Craftsman Gas Pressure Washer

Model # 126537

$199.93 - $299.99
$379.99 (List Price)

$199.93 - $299.99 $379.99 (List Price)

Craftsman 2800 psi 2.3 GPM gas pressure washer.

Model # 137638

$264.00 - $359.99
$449.99 (List Price)

$264.00 - $359.99 $449.99 (List Price)

This Craftsman 3,000 PSI 2.7 GPM Gas-Powered Pressure Washer features a Briggs & Stratton Professional Series™ OHV Engine. Equipped with ReadyStart® Starting System to make firing up a breeze without priming.

Model # 140333

$409.99 (List Price)

$327.99 $409.99 (List Price)

This Craftsman 2800 PSI Gas Pressure Washer is equipped with Quiet Sense which is up to 40% quieter when spray gun trigger is released. Also, the Briggs & Stratton Professional Series™ OHV Engine has built-in ReadyStart® Starting System so no priming is needed before starting!

Model # 123226

$281.93 - $455.99
$469.99 (List Price)

$281.93 - $455.99 $469.99 (List Price)

Craftsman 3000 PSI Quiet Sense Pressure Washer for Quiet, Efficient Outdoor Cleaning Keep your house, vehicles, decks and patios clean with the Craftsman 3000 PSI gas powered Quiet Sense pressure washer . Whether you're fighting pollen, mold or just plain dirt, this pressure washer makes your cleaning routine easy and effective. The powerful engine and Ready Start system ensure efficiency, and the Quiet Sense technology goes from full throttle to idle when you stop spraying ...

Model # 111976

$99.97 - $170.04
$269.99 (List Price)

$99.97 - $170.04 $269.99 (List Price)

The Craftsman Pressure Washer Gas Powers off Dirt and Grime from Sidewalks, Decks, Gutters and More The Craftsman Clean N' Carry Gas Pressure Washer offers more cleaning power than electric pressure washers in a portable unit that can be operated free of electrical cords and outlets. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton® engine, the pressure washer delivers 2,000 PSI of cleaning power. The maintenance-free axial cam pump with Easy Start™ technology prevents pressure build-up and ...

Model # 124335

$299.93 - $551.99
$569.99 (List Price)

$299.93 - $551.99 $569.99 (List Price)

Stay Clean with the Craftsman 3000 PSI Grip & Go Pressure Washer When you use your Craftsman 3000 PSI Grip & Go gas pressure washer dirt outside, your home doesn't stand a chance! Whatever your outside cleaning needs, your pressure washer is ready to tackle the job with power and precision. The Briggs & Stratton™ Ready Start system doesn't require priming or choking the engine to start. It delivers 3,000 max PSI of water pressure ...

Model # 93408

$159.98 - $455.99
$299.97 (List Price)

$159.98 - $455.99 $299.97 (List Price)

The Craftsman 2700 psi Gas Pressure Washer Delivers Powerful Cleaning Performance Dirt, grime, mildew and pollen don't stand a chance against the high-powered Craftsman pressure washer 2700 psi 2.3 gpm . The Briggs & Stratton® Professional Series™ OHV engine delivers 2,700 max PSI of water pressure at 2.3 GPM to quickly clear tough soils from sidewalks, siding, patios and vehicles. The Ready Start® system and Fresh Start® fuel cap makes starting hassle-free and safeguards the ...

Model # 93091

$249.97 - $551.99
$569.99 (List Price)

$249.97 - $551.99 $569.99 (List Price)

The Craftsman Gas Pressure Washer Blasts Away Dirt, Grime and Mildew The Craftsman 3000 psi 2.7 gpm pressure washer combines powerful cleaning action, smooth operation and versatile performance. Powered by a 190cc Briggs & Stratton® Professional Series™ engine, it delivers up to 3,000 max PSI of water pressure to tackle the toughest stains and handle the hardest outdoor cleaning tasks with ease. The maintenance-free axial cam pump with Easy Start™ technology delivers dependable performance ...

Model # 89219

$409.99 (List Price)

$327.99 $409.99 (List Price)

Make the Used Look New Again \n Next time you head out to buy new tiles, planks or paint to refresh the look of house's exterior surfaces, consider all they might need is a simple deep cleaning. That's exactly what you'll get with Craftsman's gas pressure washer . With 2500psi and a flow of 2.3 gallons per minutes, this Briggs & Stratton powered pressure washer makes outdoor cleaning fast and affordable and save you the ...

