Freestanding Stainless Steel Range

Model # 100313

$1199.99 (List Price)

$1079.99 $1199.99 (List Price)

Kenmore 5.0 cu. ft. Freestanding Gas Range - High Performance This high-performance Kenmore 5.0 cu. ft. freestanding gas range 7263 offers solutions to all your cooking needs. The 30 in. wide gas range features a 5.0 cu. ft. self-cleaning oven with an extra-large window and room to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. Enjoy superior broiling with upgraded flame-spreading technology. This Kenmore gas range offers a unique 4 burner cooktop with a 5,000 BTU simmer burner for ...

Model # 96802

$649.93 - $1079.99
$1199.99 (List Price)

$649.93 - $1079.99 $1199.99 (List Price)

Spend less time in the kitchen with Whirlpool's rapid preheating range Save time with 25% faster preheating* with the Whirlpool 30-inch freestanding electric range with Rapid Preheat in stainless steel . Rapid Preheat uses all the elements and a rear fan to heat the oven quickly and efficiently. Roast up to 30% faster** with TimeSavor™ Plus true convection, which uses a fan and third heating element in the back of the oven to seal in ...

Model # 94575

$714.99 - $1027.93
$1299.99 (List Price)

$714.99 - $1027.93 $1299.99 (List Price)

Experience convection cooking with a Samsung stainless-steel range The Samsung stainless steel 30-inch freestanding gas range has a convection oven for faster and more even roasting and baking. The extra-large 5.8 cu. ft. oven can fit large cookware and bakeware including turkey roasters and extra-large baking sheets. The split oven rack allows multiple oven configurations. The cooktop on the Samsung stainless-steel range is designed to make cooking easier, with five burners

Model # 133202

$2499.99 (List Price)

$1624.93 $2499.99 (List Price)

Bosch 30" Dual Fuel Slide-in Range - Functionality and Style The stainless-steel 30-inch Bosch 800 Series Dual Fuel Slide-in Range HDI8054 fits in any freestanding range cutout. It features a large, 4.6 cu. ft. oven capacity that accommodates most pots and pans. The powerful 18,000 BTU center burner speeds cooking time so you can get food on the table faster, and the warming drawer keeps everything just the right temperature until you're ready to serve ...

Model # 60153

$929.93 - $2169.99
$3099.99 (List Price)

$929.93 - $2169.99 $3099.99 (List Price)

Kenmore Elite ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Ranges, Cooktops and Ovens”* Kenmore is America’s # 1 appliance brand, trusted in the homes of more than 100 million Americans Fast heat with the Kenmore Elite freestanding induction range The cooktop of the Kenmore Elite 30-inch freestanding induction range uses induction technology for near-instantaneous temperature changes. A magnetic field heats pans instead of the cooktop. Because the cooktop stays cool to the touch, the glass ...

Model # 117167

$439.93 - $899.99
$999.99 (List Price)

$439.93 - $899.99 $999.99 (List Price)

The 30-in. freestanding Frigidaire Gallery FGEF3055MF electric range has a space-saving design for preparing complex meals, as well as settings to keep your finished dishes at the proper serving temperature. On the cooktop, 2 dual elements accommodate different sized pots and pans, while the 5.8 cu. ft. oven includes a half rack that makes it easier to prepare tall entrees alongside multiple casseroles and pies. The stainless-steel Frigidaire FGEF3055M electric range includes the ...

Model # 111642

$617.93 - $799.99
$949.99 (List Price)

$617.93 - $799.99 $949.99 (List Price)

The large, 5.0 cu. ft. capacity Frigidaire Gallery freestanding gas range FGGF3032MF with a self-cleaning oven accommodates multiple dishes and has an extra-large window, so you can keep tabs on what's cooking. A handy storage drawer provides extra space for cookware. Express-Select™ electronic oven controls make baking easy and provide delayed cook and clean options for added convenience. The cooktop of the 30 in. stainless-steel Frigidaire Gallery FGGF3032M gas range offers a recessed ...

Model # 118680

$1195.93 - $2069.99
$2299.99 (List Price)

$1195.93 - $2069.99 $2299.99 (List Price)

The 30 in. Whirlpool WGI925C0BS freestanding electric range is the industry’s first induction double oven freestanding range* that offers a new level of consistency and control. AccuHeat™ induction technology transfers energy directly into any magnetic cookware for faster, more efficient cooking. The 11 in. Induction Boost element boils 6 liters of water in 50% less time.** The double-oven configuration of the stainless-steel Whirlpool WGI925C0B allows you to cook multiple dishes for a ...

