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Power Tractor

Model # 125643

$1789.99 - $2979.99
$2979.99 (List Price)

$1789.99 - $2979.99 $2979.99 (List Price)

When you need to power through the job fast, the Craftsman Pro Series 42” Yard Tractor delivers the confidence and performance to get the job done. A twin cylinder 725cc engine produces 22 horsepower that pushes this riding mower forward at speeds up to 7.5 mph – perfect for a fast run through big yards or up hills. A large, 42” cutting deck cuts in wide swaths, but is extremely maneuverable to manage obstacles like ...

Model # 92754



Tackle Yards Big or Small with the Craftsman Turn Tight Tractor \n The Craftsman 42 inch 21 HP Turn Tight Yard Tractor is powered by an exclusive 21 HP* Briggs & Stratton® Platinum engine for power, dependability and low-maintenance use. Match the speed of the job that needs to be done with the heavy-duty six-speed transmission. A 42 inch precision cut deck with four adjustable gauge wheels matched with increased airflow offer better cutting and ...

Model # 92753

$449.97 - $1999.99
$449.97 (List Price)

$449.97 - $1999.99 $449.97 (List Price)

Enjoy the power and ease of the YT 4000 24 hp Yard Tractor by Craftsman. Featuring a powerful Briggs & Stratton® Platinum V-Twin engine and Craftsman's Turn Tight ™ technology, this riding mower is perfect for long-lasting, durable operation. With a 42 in. precision cut mowing deck, this yard tractor covers more area in less time, leaving you with the yard you have always wanted.

Model # 76879



This Hydrostatic Garden Tractor Delivers a Precise Cut in Comfort Combining a smooth rolling design, a wide deck and the power of the Kohler Courage Plus V twin engine, this garden tractor delivers serious results every time you drive it out of the shed. Designed to adapt easily from wide stretches of open lawn to tight spots between garden beds and around sidewalks, it features sector and pinion controlled steering, a tight 6 inch turning ...

Model # 125649

$1399.93 - $2303.99
$2879.99 (List Price)

$1399.93 - $2303.99 $2879.99 (List Price)

Blending a 42” cutting path, 725cc of power and a 15” high back seat, this high-powered Pro Series 22hp Yard Tractor is functional, powerful and extremely comfortable. Reaches speeds of up to 7.5 mph with the 22hp 725cc Elite Series Engine. A large, 42” cutting deck cuts in wide swaths, but remains extremely maneuverable to manage obstacles like trees, fences, gardens and patios. And, with Craftsman-exclusive Turn Tight Technology, this versatile workhorse offers a tight, ...

Model # 76060

$2009.99 (List Price)

$1205.99 $2009.99 (List Price)

The Craftsman 46 inch Riding Tractor Combines Power With Close-Cutting Ability The Craftsman 46 inch Turn Tight Hydrostatic Yard Tractor is every bit as powerful as it looks. Featuring a hefty 21 horsepower and a 540 cc engine with an automatic transmission, this tractor is a beast under the hood. An unbelievably tight 6 inch turning radius literally lets you cut corners while you're swooping around obstacles, and it has quite a bit of finesse, ...

Model # 75854

$2739.99 (List Price)

$1643.99 $2739.99 (List Price)

The Right Lawn Tractor Makes the Weekend Count \n Powered by the Briggs & Stratton® 26 hp Platinum V-Twin engine and coupled Craftsman's exclusive Turn Tight™ technology, this mower gets the toughest yard jobs done in less time. The naturally balanced V-Twin engine delivers greater torque, lower vibration and less noise, while Turn Tight technology delivers the tightest turning radius of any yard tractor available on the market . The tight radius makes maneuvering in ...

Model # 123404

$1819.93 - $3959.99
$3959.99 (List Price)

$1819.93 - $3959.99 $3959.99 (List Price)

Craftsman 24 HP 54 in. Complete Start™ Garden Tractor Lets You Get Everything Done with One Vehicle The Craftsman 54 in. Complete Start™ Turn Tight® garden tractor has everything you need to cut your lawn comfortably. You get a deck with a 54 in. cutting path and a vehicle with a 6 in. turn radius. This means a faster and more efficient cut. The design also has a fitting for attaching a hose to the ...

