Craftsman Lawn Care

Model # 342

$239.99 - $579.99
$599.99 (List Price)

$239.99 - $579.99 $599.99 (List Price)

Save Time and Energy with this Craftsman tractor scoop The Craftsman scoop for front engine tractor , an innovative attachment for select Craftsman and Husqvarna brand tractors, simplifies heavy-duty hauling and landscaping chores. It mounts to the front of your tractor and scoops, hauls and spreads landscaping materials like gravel, topsoil, mulch or sand with ease. The 200-pound capacity bucket is controlled via two elongated handles that raise, lower and dump from the convenience of ...

Model # 41354

$699.93 - $1399.99
$1399.99 (List Price)

$699.93 - $1399.99 $1399.99 (List Price)

Take Control of Winter with the Craftsman Snow Blower Tractor Attachment This Craftsman dual stage snow blower tractor attachment was invented forbig jobs, like sloping driveways, long roads and big lots. Forget the shovel and walk-behind, this powerhouse takes care of winter's messfast. Once this snow blower attachment is connected, just start that engine and moments later you'll be throwing snow in a 25–40 foot parabolic arc. This rugged steel wonder is built to chew-up ...

Model # 128675

$999.93 - $1869.97
$2069.99 (List Price)

$999.93 - $1869.97 $2069.99 (List Price)


Model # 20976

$2.99 - $8.99
$7.48 (List Price)

$2.99 - $8.99 $7.48 (List Price)

Tractor hitch pin kit includes one pin and one clip.

Model # 110833

$879.88 - $999.99
$1249.99 (List Price)

$879.88 - $999.99 $1249.99 (List Price)

Get Versatile, Low-Maintenance Perfromance with the Craftsman 42 inch Riding Tractor The Craftsman 420cc Lawn Tractor 7 Speed has a robust, heavy-duty design for superior cutting performance. Its 7-speed shift-on-the-go transmission saves you time by not having to stop, brake or clutch to increase speeds. High-quality, 42 inch twin blade deck provides quality cutting performance. Deep design on the deck pulls grass up into the blades for a quality cut that leaves behind fine mulch. ...

Model # 88819

$99.97 - $339.88
$399.99 (List Price)

$99.97 - $339.88 $399.99 (List Price)

The Craftsman Self Propelled Mower 22 in has Honda's Lightest and Quietest Engine Delivering considerable power, the Craftsman 160cc* Self Propelled Lawn Mower Front Drive delivers exceptional cutting power. The 22 in. high-performance deck offers excellent bagging, mulching or discharging. A front-drive, single-speed propelled drive system lets the mower do all the hard work, so you don't have to. High, 12 inch rear wheels and deliver exceptional maneuverability. All-steel blade with nine ...

Model # 125486

$299.99 - $399.88
$499.99 (List Price)

$299.99 - $399.88 $499.99 (List Price)

The extremely innovative Craftsman 40-volt Dual Blade Rear Discharge Electric Lawn Mower packs a powerful machine into a lightweight design. With two rotating blades, this mower provides superior mulching, and increased bagging, over traditional single blade mowers. Capable of holding two batteries at once, it senses when one battery is depleted and automatically changes to the next. The mower and identify the current cutting conditions and adjusts automatically to either increase power or ...

Model # 124999

$319.88 - $539.99
$459.99 (List Price)

$319.88 - $539.99 $459.99 (List Price)

Craftsman 21 in. Self Propelled Lawn Mower Is the Ultimate in Comfort \n There's no more straining to push or sprinting to keep up with the Craftsman 21 in. 159cc self-propelled lawn mower . The My Stride pace control system matches your steps and your speed, adjusting perfectly to your preference. Its self-propulsion and rear-wheel drive add ease, while the three-position handle adapts to your height. \n The Craftsman 21 in. self-propelled lawn mower is ...

Model # 124992

$2171.91 - $2599.88
$3619.99 (List Price)

$2171.91 - $2599.88 $3619.99 (List Price)

Craftsman 46” inch zero turn tractor delivers commercial-grade performance. Designed for large lawns with a lot of trees and obstacles, the Craftsman 46 inch 24hp V twin engine riding mower is constructed with best in class components to easily power through the toughest jobs — whether you're cutting thick grass or navigating tricky terrains. The 22 hp Kohler 7000 Series® V-Twin engine has a natural, counter-balance design that gives you more power, less vibration and ...

