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Quick Blade Utility Knife

Model # 16700

$9.93 - $18.99
$14.99 (List Price)

$9.93 - $18.99 $14.99 (List Price)

Craftsman Folding Utility Knife Designed for Excellence The Craftsman Folding Lockback Utility Knife adds an entirely new dimension to difficult tasks. Designed for precision, its performance-driven quality construction offers you reliability plus important safety features. This is a knife that makes it simpler than ever to take care of all your work and household projects. Add to that the benefits of its one-hand-opening feature and getting the job done just got a whole lot easier. ...

Model # 14528

$6.99 - $14.99
$9.99 (List Price)

$6.99 - $14.99 $9.99 (List Price)

Cut a Rug With a Craftsman Utility Knife Grab a Craftsman folding utility knife when you need a quality blade to open any type of cardboard box, plywood packing container or even to score and cut drywall and carpet for a DIY basement renovation. This versatile utility knife features a lock-back blade that folds just like a pocket knife providing safe and convenient storage. The design includes a knurled, thumb knob to allow for quick, ...

Model # 115104

$3.49 - $5.99
$4.99 (List Price)

$3.49 - $5.99 $4.99 (List Price)

Red Folding Lock Back Utility Knife Folds Into Smooth Oval Shape The Craftsman red folding lock back utility knife is a unique utility knife that folds back into its handle for convenient portability. The utility knife has a modern look with a bold red handle that bears the popular Craftsman logo. The 2-1/4" blade folds down into the handle to create an oval shape that is smooth in the pocket. Once folded, the knife in ...

Model # 115101

$3.49 - $7.99
$4.99 (List Price)

$3.49 - $7.99 $4.99 (List Price)

Black, Folding, Lock Back Utility Knife Conveniently Folds for Portability The Craftsman black, folding, lock back utility knife is sleek looking and easy to use. Enjoy the portability of the utility knife that easily bends into its handle for a compact size you can safely hold. Once bent, the knife forms a smooth oval that you can put into your pocket as you head to the next job. The small size makes it great for ...

Model # 21509

$3.93 - $21.99
$21.99 (List Price)

$3.93 - $21.99 $21.99 (List Price)

Craftsman Heavy-Duty Lockback Utility Knife Keeps You Cutting The heavy-duty lockback utility knife is strong enough for cement board and handy enough to keep in your pocket for everyday tasks. The utility knife is practical because it takes most blades, so it's easy to always work with a sharp edge. The Craftsman heavy-duty lockback utility knife has a quick-change blade mechanism that makes it easy to switch out your dull blade with a sharp one. ...

Model # 104355

$12.74 - $14.99
$14.99 (List Price)

$12.74 - $14.99 $14.99 (List Price)

Slice through with the Craftsman Retractable Utility Knife Open a package, cut through a hose or even slice through carpet with the Craftsman   Utility Knife . A handyman’s best friend, utility knives deliver ultimate versatility and can help you tackle a number of household and professional projects. Whether you need to cut ties with pieces of rope, tape or plastic casing, this unique design will do the job. The Craftsman Utility Knife  folds like ...

Model # 120443

$3.49 - $7.99
$4.99 (List Price)

$3.49 - $7.99 $4.99 (List Price)

Pink Folding Utility Knife for Fast Comfortable Cuts and Portability The attractive pink honeycomb design on the side of the Craftsman pink folding utility knife is just the cherry on top or this easy-to-use knife. Whether you're working in a stockroom with high demands for cutting tape and cardboard, or just doing home poster board projects, this utility knife is the tool to keep at hand. The slim profile is just the right size to ...

Model # 115105

$3.99 - $4.99
$4.99 (List Price)

$3.99 - $4.99 $4.99 (List Price)

Tackle Any Project With The Blue Folding Lock Back Utility Knife Whether in your pocket for an emergency or waiting in your tool chest for your next project, the Craftsman blue folding lock back utility knife is a perfect handy do-it-yourself projects or just to have for emergencies in your car. Measuring only 2.25 inches and folding into an easy, one-hand opening oval casing, the anodized aluminum handle keeps this tool lightweight for easy carrying. ...

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