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Ergonomic Hand Tool

Model # 116843



Ergonomic insulated wire stripper and cutter has a scissor-type cutter blade. It also has a power-curve, cushion handles that reduce injury to hand, wrist and arm. Includes a spring that automatically spreads handles.

Model # 15835

$13.93 - $27.99
$19.99 (List Price)

$13.93 - $27.99 $19.99 (List Price)

Make quick work of any driving project with this innovative screwdriver. Features ergonomic design with unique six bit storage system. Knurled, stainless steel shaft with magnetic end allows faster turning and resists corrosion.

Model # 14612



1 lb. dead blow hammer with a super, ergonomic grip 14 in. fiberglass handle for more safety and less user fatigue. Dead blow eliminates rebound, delivers more power. Cast urethane striking surface.

Model # 13309

$2.93 - $31.99
$24.99 (List Price)

$2.93 - $31.99 $24.99 (List Price)

Count on this Cordless 1/4 inch Screwdriver to Get it Turning A handy little companion for all those little jobs around the house, this Craftsman 3.6 volt cordless 1/4 inch screwdriver 11139 delivers fast rotation, precision torquing and a durable package that�s built to last. Ergonomic in design, it�s comfortable in the hands, while a pivoting body adjusts to tight and open areas smoothly. Featuring an automatic spindle lock, when batteries run low, this cordless ...

Model # 89249



Craftsman 1/8 x 6 in. Pro Screwdriver Made Strong for Regular Use This 1/8 x 6 in. pro screwdriver will fit right into your everyday tool kit thanks to its handy features and sturdy construction. The blade is made with high alloy steel for strength that will last a very long time. The steel is plated with nickel-chrome, so you do not have to worry as much about corrosion affecting the performance of your tools. ...

Model # 25114



Cut Wire with the Heavy-duty Craftsman 8" Linesman Pliers Get a strong grip on a wide range of fasteners, and cut all types of wire with the heavy-duty Craftsman 8 in. linesman pliers . Whether you’re a professional electrician or a weekend household project warrior, these pliers enable you to complete a variety of tasks from finding the right grip to securely fasten a stop nut or achieving a clean cut on any kind of ...

Model # 83938

$25.93 - $39.99
$39.99 (List Price)

$25.93 - $39.99 $39.99 (List Price)

Precision matched, induction hardened cutting edges cut soft, hard, piano and ACSR wire.Heavy duty fixed forged axle rivet joint ensures smooth operation.High cutting performance with minimum effort due to optimum coordination of the cutting edge angle, transmission ratio and ergonomic handle shape.

Model # 85393



Precision matched, induction hardened cutting edges cut soft, hard, piano and ACSR wire. Heavy duty fixed forged axle rivet joint ensures smooth operation. High cutting performance with minimum effort due to optimum coordination of the cutting edge angle, transmission ratio and ergonomic handle shape.

Model # 15348

$22.99 (List Price)

$12.99 $22.99 (List Price)

Upright right aviation snips make cutting in confined or overhead spaces easy. Easiest used in left hand . Can be used with blades up or down in a pushing or pulling motion. An ergonomic design improves the users range of wrist motion. blade pivot bolt is threaded into bottom blade keeping blades in adjustment for ease of operation. Top and bottom blades are serrated to hold material during cutting, creating a clean edge. Made in ...

Model # 30671

$14.99 (List Price)

$8.99 $14.99 (List Price)

Cuts strips and trims data and phone cables. Ergonomic design nests in hand for comfort and added cutting power. One fully serrated blade for clean cuts. Stripping notches for 19 and 23 AWG wire. Manufactured from high-carbon steel, chrome over nickel plate.

Model # 25116

$7.93 - $9.99
$9.99 (List Price)

$7.93 - $9.99 $9.99 (List Price)

Grip Fasteners in Tight Spaces with the Craftsman 7.5-in. Diagonal Pliers Whether you’re using the 7.5" Diagonal Pliers to grab hold of a stop nut while tightening a bolt or quickly cutting through electrical wire, you’ll enjoy an ergonomic comfort grip. This extremely useful Pliers makes everyday household and professional jobs easier, delivering superior versatility with multiple uses. The diagonal pliers can squeeze into tight spaces to grab hold of pesky nuts or cut wire ...

Model # 11979

$4.99 - $11.49
$11.49 (List Price)

$4.99 - $11.49 $11.49 (List Price)

The Craftsman 3/4" Wood Chisel Keeps Its Edge The 3/4" wood chisel has steel striker caps and a textured ergonomic handle with thumb recess for comfort and control. The Craftsman 3/4" wood chisel is forged alloy steel and guaranteed forever. Made in the USA by Craftsman

Model # 25196



Craftsman Evolv 12 In, Groove Joint Pliers Grip Just Right The 12 in. groove joint pliers from Craftsman feature serrated jaws that adjust to fit a range of fasteners. The longer handle to give you increased leverage to turn or grasp nuts and bolts. The quality pliers are also useful for gripping unevenly shaped items as they adjust easily to different widths and provide a secure hold. The Craftsman Evolve 12 in. groove joint pliers ...

Model # 25269



Craftsman Evolv 10 in. Groove Joint Pliers Get a Great Grip The larger jaw of the 10 in. groove joint pliers pliers make it easy to grip all kinds of fasteners. And the handle is ergonomic and no-slip, so longer jobs won't fatigue your hands. The Craftsman Evolv 10 in. groove joint pliers  have an extra long handle so it gives you the leverage you need. The pliers only weigh 1.15 lbs and make it ...

