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Electric Craftsman Tool

Model # 12459

$9.93 - $24.99
$24.99 (List Price)

$9.93 - $24.99 $24.99 (List Price)

Craftsman Glaze Breaker Cylinder Hone Cleans Cylinder Walls Whether you own a quarter-inch or three-eighths-inch electric drill, this glaze breaker cylinder hone will turn your drill into a power tool that will clean up your engine's cylinder walls from the residue and deposits that build up with use. This important automotive drill accessory is made from steel, with the addition of engineering plastic, to ensure years use. The design is exceptional so that stones are ...

Model # 141570

$59.93 - $99.99
$99.99 (List Price)

$59.93 - $99.99 $99.99 (List Price)

Choose the Craftsman Corded 16" Chainsaw for Safety and Power This 2-in-1 Electric 16 in. Chainsaw has the power you want with top-notch safety measures like the built-in automatic chain brake and emergency manual chain brake systems for exceptionally safe blade and chain changes. Because this is an electric corded chainsaw, you also don't have to worry about filling it with special mixtures of oil and gas. Additionally, this chainsaw has an automatic lubrication system, ...

Model # 111959

$33.93 - $84.99
$84.99 (List Price)

$33.93 - $84.99 $84.99 (List Price)

Get Clean Edges with the Black & Decker Electric GH3000 String Trimmer This Black & Decker GH3000 Electric String Trimmer and Edger is perfect for cleaning up edges around gardens, walkways and driveways. But besides having the finesse for fine detail work, it also has the muscle to knock down tall weeds and cut through grasses and other vegetation. The generous 14 in. cutting swath makes it easy to accomplish a lot of work in ...

Model # 99578

$99.99 - $119.99
$119.99 (List Price)

$99.99 - $119.99 $119.99 (List Price)

Craftsman 18" Electric Chainsaw is Perfect for Yard Cleanup When it comes to working around your yard, the Corded Electric 18 in. Chainsaw is so handy. You can prune your bushes, saw through large branches, take down small trees and get your yard and garden area looking well groomed and neat. This electric chainsaw is as powerful as a gas-operated chainsaw and has a heavy duty 4.0 horsepower motor. There are many built-in safety features ...

Model # 44046

$29.93 - $54.99
$54.99 (List Price)

$29.93 - $54.99 $54.99 (List Price)

Remington Tools Limb N Trim Chainsaw Cuts Right to the Chase As powerful as a gas chainsaw, the 8 Amp Limb N Trim 14 in. Electric Chainsaw picks up where your yard trimmer or edger left off. This chainsaw handles the tough brush and slices through small branches and trees. Just plug it into your extension cord and you have all the power you need to cut and trim for hours. You won't run out ...

Model # 136663

$71.93 - $119.99
$119.99 (List Price)

$71.93 - $119.99 $119.99 (List Price)

The Craftsman Corded Electric Pole Saw is a Chainsaw and a Pole Saw in One The 9 amp Corded Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw is an essential tool for landscaping and yard work. With the extension pole attached, it's a pole saw. With the pole removed, it's a chainsaw. Transitioning from pole saw to chainsaw is quick and convenient, with no tools required. The telescoping pole reaches from 7 to 9.3 ft., bringing the pole saw's ...

Model # 119682



Featuring 180 MPH wind speed, this Craftsman 9 amp Electric Blower makes clearing your yard, garage, driveway and walkway quick and easy.  The pommel handle and easy to start feature gets you going in no time. There's no gas, no fumes and no pull start.  Also low maintenance and lightweight at 4.8 lbs., clearing your yard of fallen debris can now be a simple, painless task with this Craftsman 9 Amp Electric Blower.

Model # 111589

$39.93 - $129.99
$199.99 (List Price)

$39.93 - $129.99 $199.99 (List Price)

Craftsman Cordless 12" Line Trimmer and Edger Is Two Tools in One Even after you're done mowing, there are often long grasses and weeds that need the attention of a Cordless Electric 40V 12 in. Line Trimmer and Edger to enhance the look of your lawn. This cordless power tool is easy to move from place to place, as there is no pesky power cord to worry about. There's also no need to worry about ...

Model # 120959



Clean up has never been easier with this Craftsman 40V cordless blower 99077. Lightweight and easy to use, the blower features a variable speed option up to 150 mph and is perfect for cleaning your driveway, walkway and patio areas. No longer will you have to mix oil and gas, a simple battery insert and electric start will make the clean-up process much easier.

Model # 75613



The Craftsman 15 in. Electric Weed Trimmer is the Ideal Lightweight Trimmer for your Shed Perfect for cleaning up that mid-sized yard or lot, this powerful Craftsman 5.5 Amp Electric Weed Trimmer brings you the high-speed velocity to take-down thick stands of weeds and brush while remaining light enough for hours of comfortable work. Forget about running back the garage for another battery, or trying to get that tired pull-start going, just plug-in your power ...

Model # 124891

$4.05 - $5.99
$5.99 (List Price)

$4.05 - $5.99 $5.99 (List Price)

Use the 3/8 in. roller for smooth and semi-smooth surfaces. Designed to give smooth, even coverage. 9 in. perforated roller. Use with the PaintStick®, Power-Flo® battery and electric rollers.