Model # 111643

$494.93 - $812.21
$899.99 (List Price)

$494.93 - $812.21 $899.99 (List Price)

The large 5.7 cu. ft. capacity Frigidaire Gallery FGEF3032MF freestanding electric range accommodates multiple dishes and has an extra-large window, so you can easily view what's cooking. The electronic oven controls make baking easy and allow you to choose the delayed cook or delay clean option for convenience. This oven also features a temperature probe so you can instantly get the internal cooking temperature with just a touch of a button. Made of smooth ceramic-glass, ...

Model # 119441

$599.92 - $1106.99
$999.99 (List Price)

$599.92 - $1106.99 $999.99 (List Price)

The 6.3 cu. ft. LG LRE3083ST freestanding electric range with EasyClean™ lets you clean your oven in just 20 minutes, without chemicals or high heat**. Self-clean mode is still available when you need a deeper clean, perfect for cleanup after the holidays — when you can put LG True Convection to work for faster preheating and more precise cooking. The stainless steel LG LRE3083 with 5 cooktop elements adds flexibility to handle all your family’s ...

Model # 119721

$1087.93 - $1189.93
$1699.99 (List Price)

$1087.93 - $1189.93 $1699.99 (List Price)

Cooking hot, delicious meals is easier and faster with the 30" freestanding Frigidaire Gallery® FGIF3061NF electric range .  The cooktop features induction technology which allows you to finish meals faster.  Four induction elements can bring water to a boil instantly.  The induction cooktop also reduces cleanup time.  It heats the pan, not the cooktop, so spills can't burn and stick.  And, the Fits-More™ cooktop features a total of five burners, including a warming zone, so ...

Model # 131997

$1999.99 (List Price)

$1199.93 $1999.99 (List Price)

Bosch 30" Dual Fuel Slide-in Range- Functionality and Style The stainless-steel 30-inch Bosch 800 Series Electric Slide-in Range HEI8054 fits in any freestanding range cutout. It features a large, 4.6 cu. ft. oven capacity that accommodates most pots and pans. Cook with a 9-inch or 12-inch element for versatility, and use the integrated warming drawer to keep everything hot until you're ready to serve it.

Model # 96815

$597.92 - $989.99
$1099.99 (List Price)

$597.92 - $989.99 $1099.99 (List Price)

Create delicious family meals with the help of the industry's largest capacity range available* at 6.2 cubic feet. TimeSavor™ Plus true convection uses a rear fan and a third heating element in the back of the oven, allowing you to roast up to 30% faster.** Using convection cooking is easy with Convection Conversion. It automatically converts standard temperatures to the convection equivalent. Now you can save time when single-rack baking with 25% faster preheating.*** Rapid ...

Model # 92678

$617.49 - $809.93
$949.99 (List Price)

$617.49 - $809.93 $949.99 (List Price)

Built to cook everything from dinner for two to large family feasts, this industry-leading 6.2 cu. ft. capacity* freestanding range has the space to get it all done and the power to get it done fast. You won't know how you ever cooked without features like a Triple-Choice� element for more flexible, even heating, a 3,200-watt SpeedHeat� element - the industry's most powerful** - and a 10-year limited parts warranty*** on the ceramic-glass cooktop and ...

Model # 106260

$759.93 - $1709.99
$1899.99 (List Price)

$759.93 - $1709.99 $1899.99 (List Price)

Make cooking easier with the innovative technology of the Whirlpool induction and convection stove The Whirlpool 30-inch freestanding induction range with TimeSavor™ uses induction heating on the cooktop to transfer heat directly to the cookware, without heating the cooktop. The result is faster, more efficient cooking. The Whirlpool 30-inch induction and convection stove has the TimeSavor™ Plus true convection cooking system, which can roast up to 30% faster (versus a conventional oven ...

