Free Flex Innerspring Mattress

Model # 117293

$1879.97 (List Price)

$422.94 $1879.97 (List Price)

Terrace Heights Firm King Mattress Makes for Happy Mornings Say "goodbye"� to sleepless nights and "hello" to happy mornings with this Serta Terrace Heights firm king mattress from Sears. Designed with every aspect of your comfort in mind, this luxurious mattress offers proper back support, relieves pressure points and promotes undisturbed sleep. It even keeps you cooler throughout the night by moving heat away from your body. Regardless of your size, body type or sleeping ...

Model # 117403

$557.93 - $781.14
$2479.96 (List Price)

$557.93 - $781.14 $2479.96 (List Price)

Feel Like You Are in a Luxury Hotel Every Night with this Ivory Nights Super Pillowtop king mattress Designed with a unique set of features to deliver the five benefits for a superior night of sleep, the Serta Ivory Nights super pillowtop king mattress is luxury-hotel quality right in your own bedroom. Every Serta Perfect Sleeper SmartSurface� elite mattress offers you pressure-relieving comfort, proper back support, balanced sleeping temperature, prevention of roll-off or sag, and ...

Model # 120597

$1599.97 (List Price)

$287.94 $1599.97 (List Price)

The Ivory Nights firm twin Extra Long mattress Gives You the Support You Need For Sweet Serta-Style Slumber The Serta Ivory Nights firm twin Extra Long mattress features the benefits provided by every Serta Perfect Sleeper SmartSurface� Elite mattress. Enjoy your Serta mattress pressure-relieving comfort, proper back support, reduction of roll-off or sag, a balanced sleeping temperature, and peaceful, undisturbed sleep. Serta's technology works to provide these unique benefits and create ...

Model # 71576

$2979.99 (List Price)

$724.44 $2979.99 (List Price)

Introducing the all-new Perfect Day by Serta® premium mattress collection, designed to deliver the rejuvenating sleep you need every night for more energy and vitality during the day.

Model # 117366

$1619.97 (List Price)

$364.44 $1619.97 (List Price)

Float Like an Angel on Your Windshire Full Super Pillow Top Firm Mattress The Serta Windshire full Super Pillow Top firm mattress has it all: firm back support topped with pillowy, pressure-relieving comfort. And there's more: it has all the other qualities you would expect from a Serta Perfect Sleeper Smart Surface mattress - balanced sleeping temperature, motion separation, and roll-off and sag prevention. The Windshire full Super Pillow Top firm mattress uses a combination ...

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