Professional Tool

Model # 69944



Mini torpedo design, no-dog attachment. Four-vial design - 0, 90, 45, and 30 degrees. Superior-hold three magnets. Wt. 0.4 lb.

Model # 107091



Keep your Tools Nearby with Craftsman Padded Suspenders The Craftsman   padded suspenders with alligator clips  are designed to hold up your work pants or attach to a tool apron so your tools never get too far away. The professional design features durable, reinforced fabric with extra padding for supreme comfort throughout the entire working day. Adjustable straps ensure you find the right fit and the strong alligator clips prevent the straps from releasing from ...

Model # 12025

$5.99 (List Price)

$1.99 $5.99 (List Price)

Ideal tool for close up precision work to give professional looking appearance on curved surfaces and decorative work. One-handed tool provides close, positive control.

Model # 128985

$11.93 - $59.99
$59.99 (List Price)

$11.93 - $59.99 $59.99 (List Price)

Measure voltage, current, resistance, continuity and more with the Craftsman Multi-Meter The Multi-Meter  includes a 9V battery and measures a maximum of 600 volts. Electricians and building mechanics attach the test leads to wires in electrical boxes while do-it-yourselfers can test wires in a fan, outlet or appliance ensuring the right amount of energy is being used. Testing electrical equipment is important to ensure optimal efficiency and output making the Craftsman Multi-Meter an ...

Model # 13728

$3.49 - $5.79
$4.99 (List Price)

$3.49 - $5.79 $4.99 (List Price)

Remove Stubborn Pins, Bolts, Rivets and More with the Craftsman 1/8" x 4-1/2" Pin Punch Craftsman’s 1/8" x 4-1/2" Pin Punch  makes it easy to access and chisel out old or broken pins, bolts, rivets and more in commercial equipment or machines. Professional automotive and building mechanics rely on pin punches to make repairs quickly. When matched with a hammer the pin punch acts as a chisel and leverages the hardware out of its position. ...

Model # 28799

$3.49 - $5.99
$4.99 (List Price)

$3.49 - $5.99 $4.99 (List Price)

Bring Back the Power with the Craftsman Fuses, 6-pk. Craftsman’s Fuses, 6-pk.  include a 0.2A and 0.25A fuse, plus two each of 0.5A and 10A fuses. Electrical applications like automotive headlights, household electronics and meters often make use of the cartridge fuse design. Whether you work as a professional auto mechanic, repairman or you simply consider yourself an everyday do-it-yourselfer, you can replace fuses like these quickly and easily. Keep these fuses handy in your ...

Model # 23066

$10.47 - $14.97
$14.97 (List Price)

$10.47 - $14.97 $14.97 (List Price)

The Craftsman Folding Framer Offers Incredible Versatility and Folds Up Into a Compact Size for Easy Storage and Transport Craftsman’s Folding Framer  performs the duties of five different tools – framing square, tri square, miter square, angle finder and a saw guide. Professional carpenters love this unique tool, as it folds with ease so you can store it in any toolbox and transport it across jobsites without worrying about any damage. The versatile tool makes ...

Model # 13730

$3.49 - $5.79
$4.99 (List Price)

$3.49 - $5.79 $4.99 (List Price)

Achieve a Professional Look with the Craftsman 3/16" x 5" Pin Punch Gain direct access to stubborn pins, bolts and rivets for easy removal when you have the Craftsman 3/16" x 5" Pin Punch  matched with a chisel holder. This pin punch lets you countersink nails in a variety of household and professional projects for a streamlined, professional look. Whether you need to build a deck or a birdhouse, place this punch above a nail ...

Model # 12114

$4.49 - $4.59
$4.49 (List Price)

$4.49 - $4.59 $4.49 (List Price)

Magnetize or demagnetize any steel blade with the Craftsman Magnetizer, Magnet, and Demagnetizer Create a magnetized screwdriver with Craftsman�s Magnetizer, Magnet, and Demagnetizer . This extremely handy tool can turn any steel blade into a magnet or take magnetic properties away. The small tool size has a large impact on how your tools operate. Whether you�re a professional building mechanic or occasional do-it-yourselfer this tool allows you to gain a better grip on all metal ...

Model # 30401

$7.89 (List Price)

$3.99 $7.89 (List Price)

Get the Job Done with the Craftsman Professional 5/16-In. Full Polish Long Pattern, 12-Pt. Combination Wrench The 5/16-in. full polish long pattern, 12-pt. combination has a long-length straight handle making it easier to get in and do the job quickly. This wrench has been forged from alloy steel giving it an incredible hardness that lasts through the ages. The silver full polish finish is easy to clean requiring just a quick wipe using a damp ...

Model # 13727

$3.49 - $5.79
$4.99 (List Price)

$3.49 - $5.79 $4.99 (List Price)

Remove Stubborn Pins, Bolts and Rivets with the Craftsman 3/32" x 4" Pin Punch Access hard-to-reach pins, bolts and rivets with Craftsman’s 3/32" x 4" Pin Punch and gain the leverage needed to bust broken hardware loose. Professional repairmen, building mechanics and avid do-it-yourselfers regularly use these pin punches to remove broken hardware and make repairs. Insert the chrome vanadium steel blade near the base of the pin, bolt or rivet and tap the blunt ...

Model # 13729

$3.49 - $5.79
$4.99 (List Price)

$3.49 - $5.79 $4.99 (List Price)

Gain Access to Hard-to-Reach Pins, Bolts, Rivets with the Craftsman 5/32" x 5" Pin Punch When matched with chisels or hammers, Craftsman’s 5/32" x 5" Pin Punch  delivers strong and precise power to bust loose stubborn pins, bolts and rivets. Simply place the punch on the side of hardware and tap the top for easy removal. These punches make work easier for professional mechanics and maintenance workers when they need to make repairs in commercial ...

