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LED Light Flashlight

Model # 19208



Never replace batteries or bulbs! Just wind to charge. Self powered. 1 or 3 LED light. Ideal for emergency, home, auto, camping and more. 3 bright LEDs. On/off button. One minute of winding generates at least 25 minutes of 1 LED light or 15 minutes of 3 LED light. Made in China.

Model # 19212

$14.93 - $24.99
$24.99 (List Price)

$14.93 - $24.99 $24.99 (List Price)

Mag-LED technology. 2 AA cell flashlight uses. 3 watt LED. Belt holster included. A powerful projecting beam that focuses simply by rotating the head. Balanced Optics, combining a highly refined reflector with a quality LED, for a brilliant adjustable beam. Intelligent energy source management (patent pending) balancing high brightness with efficient power usage. Powerful focusing beam. Energy management. Balanced optics. Projecting beam. The Mag-LED Technology Story: Anthony Maglica, known ...

Model # 97939



You'll always be prepared with The Original Pink Box 2-Piece Flashlight Set. The 4-inch flashlight is perfect for projects, power outages, after-dark explorations and more. The 2.5-inch flashlight with key chain is a must-have for on the go, should you find yourself in an unlit area. Both flashlights feature ultra-bright LED light bulbs that turn on with the touch of a button. The 4-inch flashlight has pink rubber grip and a wrist strap for easy ...

Model # 26704



Lifetime bulb, never replace! 3 LEDs. 3 optics. 30 hours. Rubber booted push button switch. Battery replacement. Each flashlight uses 3 AAA cell batteries (included). Flashlight and batteries made in China.

Model # 120103

$7.93 - $24.99
$24.99 (List Price)

$7.93 - $24.99 $24.99 (List Price)

Light Up the Job with the Craftsman 4AA LED Flashlight The 4AA LED flashlight uses True Spot Reflector, the latest technology to brighten up dark areas. Built to last, the flashlight can withstand an 8 foot drop. This lighting marvel is the perfect flashlight for on the job or in home workshops, and it is a must have for home and car emergency kits. While the Craftsman 4AA LED flashlight may be small in size, ...

Model # 104693

$1.93 - $2.99
$2.99 (List Price)

$1.93 - $2.99 $2.99 (List Price)

The 5mm LED Glow Stick Flashlight features a unique lightweight design. The flashlight contains a super bright colored 5mm LED. The flashlight is durably construction and features a tail cap push button switch for ease of use. For added safety, the LED glow stick has a special break-away nylon neck lanyard. The flashlight provides 200 hours of continuous use and comes complete with button cell batteries. The 5mm LED Glow Stick Flashlight is available in ...

Model # 124488

$79.99 (List Price)

$64.99 $79.99 (List Price)

The 600+ Lumen LED DieHard Extreme Lumen Flashlight features Dorcy�s exclusive TrueSpot� reflector technology, providing world class brightness and an intense beam of light through 618 lumens output that projects a 363 meter beam distance. The flashlight is constructed of aerospace grade anodized aluminum, and contains a polycarbonate lens making it extremely durable. The LED flashlight is o-ring sealed against dust and moisture providing a weather resistant design (IPX4). This flashlight ...

Model # 103785

$2.93 - $5.93
$7.99 (List Price)

$2.93 - $5.93 $7.99 (List Price)

The 3AAA - 9 LED Aluminum Flashlight Como Pack features 9 super bright white 5MM LEDs. These flashlights are durably constructed of aluminum, and have recessed tail cap push button switches for ease of use. The Aluminum Flashlights come complete with convenient nylon wrist straps and 3 AAA cell batteries. The 3AAA – 9 LED Aluminum Flashlight Combo Pack is available in assorted colors – red, blue, silver,and black.

