore Elite refrigerator 5117 is head-and-shoulders above other side-by-side refrigerators. This Kenmore ENERGY STAR® qualified refrigerator has the most Large Capacity of any side-by-side refrigerator/freezer on the market, and smart design features give you even more shelf ...

Model # 79420

$2499.98 (List Price)

$1374.93 $2499.98 (List Price)

Samsung's new largest capacity 29.6 Cubic Foot side by side refrigerator includes the same great features as the RSG307 refrigerator with the added feature of a wi-fi enabled 8" touch screen LCD with apps. The RSG309 features the Twin Cooling Plus® technology that circulates the air within the refrigerator and freezer compartments individually to maintain optimal humidity levels and prevent odor transferring between compartments. The freezer air stays dryer, while the refrigerator's ...

Model # 90074

$1199.93 - $1679.93
$2299.98 (List Price)

$1199.93 - $1679.93 $2299.98 (List Price)

Don't sacrifice space for style. With this 24.5 cu. ft. model, you can take home the space you need with the style you want. This refrigerator combines counter-depth styling and full-size capacity, so you get more room in your refrigerator and in your kitchen. With 10 cu. ft. of interior freezer space, this model is the industry's largest capacity counter-depth refrigerator*, so you can stock up on all your favorite frozen items, like pizzas, frozen ...

Model # 86586

$884.00 (List Price)

$549.92 $884.00 (List Price)

Kenmore — trusted in the homes of more than 100 million Americans. This Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator would be a great addition to any kitchen. Includes a fruit/vegetable crisper, meat drawer, wonderful door storage and plenty of shelves for all your food needs. The freezer compartment has a slide-out bin in addition to door storage so you can stock up on freezer items and save your family money. This Kenmore refrigerator would be a great addition ...

Model # 30487

$719.93 - $1119.93
$1549.99 (List Price)

$719.93 - $1119.93 $1549.99 (List Price)

This Whirlpool® upright freezer offers 17.7 cu. ft. additional storage space so you can stock up on your favorite frozen foods. An interior light makes it easy to find the items you need, and two large baskets help keep groceries organized. Can be paired with all-refrigerator models 1921 (white) and 1920 (stainless) for maximum storage options or purchased separately.

Model # 132442

$1599.93 - $3199.93
$3999.99 (List Price)

$1599.93 - $3199.93 $3999.99 (List Price)

Samsung 30 cu. ft. 4-Door French Door Food ShowCase Refrigerator - Innovative Food Storage The Samsung Food ShowCase Refrigerator RF30HBEDBSR provides easy access to on-the-go food items. The exterior ShowCase gives you instant access to drinks and condiments, while the InnerCase lets you store larger, fresh food items. This refrigerator lets you easily organize your food by type or whom it's for. Innovative metal cooling locks in cold and seals in freshness, and the stainless ...

Model # 90072

$639.92 - $959.93
$1499.99 (List Price)

$639.92 - $959.93 $1499.99 (List Price)

Whirlpool brand delivers a 26 cu. ft. model with 20% more usable space in the freezer.* The In-Door-Ice� Plus ice dispensing system offers a bin that tilts out and can be removed with one hand and placed on the counter to make filling glasses, pitchers and coolers easy. This ENERGY STAR� qualified also saves energy and may help you save money on your utility bills. The FreshFlow� air filter reduces common food odors and is ...

Model # 135352

$1709.93 - $3039.99
$3799.99 (List Price)

$1709.93 - $3039.99 $3799.99 (List Price)

LG 29.6 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator Boasts Ample Storage Space The LG 29.6 cu. ft. super-capacity French door refrigerator has all of the features required to keep food fresh with ample space to store everything that you need with ease. The super capacity provides 20% more usable space, allowing you to store more food than ever before. Whether you like to prepare meals from scratch or are hosting gourmet dinner parties on a regular ...

Model # 122716

$1319.93 - $2899.99
$3299.99 (List Price)

$1319.93 - $2899.99 $3299.99 (List Price)

This 28 cu. ft. Samsung RF28HMEDBSR 4-door French door refrigerator features a FlexZone™ drawer with Smart Divider, a flexible middle drawer that can be individually temperature-controlled to fit your food storage needs. Its counter-height design makes it convenient for everyone in the family to access, so the kids are no longer standing in front of an open fridge searching for their after-school snack. Open the French doors to reveal a wide, open space with flexible ...

Model # 139074

$1304.93 - $2029.93
$2899.99 (List Price)

$1304.93 - $2029.93 $2899.99 (List Price)

With 26.8 cubic feet in the LG LMXS27626 4-door French door refrigerator you get extra space. Thanks to the ultimate organization of the double freezer drawers, you can forget frozen-food avalanches – you've got a place for everything from popsicles to a family-size turkey.

Model # 112666

$1664.93 - $3329.99
$3699.99 (List Price)

$1664.93 - $3329.99 $3699.99 (List Price)

The stylish, counter-depth design of the Samsung RF24FSEDBSR 4-door refrigerator offers a sleek, built-in look while allowing for more work space in the kitchen. Its French door design provides flexible storage options and easy access to fresh food. At 24 cu. ft. capacity, the stainless-steel Samsung RF24FSEDBSR French door refrigerator is big enough to accommodate up to 24 bags of groceries*. A custom drawer lets you compartmentalize different types of food and set the temperature for ...

