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Craftsman Power Cutting Tools

Model # 19784

$31.93 - $76.99
$76.99 (List Price)

$31.93 - $76.99 $76.99 (List Price)

Make Every Cut Count with this Craftsman H-Throttle Cut Off Tool Arm yourself - and your shop tool collection - with the Craftsman cut off tool . Made with comfort, safety and quality in mind, this air-powered cut off tool combines power and control. The tool is made with a light-weight 1/2 HP design with heavy-duty ball bearing construction and rear exhaust design. It has a free speed RPM OF 20,000 - a great option ...

Model # 13036

$11.89 - $13.99
$13.99 (List Price)

$11.89 - $13.99 $13.99 (List Price)

Bring the Power with the Craftsman Copper Wire Stripping Tool The copper wire stripping tool from Craftsman has been designed for stranded copper wire AWG (American Wire Gauge) sizes 10 to 26. Select this tool when you're ready to install new speakers for the audio system in your car or when it's time to update your home entertainment system's surround sound capabilities. This Craftsman hand tool is also ideal for any wire stripping needed when ...

Model # 137365



Craftsman Professional 16" Gas Chainsaw Goes the Distance When you need to do some tough cutting, you need the Professional 16 in. 38 cc Gas Chainsaw . The powerful stratified engine and wide 16 in. bar give you an advantage over other chainsaws that are smaller with less built-in muscle than this powerhouse. You can keep the chain tension exactly where you want it with the front screw tensioning system for quick and accurate adjustments. ...

Model # 120804

$99.93 - $179.88
$199.99 (List Price)

$99.93 - $179.88 $199.99 (List Price)

Cut to the Chase with the Craftsman Cordless 40V Chainsaw You can get a lot of sawing done when you aren't always worried about cutting the electrical cord, and the Cordless 12 in. 40V 98946 Chainsaw eliminates that worry. Just attack your logs and wood with confidence, and the powerful lithium-ion battery gives you plenty of running time to chop up trees and cut small- and medium-size logs. The see-through oil tank provides you with ...

Model # 140034

$99.93 - $199.99
$199.99 (List Price)

$99.93 - $199.99 $199.99 (List Price)

Save Time with the Craftsman Cordless 40V String Trimmer and Edger The versatile Lithium Ion 40V Cordless Yard Trimmer and Edger gives you two cutting options: you can use this battery-run tool as a trimmer for bushes and shrubs, or you can use it to edge your driveway, sidewalk or flower gardens for a landscaped appearance. This handy cordless yard trimmer comes with an Automatic Feed Spool that doesn't require the constant spool adjustments that ...

Model # 96481

$149.97 - $289.99
$244.99 (List Price)

$149.97 - $289.99 $244.99 (List Price)

3-in-1 Landscaping Kit Edges, Trims and Blows < Having the lawn that will have the whole neighborhood green with envy is easy with the Craftsman 3-in-1 landscaping kit.  Edge, trim and blow your mess away with one simple and easy-to-use tool. No more pulling to get the engine going, thanks to the Speed Start Technology that starts up with a simple push of the button. The 25 cc 2-cycle engine will run smoothly for you ...

Model # 137435



Craftsman Professional 18" Gas Chainsaw Rips Through the Toughest Job Smoothly 40.9cc 18 in. Gas Chainsaw from Craftsman is a high performance tool that makes your work easier because it has Sim-Pulll technology for quick smooth starts. The 18 in. bar and full complement chain feature more cutting teeth so you can slice through wood more efficiently. It is self-oiling so it stays well maintained and there is an easily visible fuel meter so you ...

Model # 127075

$85.93 - $169.99
$169.99 (List Price)

$85.93 - $169.99 $169.99 (List Price)

Clean Up Your Yard with the Craftsman 38cc Gas Chainsaw No matter what kind of work you are doing in your yard the 38cc 16 in. Gas Chainsaw with Storage Case is a big asset. With its 2 cycle engine and 16 " blade, it's strong enough to help with cutting up firewood, cutting up a stump and anything else you need it to do. The plastic handle keeps vibration at a minimum, making it ...

Model # 147109

$119.99 - $199.99
$199.99 (List Price)

$119.99 - $199.99 $199.99 (List Price)

Get cutting with Craftsman's 42cc/18" gas chainsaw.  With an 18" Oregon bar and chain, this chainsaws will prove the test of time and get the job done fast.  It's equipped with Incredi-Pull™ starting for quick and easy starts.  Once started, the isolated handle design will help reduce vibration and user fatigue to experience but not feel the power of the engine.  For added durability, this chainsaw is equipped with an aluminum frame (chassis) to withstand ...

Model # 18831

$12.99 - $14.49
$14.49 (List Price)

$12.99 - $14.49 $14.49 (List Price)

15 In. Carpenter Handsaw with Wood Handle Offers Speed and Efficiency When the cut has to be done with speed and precision, the Craftsman 15 in. carpenter handsaw with wood handle gets it done without the need for a power source. Whether you're on a remote location or just need a lightweight tool to execute a cut immediately, this is the handsaw you need on your workstation. It offers the same smooth cut you might ...

Model # 97299

$24.93 - $59.99
$59.99 (List Price)

$24.93 - $59.99 $59.99 (List Price)

22" 4 Amp Rotating Hedge Trimmer Ensures Clean Lines, Defined Edges and Uniform Precision Bring something special to your landscaping every time you work on your yard with the Craftsman 22" 4 amp rotating hedge trimmer . Instead of feeling like keeping the bushes in top shape is a labor-intensive job without any reward, you get to create a work of art that puts a smile on your face every time you go outside. With ...

