Digital Kitchen Equipment

Model # 89151

$95.97 (List Price)

$71.93 $95.97 (List Price)

This multitasking machine from Cuisinart saut�s, cooks and blends your favorite homemade soups. It�s also a high-performance blender � crushing ice or whipping up cocktails and smoothies.

Model # 107572

$54.99 (List Price)

$41.93 $54.99 (List Price)

Kenmore Digital Rice Cooker Digital controls easily select the proper setting to get perfectly cooker rice every time Large 20-cup capacity feeds even the largest families Steam tray makes your rice cooker double as a vegetable steamer 24-hour delay timer providees flexibility for meal planning

Model # 71148

$29.93 - $39.93
$49.99 (List Price)

$29.93 - $39.93 $49.99 (List Price)

Tender Meals Prepared by the Kenmore 7 Quart Slow Cooker - Work Your Magic Countertop cooking at its best! The Kenmore 7 Quart Slow Cooker works for you as it sits on your counter, so your family can enjoy delectable, tenderly cooked food that gives the impression you've been cooking. The Kenmore Slow Cooker works through the day - All you do is mix in the ingredients, set the 24-hour digital timer and go about ...

Model # 86246

$38.93 - $44.99
$51.99 (List Price)

$38.93 - $44.99 $51.99 (List Price)

For Fantastic Frying, Try the Stainless Steel Deep Fryer \n From fritters and beignets to the best hot, crispy fried chicken and French fries you'll ever eat, the Presto Stainless Steel Profry Immersion Element Deep Fryer is the one fryer you'll want to keep handy. With professional-style performance in a convenient at-home size, you'll serve your family and dinner guests consistently fantastic fried foods. Not in the mood for frying? This fryer steams and boils ...

Model # 30364

$139.99 (List Price)

$111.93 $139.99 (List Price)

Cut cooking time up to 70-percent! Features push-button controls; easy-to-read digital display; precision thermostat. Settings for pressure cooking, browning, simmering, sauteing, and warming.

Model # 34682

$6.93 - $23.44
$24.99 (List Price)

$6.93 - $23.44 $24.99 (List Price)

Kenmore Small Coffee Maker Brews Just Enough \n When it's just you or just two, brew the perfect amount of coffee with this Kenmore 5-Cup Digital Coffee Maker . Sometimes bigger isn't better, and this compact, convenient-size appliance is ideal for small spaces and small households. \n The Kenmore Small Coffee Maker features an innovative metal filter, which means no more paper filters. Plus, the metal filter lets more of the coffee oils and flavors ...

Model # 118534

$34.93 - $59.93
$69.99 (List Price)

$34.93 - $59.93 $69.99 (List Price)

For faster, even countertop cooking. The Oster® Digital Convection Toaster Oven is designed with an extra-large capacity that can accommodate 9" x 11" bake ware or a 12" pizza. The convection bake function is ideal for roasting meats and chicken to perfection as it circulates heat and browns while locking in taste and flavor. With all the same conveniences of a traditional oven, this toaster oven works for small kitchens without any oven, for entertaining ...

Model # 121073

$101.97 (List Price)

$81.93 $101.97 (List Price)

Keurig Coffee Makers Allow You to Have a Piping Hot Drink at your Fingertips No need to wait for whole pot of coffee to get done or watch the tea kettle get hot with the Keurig B65 Single-Serve Brewer Just pop in a premeasured K-Cup and in less than 60 seconds,you have a fresh, steamy cup of your favorite brewed beverage. Choose from over 70 tasty choices including regular, half-caf and decaf coffee, black or green ...

Model # 10268

$519.93 - $974.99
$1299.99 (List Price)

$519.93 - $974.99 $1299.99 (List Price)

Kenmore 24" Manual Clean Wall Oven - Accurate Cooking The Kenmore 24" self-cleaning wall oven 3052 offers better cooking accuracy when it comes to your favorite dishes. With Easy Set 105 electronic controls on a digital display, you can get the exact temperatures you need. These easy-to-use controls allow you to heat, preheat, and monitor food so you can achieve that perfect crust on Grandma's apple pie. Handle-style oven racks provide a safe way to ...

Model # 44317

$787.93 - $2249.99
$2249.99 (List Price)

$787.93 - $2249.99 $2249.99 (List Price)

The Distinctive Single Wall Oven continues Dacor's long heritage of developing innovative cooking appliances that provide those who are passionate about the details of cooking with the optimum ownership experience. Featuring premium cooking performance and quality craftsmanship, it is available in a stylish stainless steel finish with an elegant contemporary handle design.

Model # 39406

$284.93 - $854.99
$949.99 (List Price)

$284.93 - $854.99 $949.99 (List Price)

Sharp introduces the next generation of microwave drawer—larger, sleeker and more accessible than ever. The new  Sharp microwave drawer KB-6524P  series fits in the same space as other Sharp 24-inch models, yet it's larger 1.2 cubic feet interior is tall enough to hold a 20 oz. cup from your favorite take-out coffee store. Plus, there are two convenient ways to open or close the drawer—either pull or push the Easy Open handle or simply touch the Auto-Touch™ ...

