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Craftsman Hose

Model # 17372



A perfect add-on for the Craftsman or Agri-Fab brand vac systems. Use the long hose to remove leaves, acorns, grass clippings, pine needles and other lawn debris from window wells, around landscaping, bushes or close to the house or garage in tight to fit areas. Optional accessory for all Craftsman and Agri-Fab brand vacuum systems item #'s: 24504, 24516, 24506, 24858, 24707, 24717, 25012 and 25013. 

Model # 12716

$19.99 - $38.49
$34.99 (List Price)

$19.99 - $38.49 $34.99 (List Price)

A Garden Hose That's Built To Last Don't drag that busted old garden hose around your yard another summer. Instead, grab the durable Craftsman 50ft garden hose and forget the yards of tape, leaky couplers and pin-hole leaks that rob you of the pressure you need to wash the car or send water out to a thirsty garden. A resilient build allows this garden hose to withstand hot water temperatures up to 160°F while remaining ...

Model # 22637

$28.99 - $35.99
$28.99 (List Price)

$28.99 - $35.99 $28.99 (List Price)

Dual reinforced vinyl garden hose has solid brass female and male couplings, a protective collar, and an abrasion-resistant cover. All weather flexibility. Medium duty. Seven year full warranty.

Model # 117000



Easily repair the male end of your garden hose. This easy-to-use repair will save you the expense of purchasing a new hose. Simply replace the damaged end and you're ready to resume watering.

Model # 114847

$4.99 - $5.99
$4.99 (List Price)

$4.99 - $5.99 $4.99 (List Price)

Do you have a section of garden hose that's damaged? This easy-to-use repair will save you the expense of purchasing a new hose. Simply cut out the damaged hose section and easily install this repair to resume your watering tasks.

Model # 114842

$5.99 - $7.99
$5.99 (List Price)

$5.99 - $7.99 $5.99 (List Price)

Easily repair the female end of your garden hose. This easy-to-use repair will save you the expense of purchasing a new hose. Simply replace the damaged end and you're ready to resume watering

Model # 115500



Too many hoses and too few faucets? The 4-way metal manifold can help. This high-quality toll quickly makes one faucet into four independently controlled valves. Now you can keep all your hoses and sprinklers attached and stop constantly switching between them.

Model # 23421



This specialty hose is made from 50% recycled rubber. Water weeps from holes to soak roots. Has a plastic female coupling and end cap. Seven year full warranty.

Model # 19042

$54.93 - $69.99
$87.99 (List Price)

$54.93 - $69.99 $87.99 (List Price)

You Can Count on This 30-Foot Air Hose This Craftsman Reel & Hose is just the tool for periodic maintenance jobs like cleaning the house or other tasks requiring compressed air. The 30-foot hose winds up compactly into the reel, and features an adjustable hose stopper. It also comes with a wall-mounting bracket and a three-foot lead-in hose. This 30-foot air hose and reel is made with the durability and quality you trust from all ...

Model # 114835



The Craftsman® 6 ft. x 5/8 in. leader hose fits most hose reels. Backed by Craftsman's 5-year warranty.

Model # 12719

$47.99 - $68.49
$59.99 (List Price)

$47.99 - $68.49 $59.99 (List Price)

Ideal for use in all conditions. Remains flexible to 25 deg. below zero and withstands temperatures to 160 deg. F. Lifetime [ALL_Warranty].

Model # 14005



Tough, abrasion-resistant urethane for use in the most rugged job applications. Excellent memory for fast self-retraction. Safe for all surfaces. Heavy-duty brass fittings.

Model # 16290



5/8" X 75' Craftsman Rubber Garden hose. Crushproof Fittings. Ideal for Use in all conditions. Hexagonal Shape for case in storage. Radial Tire Cord Reinforced.

Model # 11744



The Craftsman 2-1/2-in. Hose Grip Keeps a Rein on Your Vac Attach this 2-1/2" Hose Grip  to all Craftsman wet/dry Shop-Vacs with 2-1/2" diameter hoses for more precision and comfort when cleaning your shop, garage or any mess in your home. Shop-Vacs are extremely versatile, as they help you clean up any mess from sawdust in your wood shop or spills in garage to dust and crumbs in the kitchen. This hose grip makes it ...

Model # 23116

$33.99 - $44.99
$33.99 (List Price)

$33.99 - $44.99 $33.99 (List Price)

Reflex Mesh® construction - Guaranteed not to kink or tangle. Protected with MicroShield® - guards against mold and mildew that can cause hose deterioration. High strength, lead-free aluminum couplings that are leak-proof and crush resistant.

Model # 17156

$22.99 - $28.99
$28.99 (List Price)

$22.99 - $28.99 $28.99 (List Price)

5/8" X 25' Craftsman Rubber Garden hose. Crushproof nickel-plated brass couplings. Abrasion resistant cover. Withstands hot water temperatures up to 160 degrees F. Superior strength and durability.

Model # 14352

$43.99 - $45.99
$43.99 (List Price)

$43.99 - $45.99 $43.99 (List Price)

3/8 in. x 50 ft. Air Hose Gives You a Long Reach and Extreme Flex In the garage, on the jobsite and in the home, this Craftsman heavy-duty air hose channels every ounce of pressurized air to where you need it. Whether you’re cutting away with the high-pitched whine of an angle grinder, busting rusty bolts loose with the rapid-fire hammering action of an impact or knocking frames together with powerful nailer bursts, this hose ...

Model # 14353

$8.93 - $24.99
$24.99 (List Price)

$8.93 - $24.99 $24.99 (List Price)

Craftsman 1/4-Inch x 25-Foot Hose Is Versatile for Do-It-Yourself Jobs in the Home, Shop or Garage The Craftsman 1/4-inch x 25-foot air hose is a versatile, affordable tool. From the home to the workshop to the garage, this air hose gets the job done. With a length range of 25 feet, you can roam about. The Craftsman 1/4-inch x 25-foot hose features 300-psi working pressure and 1,200 bursting strength. The 1/4-inch male and female swivel ...

Model # 14349



Use Craftsman�s Heavy-duty 25-ft. Air Hose Keeps Your Air Tools Whirring The Craftsman 300 psi 25-ft. long 3/8" heavy-duty air hose features a �-in. male and female swivel-end brass fitting on either end to conveniently attach to an air compressor and accept a number of air hose accessories. This heavy-duty hose is the perfect complement to your air compressor and will last for decades due to its heavy-duty reinforcing and an abrasion-resistant cover. The hose ...

Model # 14274

$24.99 - $31.99
$27.49 (List Price)

$24.99 - $31.99 $27.49 (List Price)

Heavy-duty Air Hose Gives You Power and Room To Work The Craftsman 50-ft heavy-duty air hose offers do-it-yourselfers a combination of distance and strength. At 50 feet long, it gives you the reach to get to every part of your car to either air up the tires or spruce up a paint job. With its ability to handle 300 psi working pressure, it has the power to get many jobs done around the house or ...

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