Model # 92653

$161.98 - $299.88
$379.99 (List Price)

$161.98 - $299.88 $379.99 (List Price)

The Craftsman Mower Self Propelled is One of Craftsman's Most Powerful Delivering huge power, the Craftsman Front Drive Self Propelled Lawn Mower 190cc delivers exceptional cutting prowess. The 625 Briggs & Stratton Gold Series engine boasts smooth start (20% easier to pull) and Ready Start (no priming needed) for the ultimate in versatility. The 22 inch high-performance deck offers excellent bagging, mulching or discharging. EZ bagging access keeps the bagger door open for simple, ...

Model # 25761



Use a Craftsman Lawn Dethacher to properly revitalize your turf and get rid of unwanted thatch.Thatch is a dense mat of roots,stems,and grass clippings that accumulates on lawns,blocking the flow of vital nutrients.Because the thatch layer is plant residue in various stages of decay,it attracts insects and creates a perfect environment for mold and other growths to develop.Thatch also prevents sunlight,oxygen and moisture from getting to the nutrient hungry soil below.

Model # 125417

$433.99 - $719.99
$619.99 (List Price)

$433.99 - $719.99 $619.99 (List Price)

Introducing the new Craftsman 22” 3-in-1 All Wheel Drive Propelled Lawn Mower featuring Quiet Power Technology – Briggs & Stratton’s quietest mower engine* with Push Button Start Technology. With a 22” 3-in-1 high-performance deck, this hardworking mower has the power to last and the versatility to cut nearly any length of grass long after your work day is complete. And with Quiet Power Technology, you can have a conversation, hear your children play and mow ...

Model # 111584

$89.98 - $499.99
$149.97 (List Price)

$89.98 - $499.99 $149.97 (List Price)

This Craftsman Mower Gets Cutting Fast In the yard, along the sidewalk and around delicate garden beds, this Briggs and Stratton Platinum powered mower delivers the precision of extended deck cutting, a dust reducing bagging system, and the kind of quick, easy start that gets your lawn done fast. With large, grippy 11 inch rear wheels, it digs into slippery turf and drives up hill, while the variable speed control sets the pace that gets ...

Model # 139765

$214.93 - $379.99
$379.99 (List Price)

$214.93 - $379.99 $379.99 (List Price)

The Craftsman Mower Self Propelled is One of Craftsman's Most Powerful Delivering huge power, the Craftsman Front Drive Self Propelled Lawn Mower 7.25 of torque power delivers exceptional cutting prowess. The 725 Briggs & Stratton Platinum Series engine boasts Ready Start (no priming needed) along with No oil changes, just Add-N-Check for the ultimate in versatility. The 22 inch high-performance deck offers excellent bagging, mulching or discharging. EZ bagging access keeps the bagger door ...

Model # 111937

$1179.88 - $1189.88
$1699.99 (List Price)

$1179.88 - $1189.88 $1699.99 (List Price)

Get More Out Of Your Yard with the Craftsman Wide Cut Mower Boasting a 33 inch timed twin blade and a 3-in-1 cutting system, the Craftsman CX Series 33inch Wide Cut Mower delivers high-performance side discharge and finer mulching. Smooth start plus delivers consistent, easy-to-pull, surefire starting with exclusive MRS spark plug with no priming or no choking necessary. Rear-wheel self-propelled drive with four speeds plus reverse offers the benefit of consistent traction that's essential ...

Model # 111585

$274.93 - $379.88
$499.99 (List Price)

$274.93 - $379.88 $499.99 (List Price)

A Rear Wheel Drive Mower the Delivers, Every Start Built to get up and get the job done, this rear wheel drive mower features the Smooth Start Plus package, a system that combines a muscle multiplying recoil starter with the fast-firing MRS spark plug and no prime, no choke ignition for solid performance, every time you pull the cord. Powered by a 175cc overhead valve engine, the rugged mulch-capable blade slices through thick grass easily, ...

