King Sized Bedroom Furniture

Model # 116541

$78.93 - $137.93
$392.00 (List Price)

$78.93 - $137.93 $392.00 (List Price)

Set Your Bed Up Right with the World Class II Boxspring Cal King The key to long-lasting comfort with any mattress is a good foundation, and the Beautyrest World Class II Boxspring Cal king is the ideal base for your new California king-sized mattress. Each sturdy box spring is built specifically to suit the Beautyrest line of mattresses, though it provides excellent support for any standard California king. This is a split box spring, giving ...

Model # 116905

$335.93 - $504.00
$1679.99 (List Price)

$335.93 - $504.00 $1679.99 (List Price)

Sleep Like a King with a Recharge Bromont Plush King Mattress Nothing speaks luxurious comfort like the Beautyrest Recharge Bromont Plush king mattress . This mattress offers a plush comfort level without compromising support, and the best technology known to the industry wrapped up in a king-sized package. If you're looking for a bed that will stay just as comfortable as the day you bought it for years to come, then the Beautyrest Recharge may ...

Model # 116471

$72.93 - $360.00
$360.00 (List Price)

$72.93 - $360.00 $360.00 (List Price)

Preserve Mattress Health with the Recharge Boxspring Twin XL King Low If you're considering the purchase of a Beautyrest mattress, then the Beautyrest Recharge Box Spring twin XL king Low is the next purchase you should have in mind. This low-profile box spring is the key to keeping your mattress as comfortable as the day you bought it. A good foundation will also help you get the maximum benefit from your mattress, as it enhances ...

Model # 120547

$399.93 - $1599.97
$1599.97 (List Price)

$399.93 - $1599.97 $1599.97 (List Price)

Sears-O-Pedic Cool Frost IIKing Mattress Keeps You Cool When Sleeping If you've always wanted to try memory foam but worry about how hot it gets, the Sears-O-Pedic Cool Frost II king mattress is the right choice for you. Warm sleepers have traditionally found memory foam mattresses uncomfortable because they trap heat, but this is a thing of the past with the Cool Frost II mattress, which uses the exclusive Gel Advantage Memory Foam. This liquid-gel ...

Model # 158

$47.93 - $109.99
$109.99 (List Price)

$47.93 - $109.99 $109.99 (List Price)

The California King Instamatic Bed Frame Provides a Stable Base for Extra-large Beds The Mantua Instamatic California king bed frame is a sturdy and basic bed frame crafted of solid metal that allows your mattress to remain off the floor without interfering with the overall decor of the room. The unobtrusive but functional base stands a little over half a foot in height to allow for easy under bed storage or cleaning. Six wheels provide ...

Model # 95399

$569.93 - $684.00
$2279.99 (List Price)

$569.93 - $684.00 $2279.99 (List Price)

Bring Home Comfort and Elegance with the Searsopedic King Mattress \n Few mattresses deliver the luxurious feel and deep restful sleep that the Searsopedic Arno King Mattress does. A great way to invest in peaceful nights and bright, energetic days, this mattress brings king sized comfort home at a surprisingly affordable price. Featuring intelligent design, premium materials and the kind of quality construction that�s backed by a solid 10 year warranty, this mattress is the ...

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