Model # 112664

$1439.93 - $3368.99
$3599.99 (List Price)

$1439.93 - $3368.99 $3599.99 (List Price)

The ultra-high capacity of the Samsung 4-door refrigerator RF31FMEDBSR provides plenty of space to store food.  The 31 cu. ft. of space can accommodate up to 31 bags of groceries*, which means fewer trips to the market. Plus, with the advanced cooling feature, the internal air of the refrigerator and freezer compartments of this Samsung refrigerator are kept at near-commercial grade humidity levels, keeping your food fresher longer. The stainless-steel Samsung refrigerator RF31FMEDB  helps ...

Model # 118603

$719.93 - $1444.93
$1699.99 (List Price)

$719.93 - $1444.93 $1699.99 (List Price)

This 25 cu. ft. Whirlpool® WRF535SMBM French door refrigerator offers 2 humidity-controlled crispers and a pantry drawer so you can keep your fresh food organized, whether stocking up on produce or lunch meat. The full-width pantry drawer allows you to store wide items like party platters and sheet cakes or preserve large amounts of meat and cheese. The stainless-steel Whirlpool WRF535SMB fridge features a contemporary design that will bring a modern look to your kitchen. ...

Model # 122713

$1484.93 - $2309.92
$3299.00 (List Price)

$1484.93 - $2309.92 $3299.00 (List Price)

The 25 cu. ft. Samsung RF25HMEDBSR/AA French door refrigerator is the ultimate in food preservation. Open the French doors to reveal a wide open space with flexible spill-proof shelving and 2 humidity controlled crispers. Now changing the water filter couldn’t be easier. With the filter conveniently located between the two crisper drawers, you can quickly and easily replace the filter without removing items from the refrigerator. In addition, both the FlexZone™ mid-drawer and the freezer ...

Model # 112665

$1519.93 - $3909.99
$3799.99 (List Price)

$1519.93 - $3909.99 $3799.99 (List Price)

Get refreshing sparkling water anytime with the Samsung 4-door refrigerator RF31FMESBSR . This French-door design features the convenience of a built-in, chilled sparkling or still water dispenser powered by SodaStream. The ultra-high capacity saves you trips to the market with enough room to fit up to 31 bags of groceries*. And its advanced cooling options keep internal air at near-commercial grade humidity levels to keep food fresher. Samsung refrigerator RF31FMESBSR  keeps your food and ...

Model # 139001

$449.93 - $899.99
$999.99 (List Price)

$449.93 - $899.99 $999.99 (List Price)

Frigidaire Gallery® 20.4 Top Mount Refrigerator - Smart Food Storage Finding your food is easy in this Frigidaire Gallery® 20.4 top-mount refrigerator FGTR2045Q , thanks to the energy-efficient LED lighting that casts a natural light inside and side mounted controls. Full-width, spill-proof glass shelves are easy to wipe clean and help stop liquids from spilling over to other parts of your fridge. Plus, humidity-controlled crispers allow you to make adjustments to each crisper individually. ...

Model # 133184

$1199.93 - $2249.93
$2999.99 (List Price)

$1199.93 - $2249.93 $2999.99 (List Price)

Kenmore Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator - Smart Food Storage The Kenmore Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator 70443 has a spacious 22 cu. ft. of storage capacity, including a full-width gourmet pantry drawer that conveniently stores deli items, large party platters and sheet cakes. It also features a best-in-class ice and water filtration system for clean, fresh-tasting ice and water. Capacitive touch controls with brilliant LED make it easy to see refrigerator and freezer settings ...

Model # 137693

$2399.99 (List Price)

$2159.99 $2399.99 (List Price)

Bosch 24" Counter-Depth Bottom-Freezer - Smart Food Storage in a Compact Design The Bosch 24" Counter-Depth Bottom-Freezer features a sleek design that is ideal for compact kitchen layouts. The HydroFresh drawer keeps fruits and vegetables fresher longer, and the integrated wine rack helps you keep your favorite bottles conveniently stowed. LED lighting shines exceptionally bright while saving energy, and the whole unit is ENERGY STAR® certified for energy efficiency.

Model # 83305

$1439.93 - $3199.99
$3199.99 (List Price)

$1439.93 - $3199.99 $3199.99 (List Price)

With a generous 31 cu. ft. capacity, the  LG 3-door refrigerator LFX31925ST  not only has the features to keep your food fresh, it has the room to store it all. The Smart Cooling System is designed to keep temperature and humidity right where it's best for your food, and a Fresh Air Filter helps keep the air around your food from getting stale. And with its Smart Pull™ Handle and 3-Tier Organization™ Freezer, using the  ...

Model # 105697

$1529.93 - $2719.93
$3399.99 (List Price)

$1529.93 - $2719.93 $3399.99 (List Price)

With a generous 33 cu. ft. capacity, the LG 3-door refrigerator LFX33975ST  not only has the features to keep your food fresh, it has the room to store it all. The Smart Cooling Plus System is designed to keep temperature and humidity right where it's best for your food, and a Fresh Air Filter helps keep the air around your food from getting stale. And with its Smart Pull™ Handle and 3-Tier Organization™ Freezer, using ...

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