Model # 19890

$1.93 - $5.99
$5.99 (List Price)

$1.93 - $5.99 $5.99 (List Price)

32 2" Color Screws Suit Many Applications Tie up all kinds of loose ends at home or at work with the Gladiator 32 2" color screws. This pack comes with 32 color-matched screws you can use for a wide range of applications. You can fasten furniture, appliances, door hinges and many other items. Whether you are adding finishing touches to a house or assembling a play set for the kids, having these color screws will ...

Model # 19707



The 117 has the features and functions professional electricians need to get their job done. The Fluke 117 is the ideal meter for demanding settings like commercial buildings, hospitals and schools. The compact design makes it easy to hold and use one-handed. Integrated VoltAlert™ Technology allows testing for non-contact voltage directly from the meter to help get the job done faster. LoZ technology prevents false readings due to ghost voltage and helps accurately diagnose problems. ...

Model # 31741

$116.93 - $149.99
$179.99 (List Price)

$116.93 - $149.99 $179.99 (List Price)

Fix Your Car Easily using the Scan Tool CanOBD2 from Craftsman Expertly designed, the Craftsman Professional Scan Tool is an advanced scan tool that helps you diagnose any issues with your car in minutes. It's a must-have for professional mechanics and auto workshops as you can scan any car, light truck or SUV within minutes and estimate costs immediately. The OBD2 tool is compatible with all cars manufactured after 1996 and works wonderfully well on ...

Model # 12168



Properly Align Bolts, Rivets and Pin Holes with the Craftsman 3/16" x 9" Line Up Tool Craftsman’s 3/16" x 9" Line Up Tool  allows you to properly align bolt holes from two separate components, making it easier to fasten bolts and rivets. Professional building mechanics, everyday do-it-yourselfers and handymen all benefit from this drift punch, as it can be difficult to align the fastener holes in maintenance equipment, household appliances and professional shelving units during ...

Model # 108695

$32.93 - $103.99
$99.99 (List Price)

$32.93 - $103.99 $99.99 (List Price)

This Variable Speed Oscillating Tool Delivers Serious Power 25% more powerful than its predecessor this oscillating tool brings professional muscle to any job you�re working on. Whether you�re trimming baseboard, ripping out old grout, or putting a fine sanded finish on a project, it�s equipped with a wide array of heads so you can get the job done. Featuring a quick blade release that eliminates the need to mess with hex keys, and a variable ...

Model # 28761



Line Up Bolt Holes Efficiently with the Craftsman 5/32 x 7-in. Line Up Tool Craftsman�s 5/32 x 7-in. Line Up Tool , also known as a drift tool, provides a great way to quickly and efficiently line up two pieces of equipment based on the fastener holes. Professional building mechanics, repairmen and homeowners use this tool to line up two components of household appliances or mechanical equipment before inserting fasteners or other hardware. When two ...

Model # 14634

$7.93 - $17.99
$15.99 (List Price)

$7.93 - $17.99 $15.99 (List Price)

This Magnetic Pick Up Tool with Mirror Gets it Done Designed to give you grab and visibility where you need it most, whether you�re trying to find the source of a leak or need to grab a dropped bolt, this Craftsman magnetic pick up tool with mirror is always handy. Featuring over 25 inches of telescopic range, it reaches deep under chassis and into engine compartments, while the high traction handle is easy to use, ...

Model # 9395

$52.93 - $89.99
$149.99 (List Price)

$52.93 - $89.99 $149.99 (List Price)

This Well-made 5-ft. Black Backwall Organizes Your Tools This superior, made-to-last Craftsman professional 5-ft. black backwall provides you with a space to hang your tools and keep them organized, clean and ready to use at all times. Simply slip this five-foot long tool wall behind your workbench, and you've created a ton of space for organizing your tools, equipment and accessories. This works fine with almost any five foot long workbench but it's specifically designed ...

Model # 19240

$6.93 - $83.93
$66.97 (List Price)

$6.93 - $83.93 $66.97 (List Price)

8-Ft. Black Backwall Keeps Your Tools Organized and Accessible You can work much faster and more easily when your tools are safely stored away with the Craftsman professional 8-ft. black backwall . You can finally clear your work bench of those tools that disrupt your projects and keep them organized using this impressive backwall. It features hundreds of pegboard piercings where you can hang your assortment of racks, brackets, loops and other hooks. Not only ...

Model # 11883



Measure the Right Angle with the Craftsman 16 x 24-in. Aluminum Square Also known as a carpenter’s square, Craftsman’s 16 x 24-in. Aluminum Square  features a right-angle shape to help carpenters and experienced do-it-yourselfers measure angles accurately. From laying out common rafters and hip rafters to building stairs, this framing square ensures you’ll get the right measurements for superior craftsmanship and safety, project after project. This framing square features a black finish ...

Model # 78214

$1.74 - $2.49
$2.49 (List Price)

$1.74 - $2.49 $2.49 (List Price)

Seal Plumbing Pipes with the Craftsman Pipe Thread Tape Put the finishing touches on all plumbing work by sealing the pipe with Craftsman�s Pipe Thread Tape . Plumber�s tape seals pipe threads to prevent leaks and ensure a deeper seating of the threads. Made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), the tape lubricates to help prevent the threads from seizing when you have to unscrew them. Professional plumbers, repairmen and homeowners all use plumber�s tape on any pipe ...

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