Model # 125486

$149.97 - $399.88
$149.97 (List Price)

$149.97 - $399.88 $149.97 (List Price)

The extremely innovative Craftsman 40-volt Dual Blade Rear Discharge Electric Lawn Mower packs a powerful machine into a lightweight design. With two rotating blades, this mower provides superior mulching, and increased bagging, over traditional single blade mowers. Capable of holding two batteries at once, it senses when one battery is depleted and automatically changes to the next. The mower and identify the current cutting conditions and adjusts automatically to either increase power or ...

Model # 110811



The Craftsman 21 in. Push Mower is a Value-Loaded Powerhouse The Craftsman 21inch Rear Bag Push Mower boasts innovative Smart-Choke� technology for easy no-prime starts, while completely eliminating engine flooding. Easy-Pull� technology provides smooth, effortless pull-starts. The Precision Plus� cutting system delivers high-performance bagging and mulching with a durable blade, giving your lawn a manicured appearance. The versatile, 21 inch 3-in-1 deck offers side discharge, mulch to put ...

Model # 124998

$189.93 - $479.99
$479.99 (List Price)

$189.93 - $479.99 $479.99 (List Price)

Craftsman 21 in. Rear Drive Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Matches You Stride for Stride \n The Craftsman 21 in. OHV engine lawn mower provides a comfortable experience by matching your natural stride, using the My Stride Pace Control System. As well as getting the perfect mowing speed, you also enjoy durable and long-lasting parts from the trusted Craftsman brand. The mower runs cooler and cleaner than competitors with an overhead valve system, too. In addition, the ...

Model # 20086



A 6.25 [LG_torque rating] (190CC) Briggs & Stratton Engine gives you a well recognized name with the power to take care any small yard job. With a 22" Dome style shaped deck that offers cutting option performance of either side discharge or mulching. No tools needed for assembly.

Model # 96407



America's hardest working tractor! This 54 in. Craftsman CTX9500 series garden tractor isn't your ordinary tractor. This has all the bells and whistles for your lawn and garden needs. From the power steering and hydraulic attachment lift to the 10 gauge steel frame and full steel hood, this is truly a premium tractor. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 30 gross HP V-Twin engine with electronic fuel management that delivers consistent automotive-style starting. The 10 ...

Model # 93217

$195.93 - $399.49
$469.99 (List Price)

$195.93 - $399.49 $469.99 (List Price)

A High Performance Mower For Any Yard Built to get the job done, this Craftsman lawn mower features a 3-in-1 high performance deck, optional push start ignition, and the power of a 190cc Briggs and Stratton Platinum engine. Solid all around, it’s built with durable steel, while equipped so you can breathe, it features the air cleansing capabilities of the Dust Blocker bagging system. A solid addition to yards large and small, hilly and flat, ...

Model # 140497

$224.93 - $359.99
$359.99 (List Price)

$224.93 - $359.99 $359.99 (List Price)

The Craftsman 21 inch Self Propelled Mower Delivers a Good-Looking Lawn The  Craftsman 150cc Front Drive Self Propelled Mower  delivers versatility and toughness with a value that might just have you thinking lawn care isn't so bad after all. With a 625 Gold Series Briggs & Stratton engine with 150cc's of power, there's no denying this Craftsman mower has the guts to cut down just about any length of grass in its path. No only ...

Model # 10484

$149.88 - $189.99
$189.99 (List Price)

$149.88 - $189.99 $189.99 (List Price)

The Electric Mulching Lawn Mower -Your Solution for Perfectly Kept Smaller Yards Simply plug the Black & Decker 18 in Electric Mulching Mower to an outlet within 100 feet of the farthest area to be cut, and enjoy quick, no-hassle mowing without oil, tune-ups or trips to the service station. The three-in-one polymer lawn mower deck mulches, discharges, and offers optional side bagging for convenience and versatility. Weighing only 38 lbs. with 7 inch front ...

