Serta Bed Foundation

Model # 141247

$1599.99 (List Price)

$639.93 $1599.99 (List Price)

An affordable upgrade for you bed.  Keep up with life’s demands with this new, affordable upgrade for your bed. The head of this foundation is easily raised into positions that let you quickly customize your comfort for reading, working on the laptop,watching TV, lounging or even sleeping.

Model # 99364

$149.93 - $199.93
$499.97 (List Price)

$149.93 - $199.93 $499.97 (List Price)

Build your sleep routine on a foundation that’s designed for superior support. The Serta Double Beam Queen Box Spring gives your mattress consistent support night after night for providing a solid sleeping surface for years. Offering the perfect fit to your queen size mattress, this strong base delivers stability and reduced motion so you can fully appreciate the comfort details of your quality mattress. A double beam further reinforces support to your mattress and an ...

Model # 97856



SertaPedic SPEDIC II Full Foundation � A Bedroom Cornerstone for Enhanced Comfort Since a third of your life is spent asleep, it�s imperative to have a foundation that reinforces the quality of your sleep. The SertaPedic SPEDIC II full box spring featuring a Double Beam foundation provides consistent support across the bottom of the mattress giving your sleep set lasting durability. Without much ado, the full size box spring lays the basis for propping a ...

Model # 120514

$2250.92 - $3000.93
$7500.00 (List Price)

$2250.92 - $3000.93 $7500.00 (List Price)

Enhanced Comfort and Convenience for Your Lifestyle.  Your bed is more than a place to sleep; it’s the center of your life. Experience the comfort and convenience of the new Serta ® Motion Custom ™ Adjustable Foundation— the most advanced adjustable base you can buy today.  With 9 all-new features, the Serta Motion Custom Adjustable Foundation provides enhanced comfort and support for all aspects of what you do in bed – from watching television, to ...

Model # 135713

$4247.50 (List Price)

$1061.88 $4247.50 (List Price)

Customize your comfort, support and relaxation.     The Serta® Motion Signature™ Adjustable Foundation offers several advanced features so you can enjoy comfort, support and relaxation whenever you are in bed.  This foundation features our exclusive Pro-Fit™ retainer bar system to keep your mattress perfectly contoured to the foundation, making it an excellent match for an iSeries® hybrid mattress.  Plus, you can relax and unwind after a long day with an advanced massage system featuring ...

Model # 117261



Perfect Sleeper Low Profile Full Boxspring: Get the Support You Need Wake up fully rested and feeling renewed every morning with a Perfect Sleeper low profile full boxspring by Serta. Pair it with a Serta full-size mattress, and this bed will be a welcoming retreat at the end of the day. The full size is ideal for a child or teen's room or for a first apartment -- room to stretch out. This Perfect Sleeper ...

Model # 130252

$27.93 - $274.97
$274.97 (List Price)

$27.93 - $274.97 $274.97 (List Price)

Strong, Sturdy, Durable Value with the Serta Split Queen Box Spring Sertapedic Split queen Box Spring is the box spring that delivers the StabL-Base� foundation which provides constant, sturdy support for your mattress and for you. The StabL-Base� foundation gives your mattress added life and durability. Featuring a 10-year non-prorated warranty, you can easily see the value of a quality Serta Box Spring. The Serta Split queen Box Spring offers a box spring in the ...

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