Model # 110968

$59.04 - $134.99
$134.99 (List Price)

$59.04 - $134.99 $134.99 (List Price)

Yard Cleanup Is a Snap with the Craftsman 19.2V Cordless String Trimmer The C3 19.2V Cordless Electric String Trimmer by Craftsman has a 12 in. cutting swath, so you can clean up your yard in no time. Sized for versatility, you are also able to get into tight spots by fences, porches or garages to clear out the debris that accumulates over time. If you want to edge your gardens to make a nice defined ...

Model # 124874

$14.98 - $44.99
$29.97 (List Price)

$14.98 - $44.99 $29.97 (List Price)

Craftsman 15 in. Line Trimmer Gets the Job Done with Power The Craftsman 15 in. 5.5 amp line trimmer is powerful yet easy to use. Once you've added it to your lawn care arsenal, you won't look back. This power tool is electric, so you don't have to mess with gas or batteries; just plug in the cord and start whacking those weeds. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can clean up your lawn ...

Model # 140036

$24.97 - $49.99
$49.99 (List Price)

$24.97 - $49.99 $49.99 (List Price)

Enjoy the Cutting Power of the Craftsman 15" Grass Trimmer This Craftsman Corded 15 in. Auto-Feed Line System trimmer will not run out of battery power or fuel because you simply plug it in and it's ready to go. The multi-position pivoting head makes it easy to get into narrow spots or hard-to-reach places and gives you versatility for optimum cutting ability. The 5.5 amp motor performs at 7300 RPM for the power you need ...

Model # 25169



Craftsman 7.2V Power Snips do the cutting for you! Straight or curved cuts in: Fabrics, Leather, Cardboard, Carpet, Vinyl, Metal, or Rubber. Heavy-duty stainless steel cutting blades do it with ease. Power Snips come with an AC adapter for charging. Approximately 4 - 5 hours to recharge.

Model # 12128

$11.93 - $19.59
$19.59 (List Price)

$11.93 - $19.59 $19.59 (List Price)

Get a Grip with the 7" Diagnal Pliers Increase your cutting power with these Craftsman Diagonal Pliers . The flush rivet makes cutting a breeze by allowing this tool to get into tight fitting areas.  The forged alloy steel is heat treated to ensure strength and durability for the toughest of jobs, and the cutters are induction hardened to ensure hardiness under any conditions of cutting.  Handles are coated with a plastic dip that provides ...

Model # 105410

$247.93 - $619.99
$619.99 (List Price)

$247.93 - $619.99 $619.99 (List Price)

17" Drill Press with Laser and LED Light Gives You Smooth Power The Craftsman 17" drill press with laser and LED light has the speed you need, whether you're cutting metal, wood or plastic. That's 1 1/2 horsepower worth of speed at 240 to 3,020 rpm to keep everything neat, smooth and precise at depths of up to 4.72 inches. The 17" drill press with laser and LED light gives you the flexibility to do ...

Model # 32608

$68.93 - $229.99
$229.99 (List Price)

$68.93 - $229.99 $229.99 (List Price)

7.5-Amp 4-1/8-Inch Bench Top Planer/Jointer Delivers Professional Cutting People who are outfitting their work spaces can't go wrong with the Craftsman 7.5-amp 4-1/8-inch bench top planer/jointer . Whether you are a homeowner who likes to take on a few projects a year during your spare time or you have a full-time construction company, this bench top jointer/planer is a great option. Craftsman delivers only high-quality gear, ensuring that every job you do with their tools ...

Model # 33888

$15.93 - $34.99
$29.99 (List Price)

$15.93 - $34.99 $29.99 (List Price)

4.5-Amp Corded Jig Saw Has Power, Versatility Great for anyone who needs or wants to get things done around the house, the Craftsman Evolv 4.5-Amp Corded Jig Saw is perfect for work where precision is demanded. With a 4.5-amp, 800-3000 SPM motor, the saw has the power to cut through many materials, from plywood to particleboard, floor boards to metal. A two-finger trigger switch makes operation easy, while a variable dial allows for precise control ...

Model # 46934



Cut down brush and small limbs with the Craftsman 42 cc Gas Chain Saw. It features a full crank engine and an 18" guide bar designed to handle all of your cutting needs. With a tool-less chain adjust for easy chain tensioning, this chain saw has many convenient features and is exceptionally easy to use.

Model # 75301

$112.49 - $119.99
$119.99 (List Price)

$112.49 - $119.99 $119.99 (List Price)

The Craftsman Convertible™ trimmer has a 16 in. cutting swatch, which improves cutting speed and is easy to maneuver.

Model # 40653



As a durable cutting solution, this straight shaft Craftsman 27 cc* 2-cycle gas trimmer is a powerful companion to your lawn.

Model # 140751



Craftsman 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer for No-Fuss Lawn and Shrub Care Fall and spring cleanups need the power and versatility of this 40V Lithium Ion Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer . You can get into overgrown areas that need trimming easily. You can also accomplish fine detail work like shaping and pruning because you don't have to worry about running out of gas. The powerful 40V lithium battery offers hassle-free power with approximately 2,400 cutting strokes per ...

Model # 43869



C3 19.2 Volt Cordless Line Trimmer Has Sleek Power Well balanced and light weight, the Craftsman C3 19.2 volt cordless line trimmer has the power and endurance to handle your landscaping, and it won't wear you out as you do it. The trimmer weighs only 6.2 pounds, and its sleek, balanced design makes it feel like it weighs even less. The shaft telescopes to adjust to the height that's comfortable for you. Go ahead and ...

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