Model # 111939

$99.97 - $189.88
$249.99 (List Price)

$99.97 - $189.88 $249.99 (List Price)

Enjoy Eco-Friendly Mowing and Best-In-Class Performance with the 18 inch Push Reel Lawnmower The Fiskars Momentum Push Reel Mower offers the very best in cutting performance without gasoline, oil, charging or the hassle of cords or noise created by comparable mowers. Patent-pending InertiaDrive� mowers deliver 75% more cutting power to chop through weeds, twigs and tough spots that jam other reel mowers. Exclusive StaySharp� Cutting System uses hardened-steel blades to cut grass without ...

Model # 125417

$371.99 - $619.99
$619.99 (List Price)

$371.99 - $619.99 $619.99 (List Price)

Introducing the new Craftsman 22” 3-in-1 All Wheel Drive Propelled Lawn Mower featuring Quiet Power Technology – Briggs & Stratton’s quietest mower engine* with Push Button Start Technology. With a 22” 3-in-1 high-performance deck, this hardworking mower has the power to last and the versatility to cut nearly any length of grass long after your work day is complete. And with Quiet Power Technology, you can have a conversation, hear your children play and mow ...

Model # 106464

$149.97 - $379.99
$329.99 (List Price)

$149.97 - $379.99 $329.99 (List Price)

This Craftsman Mower Moves Fast Agile and quick, this Craftsman mower delivers the balance of a portable 140cc engine with the economy of single speed drive, to get the grass cut wherever you need it done. A solid machine, it features rugged steel construction and the dependable firing of the MRS spark plug for a long, hassle-free service life. To make starting easy, this lawn mower even features the Smooth Start™ system, a specially designed ...

Model # 127023

$1859.99 - $3499.99
$3499.99 (List Price)

$1859.99 - $3499.99 $3499.99 (List Price)

Craftsman 48 in. Turn Tight® Garden Tractor Is Big Enough For Any Job Whether you're prepping a garden space, clearing a blizzard or keeping the yard putting-green pretty, the Craftsman 48 in. hydrostatic riding mower has the power and finesse to do the job. Its hefty 4-cycle, 24 HP engine has an automatic transmission that makes even hilly terrain easy to navigate. The 48 in. mowing deck means fewer passes to finish the yard, while ...

Model # 125118

$1603.73 - $3389.99
$3389.99 (List Price)

$1603.73 - $3389.99 $3389.99 (List Price)

Craftsman 48 in. Turn Tight® Hydrostatic Garden Tractor Does It All The Craftsman 48 in. 24 HP hydrostatic transmission garden tractor does everything but wash the dishes. Don't be fooled by the small package; this is a powerful, commercial-quality garden tractor. The hauling capability is impressive, as is the list of useful attachments available. This mower will tackle any yard terrain from hilly to flat with ease. The automatic transmission gives you all the power ...

Model # 76157



Craftsman Automatic Riding Tractor Makes Lawn Care Enjoyable \n Do you ever wish that maintaining your yard could be as simple as driving your car � fulfill the desire with this Craftsman 19.5hp 42inch Automatic Lawn Tractor . Equipped with a foot controlled automatic mowing is as easy as stepping on the gas. Ride your lawn mower with adjustable speeds ranging from 0 to 5.5 MPH as you effortlessly tackle any type of terrain. A ...

Model # 75996

$1298.97 - $2249.99
$1499.97 (List Price)

$1298.97 - $2249.99 $1499.97 (List Price)

Feel the Comfort and Power of this Kohler-Powered Craftsman Garden Tractor \n Transform your garden within no time at all with the power of this Craftsman Riding Mower Kohler Powered . Now, with a machine designed specifically to address your lawn maintenance needs, having the best looking yard on the black all season long is incredibly easy. A powerful 26 hp Kohler Courage Plus V-Twin engine provides plenty of power and torque to handle tough ...

Model # 124992

$1583.93 - $3619.99
$3619.99 (List Price)

$1583.93 - $3619.99 $3619.99 (List Price)

Craftsman 46” inch zero turn tractor delivers commercial-grade performance. Designed for large lawns with a lot of trees and obstacles, the Craftsman 46 inch 24hp V twin engine riding mower is constructed with best in class components to easily power through the toughest jobs — whether you're cutting thick grass or navigating tricky terrains. The 22 hp Kohler 7000 Series® V-Twin engine has a natural, counter-balance design that gives you more power, less vibration and ...

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