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King Sized Bedroom Furniture

Model # 43548



Cradle yourself in this cozy pillow top \n Soft and embracing, the Union Select Full Mattress will cradle you to sleep every night. With a luxury pillow top cover, superior Pillowloft� fiber and over 500 innersprings, the Union Select Full Mattress works, night after night, to relieve stress and lull you into a deep restorative sleep. \n If tossing and turning are something you have trouble with, rest assured that this full sized is designed ...

Model # 142671

$1049.93 - $2099.99
$5249.99 (List Price)

$1049.93 - $2099.99 $5249.99 (List Price)

Bed Time Is the Best Time on a Beautyrest Black Alexia King Mattress This king-sized Black Alexia extra firm mattress provides you with exceptional back support on a super comfortable sleep surface from Beautyrest. The Black Alexia is built with Independent Support Technology for a customized feel. Alternating rows of Advanced Pocketed Coil springs and Super Pocketed coils gives you personalized back support all through the night. Your Beautyrest Black Alexia king mattress is designed ...

Model # 128184

$474.93 - $1899.93
$4747.50 (List Price)

$474.93 - $1899.93 $4747.50 (List Price)

Support Your Body All Night Long on the Serta iComfort Intellectual King Mattress The King Size iComfort Intellectual Mattress combines the benefits of Serta Support Foam and EverFeel Technology. When you settle in on a king-sized mattress, you don�t want to feel like you�re drowning in a cushion, so this mattress achieves the perfect balance. on multiple layers of stacked memory foams, you�re sure to achieve quality sleep each and every night. A layer of ...

Model # 132288

$1374.38 - $2199.00
$5497.50 (List Price)

$1374.38 - $2199.00 $5497.50 (List Price)

Have Enough Room to Stretch Out for High Quality Sleep on the Serta iComfort Visionary Firm Cal King Mattress The California King iComfort Visionary Firm Mattress goes beyond the structure of a typical mattress to combine exceptional firm support with quality memory foam comfort. This mattress incorporates a number of different technologies for the latest in mattress construction. You sleep better when there�s plenty of room to stretch out, move around and relax, so this ...

Model # 120747



Enjoy Supportive Plush in the Cool Dawn King Mattress If you need great back support but don't like the feel of a firm mattress, the Sears-O-Pedic Cool Dawn king mattress should be part of your purchase decision. Get all of the comfort of a quilted top and memory foam mattress without sacrificing that much-needed support for your back, shoulders and hips. This king-sized mattress offers a low-profile, lightweight option that won't cost a fortune, but ...

Model # 116905



Sleep Like a King with a Recharge Bromont Plush King Mattress Nothing speaks luxurious comfort like the Beautyrest Recharge Bromont Plush king mattress . This mattress offers a plush comfort level without compromising support, and the best technology known to the industry wrapped up in a king-sized package. If you're looking for a bed that will stay just as comfortable as the day you bought it for years to come, then the Beautyrest Recharge may ...

Model # 146696

$520.00 - $899.99
$2079.99 (List Price)

$520.00 - $899.99 $2079.99 (List Price)

The Serta Kelloway Foam King Mattress Brings You Firm Support Combined With Exceptional Comfort The King Size Kelloway Cushion Firm Foam Mattress has the firm support you need combined with the sensation of memory foam you crave for your best night of sleep yet. If you�re looking for a place to stretch out and relax after a long day, this is the king-sized mattress for you. You won�t be missing any shuteye time once you ...

Model # 131398

$905.63 - $1449.00
$3622.50 (List Price)

$905.63 - $1449.00 $3622.50 (List Price)

Stretch Out and Relax on the Serta iComfort Visionary Plush Split Cal King Mattress The Split California King iComfort Visionary Plush Mattress� structure goes beyond a standard mattress to provide you with the ultimate in sleep comfort. This deep, plush mattress encompasses a number of different technologies for the latest in mattress construction. You sleep better when there�s plenty of room to spread out and move around, and this California King-sized mattress does it all. ...

Model # 132965

$1374.38 - $2199.00
$5497.50 (List Price)

$1374.38 - $2199.00 $5497.50 (List Price)

Sink Into Comfort Every Single Night with the Serta iComfort Visionary Plush Cal King Mattress The California King iComfort Visionary Plush Mattress goes above and beyond to bring you extraordinary comfort. On a California king-sized mattress, you can afford to stretch out and relax for a great night�s sleep. This deep, plush mattress encompasses a number of different technologies for the latest in mattress construction. If you�re someone who can�t maintain a consistent body temperature ...

Model # 139544

$1299.97 (List Price)

$519.98 $1299.97 (List Price)

Richton firm California King Mattress for the Ultimate Sleep Experience The Serta Richton firm California king mattress offers comfort, roominess and more comfort for a luxurious sleep. There's no need to count sheep on this king-sized mattress - it's so comfy you'll nod right off as soon as your head hits the pillow. Starting with layers of foam and fluffy fibers, the Richton firm California king mattress is designed to embrace your body without creating ...