Model # 124892

$4.05 - $5.99
$5.99 (List Price)

$4.05 - $5.99 $5.99 (List Price)

Use the 3/4 in. roller for rough surfaces. Designed to give smooth, even coverage. 9 in. perforated roller. Use with the PaintStick®, Power-Flo® battery and electric rollers.

Model # 112875

$34.99 - $39.99
$39.99 (List Price)

$34.99 - $39.99 $39.99 (List Price)

Black & Decker TR117 Electric Hedge Trimmer Has Your Back That TR117 17 in. Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer really has your back, especially when you are clipping a long row of hedges. This trimmer has the power you need to cut through your hedges and shrubs, yet it's kind to your back, as it only weighs a little over 4 lbs.. Dual-action, double-sided blades are rust-resistant and can slice through branches up to 5/8 in. ...

Model # 140033



Give Your Yard a Clean, Manicured Look with the Craftsman 22" Electric Hedge Trimmer The dual action blades and 3/4 in. cutting capacity of the 22 in. Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer make landscaping a snap. With the power of the 4.5 amp motor and the extra long reach of 22 in. blades, yard work is so much simpler. Maintain comfort and control during yard work with the Soft Touch Rear Handle and Full Wrap Assist ...

Model # 141413



Give Your Yard a Clean, Manicured Look with the Craftsman Corded 20" Hedge Trimmer The dual action blades and 5/8 in. cutting capacity of the Corded Electric 20 in. Hedge Trimmer make landscaping a snap. With the power of the 4.2 amp motor and the long reach of 20 in. blades, yard work is so much simpler. Maintain comfort and control during yard work with the Soft Touch Rear Handle and Full Wrap Assist Handle. ...

Model # 140036

$24.97 - $49.99
$49.99 (List Price)

$24.97 - $49.99 $49.99 (List Price)

Enjoy the Cutting Power of the Craftsman 15" Grass Trimmer This Craftsman Corded 15 in. Auto-Feed Line System trimmer will not run out of battery power or fuel because you simply plug it in and it's ready to go. The multi-position pivoting head makes it easy to get into narrow spots or hard-to-reach places and gives you versatility for optimum cutting ability. The 5.5 amp motor performs at 7300 RPM for the power you need ...

Model # 110968

$59.04 - $134.99
$134.99 (List Price)

$59.04 - $134.99 $134.99 (List Price)

Yard Cleanup Is a Snap with the Craftsman 19.2V Cordless String Trimmer The C3 19.2V Cordless Electric String Trimmer by Craftsman has a 12 in. cutting swath, so you can clean up your yard in no time. Sized for versatility, you are also able to get into tight spots by fences, porches or garages to clear out the debris that accumulates over time. If you want to edge your gardens to make a nice defined ...

Model # 140516



Stay Powerful with the Craftsman 13" Electric Grass Trimmer After you mow your lawn, use this Electric 13 in. 4.2 Amp Corded Grass Trimmer to cut down long grass and weeds that the mower can't reach. Your lawn will look professionally done, if you take the time to trim the edges of your property or areas around fences to ensure your yard is weed free. This Craftsman trimmer makes it so easy to do because ...

Model # 124874

$14.98 - $44.99
$29.97 (List Price)

$14.98 - $44.99 $29.97 (List Price)

Craftsman 15 in. Line Trimmer Gets the Job Done with Power The Craftsman 15 in. 5.5 amp line trimmer is powerful yet easy to use. Once you've added it to your lawn care arsenal, you won't look back. This power tool is electric, so you don't have to mess with gas or batteries; just plug in the cord and start whacking those weeds. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can clean up your lawn ...

Model # 16413

$17.93 - $59.99
$59.99 (List Price)

$17.93 - $59.99 $59.99 (List Price)

This Craftsman Electric Blade Sharpener Gives you a Consistent Cutting Edge An essential for any shop or home, this Craftsman electric utility sharpener delivers precision sharpening, easy operation and dependable service.

Model # 10616

$149.99 (List Price)

$84.88 $149.99 (List Price)

Featuring a powerful 7.8 amp motor and twin 6-1/8" blades, the Craftsman Twin Cutter Electric Saw powers through the toughest wood, plastic and metal. With patented twin-blade technology, vibration is substantially reduced, and cuts are simpler, easier and smoother.

Model # 124885



Inner conductors are type THHN, rated 90 degrees Celsius, 600 volt. Solid strands. Outer jacket is PVC rated at 75 degrees Celsius. Ampacity of the product is limited to that for 60 degrees Celsius rated conductors per the National Electric Code Article 336. Dwellings not exceeding 3 floors above grade. Exposed or concealed wiring. May be fished through walls, ceilings, and masonry blocks. Use for new wiring or replacement wiring. Only for use in normally ...

Model # 12856

$20.93 - $36.29
$36.29 (List Price)

$20.93 - $36.29 $36.29 (List Price)

Heavy-duty electric staple / brad nailgun with outstanding driving power Unique dual power lever (Hi/Lo) designed for use with hard or soft materials Quick-jam-clear mechanism saves time and hassles Includes 8-foot power cord Uses Stanley SharpShooter TRA700 Series or Arrow T-50 heavy duty staples and 1/2-, 9/16- and 5/8-inch brads

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