Model # 122633

$831.93 - $1169.99
$1299.99 (List Price)

$831.93 - $1169.99 $1299.99 (List Price)

With the largest electric oven in the industry*, and the addition of LG’s innovative EasyClean™ technology, the LG LRE3085ST electric range can handle all of your family’s cooking needs without worrying about cleaning up the mess. At 6.3 cu. ft. capacity, the oven is ideal for even your largest meals. Now with EasyClean, you can easily clean in the inside of your oven in just 20 minutes. Whether you’re baking large batches of cookies or a ...

Model # 46608

$519.93 - $779.93
$1299.99 (List Price)

$519.93 - $779.93 $1299.99 (List Price)

Kenmore — trusted in the homes of more than 100 million Americans. The 30-in. Kenmore 93803 electric range features a 5.8 cubic foot oven with a hidden bake element with room for four 12-pound turkeys and three pies at the same time. AirGuard™ technology, exclusive to Kenmore appliances, prevents unpleasant odors from wafting into the kitchen but gives you the option to let pleasant cooking and baking aromas fill the house. The self-cleaning oven's convenient ...

Model # 115677

$474.49 - $667.93
$729.99 (List Price)

$474.49 - $667.93 $729.99 (List Price)

Kenmore 4.2 cu. ft. Freestanding Gas Range - Cooking Versatility The stainless steel 4.2 cu. ft. Kenmore freestanding gas range 7323 features four individually controlled, sealed, electronic-ignition gas burners. With the Turbo Boil burner, you can bring any amount of liquid to a boil in no time flat. Pots and pans slide easily over the continuous, dishwasher-safe grates, while baking and roasting is easy with the spacious oven. The warming feature is perfect for keeping ...

Model # 118651

$422.49 - $524.93
$649.99 (List Price)

$422.49 - $524.93 $649.99 (List Price)

This GE JBS60RFSS freestanding electric range is designed with busy cooks in mind. There’s no watched-pot waiting here, thanks to a 6/9 in. Power Boil element on the ceramic glass cooktop. That cooktop cuts cleanup time too, with just a quick wipe needed to eliminate splatters and spills. The oven inside this stainless-steel GE JBS60RF electric range is performance focused, with a dual-element bake system that produces the even heating you want. And with a ...

Model # 112981

$584.99 - $629.93
$899.99 (List Price)

$584.99 - $629.93 $899.99 (List Price)

The 30-in. freestanding  Samsung NE594R0ABSR electric range  features a 5.9 cu. ft. large-capacity oven that easily handles turkey roasters and large baking sheets. The convection feature ensures even and faster cooking by circulating air throughout the oven to distribute heat evenly. And the oven has a steam-cleaning feature that loosens baked-on spills in 20 minutes. The  stainless-steel Samsung NE594R0AB electric range  has 5 cooktop elements that give you the flexibility to cook with ...

Model # 96801

$493.93 - $989.99
$899.99 (List Price)

$493.93 - $989.99 $899.99 (List Price)

Cook big in a large-capacity electric oven The Whirlpool 30-inch freestanding convection range shortens cooking times with TimeSavor™ convection cooking to seal in flavor and juices. A fan in the back of the oven circulates hot air for more even roasting and browning. The Whirlpool large-capacity electric oven is the industry's largest-capacity oven available—6.2 cubic feet (among leading brand single cavity 30-inch freestanding electric ranges). And the adjustable Max Capacity recessed ...

Model # 130235

$422.49 - $454.93
$649.99 (List Price)

$422.49 - $454.93 $649.99 (List Price)

This 5.1 cu. ft. Whirlpool® WFG320M0BS freestanding gas range offers the flexibility and efficiency you need for everyday cooking tasks. You will have the space you need to prepare multiple dishes for family meals as well as the holiday turkey. At 15,000 BTU, the Power™ burners generate the high heat needed for rapid boiling, searing and frying, while the AccuSimmer® burner allows for precise temperature control that is perfect for melting chocolate or simmering sauces. ...

Model # 116034

$703.93 - $714.99
$1099.99 (List Price)

$703.93 - $714.99 $1099.99 (List Price)

With the 30-in. Samsung NX583G0VBSR gas range , you can enjoy the flexibility to cook with different-sized pans at the same time. A high-power burner with 17,000 BTU, plus simmer, oval and regular burners can handle everything from boiling water to melting chocolate or simmering sauce. Use the oval burner for over-sized pots or pans or "bridge" cooking. The fan convection system on the stainless-steel Samsung NX583G0VB  gas freestanding range is great for baking and ...

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