Model # 23380



Flex Light Just About Anywhere with the Craftsman LED Flashlight You will want to get a Craftsman flexible neck LED flashlight for every member of your home so that yours won't disappear. From handyman projects to shining a light on a dark street, there are countless uses for your LED flashlight. You will love the convenience of the flexible 17-inch attachment that keeps your hands free to work on projects requiring extra light, such as ...

Model # 138121



Dorcy 41-2968 Weather Resistant LED Flashlight with Non-Slip Grip, 80-Lumens

Model # 86745

$22.93 - $34.99
$34.99 (List Price)

$22.93 - $34.99 $34.99 (List Price)

220 Lumen – 3AA LED Aluminum Flashlight with Batteries

Model # 89001

$14.93 - $24.99
$24.99 (List Price)

$14.93 - $24.99 $24.99 (List Price)

Super Bright LED Produces 160 Lumens of Light Output

Model # 97020

$22.93 - $29.99
$39.99 (List Price)

$22.93 - $29.99 $39.99 (List Price)

Receive 30 Hours of Continuous Light with the Craftsman LED 3D Flashlight with Batteries With two modes – full light and battery saver – Craftsman’s LED 3D Flashlight with Batteries  provides bright light when you need it and regulated light during times of emergency. This well-rounded flashlight brightens an entire automotive engine for better visibility and increases safety during severe storms and power outages. The 3D flashlight includes three D batteries and features a power ...

Model # 25359

$43.99 (List Price)

$19.99 $43.99 (List Price)

This 160 Lumen flashlight features High Powered K2 Luxeon Watt LED Solid State Diode- the brightest LED available in flashlights today! Made of anodized aluminum construction, this 160 lumen flashlight contains a recessed tail cap switch with built-in LED battery indicator. This tool tough construction flashlight comes complete with 3 AAA cell Energizer Titanium batteries. The Dorcy K2 flashlights are able to operate in extreme conditions. At temperatures from more than 30 degrees below ...

Model # 72139



The 3AA 4 LED Carabineer Flashlight features a waterproof design with floatability. This flashlight is constructed with shock absorbing rubber around the head and the body of the light. The rubber design around the body allows for a slip-free comfortable grip, ensuring stability and durability. This flashligh features a tail cas carabineer clip for greater portability. The 3AA 4 LED carabineer flashlight comes complete with 3AA cell batteries.

Model # 13124

$27.49 (List Price)

$19.99 $27.49 (List Price)

80 lumens. Lifetime bulb - never replace! Aluminum alloy construction. Strong beam projects 100 ft. 8 hours (8 hour estimated run time using fresh alkaline batteries). Polycarbonate lens. Push button switch. Uses 3 AAA cell batteries (included). Flashlight made in China. Batteries made in China, Malaysia or USA.

Model # 72138



40 hrs runtime (40 hour estimated run time using fresh Heavy Duty batteries). 3 feet. 10 feet. Belt clip. Rubber booted push button switch. Lifetime bulb, never replace! Belt clip. Uses 3 AAA cell batteries (included). Made in China.

Model # 25361

$19.93 - $54.99
$54.99 (List Price)

$19.93 - $54.99 $54.99 (List Price)

Dorcy Rechargeable Cree Xre LED Flashlight produces 220 lumens. Has a 2 hour run time per charge. Constructed of aircraft grade anodized aluminum. This rechargeable flashlight uses a 4.8V 700 mAh Ni-Cd Battery pack (included). Optimized reflector system for maximum light output. Includes AC & DC charging adaptors.

Model # 20162

$15.99 - $18.49
$15.99 (List Price)

$15.99 - $18.49 $15.99 (List Price)

Be prepared with a LED flashlight that has a convenient built-in, fold out plug. The flashlight is equipped with a power failure feature along with a lifetime bulb. Recharges in 10 hours; use up to 1 hour per charge.

Model # 138116



Dorcy 41-2105 Weather Resistant LED Cap Headlight Flashlight with Built-In Clip, 13.5-Lumens, Black Finish

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