Model # 75316

$934.93 - $1614.99
$1699.99 (List Price)

$934.93 - $1614.99 $1699.99 (List Price)


Model # 59470



The Classic Wall Oven's timeless design, incorporates advanced features. Having a dinner party? Cook everything at once, from snapper to cherry pie. All your flavors will stay right where they're supposed to, thanks to the innovative convection filter that circulates heat. Theres even a meat probe for perfectly cooked turkey every time.

Model # 86253

$12.93 - $25.49
$24.99 (List Price)

$12.93 - $25.49 $24.99 (List Price)

Proctor-Silex Digital 12-Cup Coffeemaker • Programmable clock • 12 cup capacity • 2 hour auto shutoff • 1-4 cup brewing option • Auto pause & serve • Dishwasher safe carafe & basket • Water window

Model # 70327

$119.99 (List Price)

$95.93 $119.99 (List Price)

Cuisinart Hot Water/Coffeemaker Makes Your Coffee or Tea Better Perfect for the lunch room, busy households and even small cafes, this programmable Coffeemaker with Hot Water creates 12 cup batches of hot delicious coffee whenever you like. The right way to start your morning, this machine will do the work so you can relax and enjoy the pure, unadulterated taste of coffee or tea, every morning. Featuring a combination of charcoal and gold toned filters, ...

Model # 87268

$37.93 - $59.93
$74.99 (List Price)

$37.93 - $59.93 $74.99 (List Price)

Kenmore 6 slice Convection Toaster Oven Red- Get More Cooking Done on Your Countertop A complete kitchen unit, the Kenmore 6 slice convection toaster oven red introduces ease and efficiency into your kitchen routine. Now you can thaw, bake, broil, heat and reheat conveniently for quick easy meals. It cuts down on conventional cooking time with convection technology that ensures circulating warm air for fast, even cooking. Enjoy beautiful browning results and delicious textures from ...

Model # 59456

$3869.00 (List Price)

$1741.05 $3869.00 (List Price)

Streamline your culinary experience with sleek ergonomic curves, six custom color options, increased capacity, a larger viewing window, and an interactive Discovery Controller® for digital recipe storage and precise time/temperature calculation.

Model # 27981

$449.93 - $937.49
$1249.99 (List Price)

$449.93 - $937.49 $1249.99 (List Price)

Kenmore 24" Gas Wall Oven - Compact Convenience For the simple convenience of baking and roasting at home, the Kenmore 24" gas wall oven 3055 is an ideal fit. At 2.9 cu. ft., this compact, quality oven is perfect for apartments and smaller kitchens, even offering extra storage with its convenient bottom drawer. With features like the Auto-Latch safety lock, electronic controls, and a digital clock timer, everything you need to create perfect dishes is ...

Model # 92077

$4999.99 (List Price)

$3499.93 $4999.99 (List Price)

Go ahead and expand your guest list because the Renaissance 30" Double Wall Oven offers you twice the capacity and flexibility to prepare the feast you never dreamed possible.

Model # 140711

$1439.55 - $2879.93
$3199.00 (List Price)

$1439.55 - $2879.93 $3199.00 (List Price)

The Dacor Renaissance® 30" Single Wall Oven not only includes Dacor’s signature features, but also a sleek ThinLine™ door design which elegantly blends with your kitchen cabinetry to create a flush and seamless appearance. Adding to your cooking experience are SoftShut™ hinges that ensure a gentle touch and feel when opening or closing the oven door as the hinges pull the door closed for you. All together, this is a truly remarkable oven.

Model # 10502



The CLOSEOUT The Craftsman Keyless Garage Door Opener Lifts Fast and Locks Tight More powerful than most, the Craftsman 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener was built to make short work of heavy doors with a smooth cranking action that’s quiet and reliable. An extra 1/4 horse of muscle raises your garage door 25 percent faster than traditional motors, so whether you’re in a hurry or trying the keep the cold out in the winter, this ...

Model # 9398

$89.93 - $136.93
$149.97 (List Price)

$89.93 - $136.93 $149.97 (List Price)

Craftsman DC Garage Door Opener: Dependable Like Nothing Else Backed by Diehard® power, this Garage Door Opener DC Belt system delivers smooth opens, secure closes and powerful illumination even when the rest of the house is pitch black. Solid, dependable and loaded with cutting edge technological features, this opener senses movement in the garage and turns the light on for you. In addition to lighting your path, it displays the time and temperature along with ...

Model # 86196

$289.99 - $349.99
$289.99 (List Price)

$289.99 - $349.99 $289.99 (List Price)

Experience ultimate control and peace of mind with the Internet-Connected Garage Door Opener. No Annual Fees and Free App Download! The Craftsman AssureLink™ Garage Door Opener brings mobile communication to one of the main entrances of your home. Are you away and can’t remember if the garage door is open or closed? Ever accidentally leave the garage door open? Now you can monitor and operate your garage door from anywhere. Using the Craftsman AssureLink* mobile ...

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