Model # 120547



Sears-O-Pedic Cool Frost IIKing Mattress Keeps You Cool When Sleeping If you've always wanted to try memory foam but worry about how hot it gets, the Sears-O-Pedic Cool Frost II king mattress is the right choice for you. Warm sleepers have traditionally found memory foam mattresses uncomfortable because they trap heat, but this is a thing of the past with the Cool Frost II mattress, which uses the exclusive Gel Advantage Memory Foam. This liquid-gel ...

Model # 128440

$1374.38 - $2199.00
$5497.50 (List Price)

$1374.38 - $2199.00 $5497.50 (List Price)

Experience Exceptional Sleep Every Night on the Serta iComfort Visionary Plush King Mattress The King Size iComfort Visionary Plush Mattress features a combination of cushion and advanced support to bring you top-quality sleep. on a layer of Ever Cool Memory Foam and an enhanced layer of Cool ActionDual Effects Gel Memory foam, your body will be able to rest and recharge. The sleep surface of a mattress is important because it�s what cradles your body, ...

Model # 127007

$4747.50 (List Price)

$1899.00 $4747.50 (List Price)

Sleep Smarter When You Bring Comfort Into Your Home on the Serta iComfort Intellectual Cal King Mattress The California King iComfort Intellectual Mattress combines the benefits of memory foam with the feeling of an extra firm mattress. Do you prefer a firm mattress but wish you could experience the benefits of memory foam? This mattress is the solution for you. on a layer of Serta�s Serta Support Foam below a layer of Cool Action Dual ...

Model # 130634

$1374.38 - $2199.00
$5497.50 (List Price)

$1374.38 - $2199.00 $5497.50 (List Price)

Sleep Smarter on the Serta iComfort Visionary Firm King Mattress The King Size iComfort Visionary Firm Mattress is the perfect combination of quality memory foam comfort and exceptional firm support. on many of the latest technologies included in the construction of this firm mattress, you can be sure you�ll get a better night�s sleep. A king-sized mattress provides plenty of room to stretch out and move while still surrounding you with extraordinary memory foam luxury. ...

Model # 116541

$58.93 - $392.00
$392.00 (List Price)

$58.93 - $392.00 $392.00 (List Price)

Set Your Bed Up Right with the World Class II Boxspring Cal King The key to long-lasting comfort with any mattress is a good foundation, and the Beautyrest World Class II Boxspring Cal king is the ideal base for your new California king-sized mattress. Each sturdy box spring is built specifically to suit the Beautyrest line of mattresses, though it provides excellent support for any standard California king. This is a split box spring, giving ...

Model # 120528



Twin Extra-Long Box Spring Gives You Room to Stretch Out Whether you've got a growing teen with extra-long legs or a family pet that likes to curl up at the end of a bed, with a Sears-O-Pedic twin extra-long box spring , there will be plenty of room. Pair it with a twin extra-long mattress from Sears and you've got the makings of a comfortable night's sleep with plenty of room to stretch out. Two ...

Model # 116471

$54.93 - $360.00
$360.00 (List Price)

$54.93 - $360.00 $360.00 (List Price)

Preserve Mattress Health with the Recharge Boxspring Twin XL King Low If you're considering the purchase of a Beautyrest mattress, then the Beautyrest Recharge Box Spring twin XL king Low is the next purchase you should have in mind. This low-profile box spring is the key to keeping your mattress as comfortable as the day you bought it. A good foundation will also help you get the maximum benefit from your mattress, as it enhances ...

Model # 80604



King-sized comfort every night \n A good night's sleep not only helps you have better days, but has been shown to improve your heart health and mood. The night time is your body's time to repair itself, treat your body right with the Grace Bay Mattress . \n Slightly softer than our Grace Bay Plush, the Grace Bay Mattress provides the same tailored comfort of 800 individually wrapped coils, with the nurturing softness that only ...

Model # 95399

$570.00 - $2179.99
$2179.99 (List Price)

$570.00 - $2179.99 $2179.99 (List Price)

Bring Home Comfort and Elegance with the Searsopedic King Mattress \n Few mattresses deliver the luxurious feel and deep restful sleep that the Searsopedic Arno King Mattress does. A great way to invest in peaceful nights and bright, energetic days, this mattress brings king sized comfort home at a surprisingly affordable price. Featuring intelligent design, premium materials and the kind of quality construction that�s backed by a solid 10 year warranty, this mattress is the ...

Model # 158

$38.93 - $109.99
$109.99 (List Price)

$38.93 - $109.99 $109.99 (List Price)

The California King Instamatic Bed Frame Provides a Stable Base for Extra-large Beds The Mantua Instamatic California king bed frame is a sturdy and basic bed frame crafted of solid metal that allows your mattress to remain off the floor without interfering with the overall decor of the room. The unobtrusive but functional base stands a little over half a foot in height to allow for easy under bed storage or cleaning. Six wheels provide ...

Model # 116574



King-Sized Comfort with the Granite Bay Ti2 Cushion Firm Euro The Sealy Granite Bay Ti2 Cushion firm Euro king-sized bed is part of the award-winning Posturepedic line. Sealy Posturepedic mattresses have been a leading product in back support for over a hundred years. The Granite Bay Ti2 builds on that fine reputation with the most recent developments in sleep comfort technology as a top-of-the-line, king-sized part of the Posturepedic Gel Series. A quilted pillow top ...

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