Model # 11978

$4.49 - $10.39
$10.39 (List Price)

$4.49 - $10.39 $10.39 (List Price)

Craftsman 1/2" Wood Chisel Is Simple and Easy to Use The 1/2" wood chisel is the ideal tool for carving out a hinge or a strike plate. You may not need to use it all the time, but when the job calls for a razor sharp chiseling tool, this Craftsman model is a great option. With an impact resistant plastic handle, you can pound on it with a hammer without damaging it. At such an ...

Model # 96635

$59.93 - $77.93
$119.99 (List Price)

$59.93 - $77.93 $119.99 (List Price)

Grab a 3/8-in Dr Digi Click Torque Wrench for Multiple Engine Jobs The Craftsman 3/8-in dr digi click torque wrench , a micrometer style wrench, features an LED backlit screen, creating easy readability even in low-light conditions. The click-style torque wrench easily tightens various automotive bolts, from lugs and crankshaft bolts to cylinder heads and engine-mountings. Click style is perfect for small engine repairs, four-wheelers, motorcycles, brakes, engine and more. The 3/8-in dr ...

Model # 99247



79 pc. Tool Set Has it All Get an entire tool collection in one economical package with this Olympia 79 pc. tool set from Sears. This 79-piece set of commonly used hand tools includes everything you need to tackle everyday household tasks and DIY projects. It's much easier and more affordable than buying tools separately, and this way you get a convenient blow mold case that has the ideal spot to store and organize each ...

Model # 41325

$3.99 - $9.19
$9.19 (List Price)

$3.99 - $9.19 $9.19 (List Price)

Create Dovetails and Square Up Mortises with the Craftsman �-in. Wood Chisel Craftsman�s �-in. Wood Chisel boasts a sharp blade so you can make intricate cuts through wood. Whether you want to craft an art piece or make dovetail cuts in your woodworking project, you can rely on these chisels to fine tune important cuts in wood, just like professional carpenters, repairmen, artists and avid do-it-yourselfers do. This chisel features a steel striker cap to ...

Model # 25189

$5.93 - $14.39
$14.99 (List Price)

$5.93 - $14.39 $14.99 (List Price)

The Evolv 1/4 in Drive Tool is the Right Tool for the Job Featuring large-size markings, the Evolv 22 pc 1/4 in Drive Tool gets the job done easier and faster. The Evolv 1/4 in Drive Tool comes with 22 sockets in both standard and metric for versatility. The drive tool boasts an ergonomic, easy-grip fiberglass handle for comfort and exceptional durability.

Model # 25190

$12.93 - $23.99
$24.99 (List Price)

$12.93 - $23.99 $24.99 (List Price)

The Evolv 3/8 in Drive Tool Set is the Right Tool for the Job Featuring large-size markings, the Evolv 20 pc 3/8 in Drive Tool Set gets the job done easier and faster. The Evolv 3/8 in Drive Tool Set comes with 20 sockets in both standard and metric for versatility. The drive tool boasts an ergonomic, easy-grip fiberglass handle for comfort and exceptional durability.

Model # 13425

$20.93 - $29.99
$29.99 (List Price)

$20.93 - $29.99 $29.99 (List Price)

Versatile 36-in Screwdriver Pry Bar from Craftsman Provides Greater Leverage Tackle the toughest demolition jobs with the Craftsman 36-in screwdriver pry bar . Designed with an ergonomic, screwdriver grip, the three-foot pry bar offers both a secure and comfortable grip, even for the longest days tearing out walls, cabinets and other building materials. The 36-inch pry bar also makes tightening belts on your car a bit easier, providing extra length and leverage. Working on a ...

Model # 11980

$5.49 - $11.99
$11.99 (List Price)

$5.49 - $11.99 $11.99 (List Price)

Dig In with This Craftsman 1 In. Wood Chisel Sharp enough to cut cleanly and surely and substantial enough to apply the pressure you need, this 1 in. wood chisel is a woodworking essential. The blade is beveled to let the tip easily slip through the cracks, yet sturdy enough on the sides to generate the needed force. It's a combination that results in clean cuts every time. The Craftsman 1 in. wood chisel is ...

Model # 88059

$23.93 - $94.99
$79.99 (List Price)

$23.93 - $94.99 $79.99 (List Price)

Nothing Works as Hard on the Job as Craftsman's 10-75 Ft Lbs., 3/8-Inch Drive Torque Wrench Built from a combination of high tensile strength alloyed steel and rugged plastic formed to an ergonomic shape, this Craftsman Micro-Clicker 10-75 Ft Lbs lbs Torque Wrench is designed to withstand years of steady use and even after hours of tightening bolts, it'll stay comfortable in your grip. Whether you're wrenching on a small engine, building a bike or ...

Model # 19019

$24.99 - $57.49
$54.99 (List Price)

$24.99 - $57.49 $54.99 (List Price)

The Craftsman 1/4-in. Mini-Ratchet Wrench Is Like David Before Goliath The lightweight Craftsman �-in. mini-ratchet wrench features a composite housing and ergonomic throttle-lever design for extreme comfort. The sealed ratchet head prevents the ratchet head from spreading under heavy loads. This tool makes your job easier by delivering up to 20 pound-feet of torque with the touch of a button. You can easily work with stubborn nuts and bolts without having to twist and turn ...

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