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Pump Pressure Washers

Why Do Prices Vary

Model # 020561

$121.97 - 189.99 Up to 55% Off
269.99 (List Price)

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Craftsman 1700psi 1.3GPM Electric Pressure Washer with Steam Cleaner

$121.97 - 189.99
269.99 (List Price)

Clean House with the Craftsman Electric Pressure Washer with Steam Cleaner Treat yourself to this 1700 PSI Electric Pressure Washer with Steam Cleaner , from Craftsman, and make cleaning a breeze. Inside or out, this innovative cleaner can be used as both a steam cleaner and a pressure cleaner. That means you can go from steam cleaning your carpets to pressure washing your shed conveniently a...

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Model # 020563

$130.93 - 259.99 Up to 56% Off
299.99 (List Price)

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Craftsman 2200 PSI 1.9 GPM Gas-Powered Pressure Washer

$130.93 - 259.99
299.99 (List Price)

Exteriors Shine with the Craftsman 2200 PSI Gas Pressure Washer The Gas-Powered 2200 PSI 1.9 GPM Pressure Washer shines up your siding and removes green mold and stains. It cleans up driveways, sidewalks, patios and leaf-covered decks with ease. Adjust the water spray to a gentle setting, and you can use it on your car, outdoor grill or other hard surfaces that need grime and dirt removed. A...

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Model # 020670

$328.93 - 375.99 Up to 30% Off
469.99 (List Price)

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Craftsman 3100psi 2.5GPM Gas Pressure Washer

$328.93 - 375.99
469.99 (List Price)

Ever need to stop to talk to your neighbor while pressure washing? This Craftsman 3100 Max PSI pressure washer features Quiet Sense® automatic throttle control technology. This lets the powerful Briggs & Stratton 875EXi Series™ engine run up 40% quieter*** when the spray gun trigger is released. Engine also features "Just Check & Add" which means no oil changes for the life of t...

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Model # 020653

$629.93 30% Off
899.99 (List Price)

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Craftsman Pro Series 3600psi 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

899.99 (List Price)

Clean off Grime with the Craftsman Pro Series 3600 PSI Gas Pressure Washer When you need to bring some strength to your spring cleaning, break out the Craftsman Pro Series 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer to blast away tough dirt. The variable 3600 PSI provides plenty of pressure to knock off even the toughest debris. With two 10" never-flat tires and a tough tubular metal frame/handle, you'll ha...

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Model # 020591

$296.99 - 303.99 Up to 22% Off
379.99 (List Price)

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Craftsman 2800 psi 2.3 GPM Gas Powered Pressure Washer

$296.99 - 303.99
379.99 (List Price)

Take On Tough Cleaning Jobs With The Craftsman 2800 psi Gas Powered Pressure Washer Power up the Gas Powered 2800 psi Pressure Washer and discover real cleaning power. Use it to bring new life to driveways, decks, patios, brick, home siding, sidewalks, cars, boats, power equipment, outdoor furniture, windows and more. The powerful Briggs & Stratton 850 Series engine boasts 8.5 lbs. gross tor...

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Model # 020607

$327.99 20% Off
409.99 (List Price)

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Craftsman 2800 PSI 2.3 GPM 4-Cycle Gas Powered Pressure Washer

409.99 (List Price)

Craftsman Quiet Sense Gas Pressure Washer is 40% Quieter than Other Washers This 2800 psi Gas Pressure Washer with Quiet Sense does a great job of cleaning your hard surfaces like your siding or even your car, but it does it more quietly than ever before. The Briggs & Stratton Professional Series OHV Engine comes equipped with the ReadyStart starting system so you don't have the hassle of pr...

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