Model # 46522

$299.99 (List Price)

$279.99 $299.99 (List Price)

Beat the Wind and Snow with the Craftsman Snow Cab If you have to protect yourself from wind and snow during the winter months, rely on this durable, Craftsman snow cab for yard and garden tractors to get the job done. Once you set it up, you can sit inside and keep yourself warm and dry as you drive through winter's worst. Boasting a sturdy tubular frame, the cab stays upright and firmly attached to ...

Model # 93006

$279.93 - $619.99
$529.99 (List Price)

$279.93 - $619.99 $529.99 (List Price)

Craftsman Rear Drive Lawn Mower is One of Craftman's Most Powerful, Easy-to-Use Mowers Boasting EZ Push Button Start, the Craftsman 190cc 22 inch Self Propelled Lawn Mower operates at the simple push of a button. The powerful, 190cc 725 Briggs & Stratton Platinum Series engine boasts smooth start (20% easier to pull) and Ready Start (no priming needed) for the ultimate in versatility. The 22 in. high-performance deck offers excellent bagging, mulching or discharging. EZ ...

Model # 139981

$179.93 - $249.99
$309.99 (List Price)

$179.93 - $249.99 $309.99 (List Price)

Built for a precise trim, this Craftsman lawn mower features an extended cutting area that reaches beyond the wheels, so whether you’re trimming along a side walk, garden path or flower bed, you have the reach you need to snip every blade exactly. Designed to suit your cutting style, it swaps between bagging, mulching and side discharge, while the simple height adjustments go from 1.25 to 3.75 inches with ease. Built to make getting the ...

Model # 139980

$153.99 - $169.99
$219.99 (List Price)

$153.99 - $169.99 $219.99 (List Price)

The  Craftsman 125cc Low Wheel Push Mower Side Discharge  is one of Craftsman's most efficient mowers. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton® Silver Engine Series 125cc* OHV engine (4.5 ft.-lbs. gross torque), it delivers dependable starting performance, durability and an extra long life.  Equipped with the  Craftsman Push Lawn Mower  means you enjoy a large, 21 inch 2-in-1 domed deck with side discharge or mulch capabilities to put nutrients back into your lawn. The specialized deck ...

Model # 10971

$274.93 - $459.99
$549.99 (List Price)

$274.93 - $459.99 $549.99 (List Price)

9 Bushel 3 - bin Soft Bagger for Husqvarna Zero Turn Tractors. The 3 Bin Bagger Has 50% More Capacity Than A Standard 2 Bin Bagger Which Means Less Stops To Empty The Clippings. Bagging Is A Clean And Efficient Way To Collect Grass Clippings And Leaves. The Top Of The Bagger Is Designed For Improved Air Flow, Which Results In Fuller Bags And Less Stops. The Easy-Glide Bin With Built-In Handles Makes Clipping Disposal ...

Model # 137505

$201.59 - $249.88
$319.99 (List Price)

$201.59 - $249.88 $319.99 (List Price)

Mow like a Man with this mower featuring a Briggs & Straton 5.50 (140cc) OHV Gold Series Engine. Also included is the 22", 3 in 1 High-Performance Deck propelled by the Front Gear Drive.

Model # 124995

$251.99 - $489.99
$419.99 (List Price)

$251.99 - $489.99 $419.99 (List Price)

Craftsman 22 in. Quiet Power Front Drive Lawn Mower Makes Lawn Care Simple and Stress Free The Craftsman 22 in. 175cc front drive self-propelled lawn mower is a hard-working mower with a high level of versatility. Whether you have a small yard with a short grass variety or a large yard with multiple grass varieties, this mower makes it easy to get the job done, even after a long day of work. Thanks to the ...

Model # 110747

$749.97 - $1399.99
$749.97 (List Price)

$749.97 - $1399.99 $749.97 (List Price)

The Craftsman 46 inch Lawn Tractor- Tough, Dependable and Powerful The Craftsman 22hp Kohler Powered Riding Tractor will reinvent the way you take care of your lawn. With its innovative twin-cam design, the Kohler Courage� single-cylinder engine delivers more horsepower and greater displacement than any engine in its class. Infinite-speed hydrostatic transmission provides precise control, and its sealed design reduces maintenance. A large, 46 inch twin-blade deck offers optimal cutting ...

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