Model # 40033



This Craftsman gas powered pressure washer delivers water stream at 2500 MAX PSI/2.3 MAX GPM. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 675 Series™ engine that includes the ReadyStart® System for easy starting and a Fresh Start® fuel cap. Great for occasional to frequent clean-up, this model is great for any medium-sized project including vehicles, decks, walkways and much more. Not for Sale in California.

Model # 111510

$449.97 - $799.99
$999.99 (List Price)

$449.97 - $799.99 $999.99 (List Price)

The Craftsman 3300 psi Pressure Washer Powers off The Toughest Dirt, Grime and Mildew Get your patio, sidewalks and gutters sparkling clean with the Craftsman CX series pressure washer 3300 psi . The gas-powered pressure washer delivers 3,300 max PSI of tough cleaning performance. It's powered by a heavy-duty Briggs & Stratton® 1150 Series™ OHV engine. The Craftsman CX series washer rolls smoothly on 10 inch Never Go Flat wheels, so it can be rolled ...

Model # 111509

$1549.99 (List Price)

$1239.99 $1549.99 (List Price)

The Craftsman Pressure Washer 4000 psi Powers through the Toughest Dirt, Grime and Mildew Get your patio, sidewalks and gutters sparkling clean with the Craftsman cx series pressure washer 4000 psi 4.0 . The gas-powered pressure washer includes 5 pro-style tips — 0, 15, 25 and 40 degrees, as well as soap — that offer pre-defined spray patterns for precise control over the cleaning path. The 2-in-1 detergent system injects cleaning solution into the water ...

Model # 124322

$149.99 - $309.99
$299.99 (List Price)

$149.99 - $309.99 $299.99 (List Price)

Get It Clean with This Craftsman 2200 PSI Gas-Powered Pressure Washer Whether you're looking to clean your beat-up driveway or to keep your white vinyl siding white, this Craftsman 2200 PSI 1.9 GPM gas-powered pressure washer has the combination of ease of use, power and reliability that you're looking for. Just hook up the unit to your regular garden hose and you're ready to go. With three spray options (0 degree, 25 degree and low-pressure ...

Model # 108376

$99.97 - $287.99
$99.97 (List Price)

$99.97 - $287.99 $99.97 (List Price)

Get powerful washing performance with the Craftsman Pressure Washer Gas Powered. Make the used look new again with the Craftsman 2,200 PSI Gas Powered Pressure Washer. With 2,200 PSI pressure and a flow of 1.8 gallons per minute, this Briggs & Stratton powered pressure washer makes outdoor cleaning fast and affordable, and saves you the cost and time of having to replace your exteriors. In no time at all you can hook this pressure washer ...

Model # 90122

$215.99 - $291.97
$291.97 (List Price)

$215.99 - $291.97 $291.97 (List Price)

Clean With the Power of Craftsman's Pressure Washers Stay on top of your cleaning routine so spots and dirt don't mar your exteriors. When you take care of your surfaces, it shows! Incorporating Craftsman's legendary quality and advanced technology, this Craftsman gas powered pressure washer blasts away grime, dirt, mold, mildew and other ugly build-up that makes your home's appearance dingy and worn. Perfect for occasional to frequent clean-up, this power washer is easily capable ...

Model # 40562

$99.97 - $379.99
$99.97 (List Price)

$99.97 - $379.99 $99.97 (List Price)

Briggs And Stratton Pressure Washer Means More Power Working with the Craftsman 2700 PSI pressure washer is like the fun you used to have as a kid playing with the garden hose, just with a ton of added muscle. Great for medium-duty cleaning tasks, you can clean everything from decks and driveways to vehicles, garage floors and house siding with the versatile Craftsman 2700 PSI 2.3 gallon per minute B riggs and Stratton pressure washer ...

Model # 93313

$147.99 - $351.99
$369.99 (List Price)

$147.99 - $351.99 $369.99 (List Price)

Enjoy High-Powered Washing with the Craftsman Gas Powered Pressure Washer The Craftsman 2,700 PSI 2.3 GPM Pressure Washer delivers a water stream at 2,700 PSI/2.3 max GPM for heavy-duty washing. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton Professional Series� 175cc (7.75-ft.-lbs. torque) OHV engine, it delivers versatile spray patterns with four quick-connect tips like soap low pressure, 0-degree, 15-degree and 40-degree high pressure to handle any task. Innovative Ready Start� system automatically ...

Model # 89255



Real Water Power at Your Finger Tips \n Stop putting your thumb over the hose to clean those outside surfaces and get a real tool to do the job instead. You need the Craftsman Honda powered pressure washer that has the power to blast away those oil stains on your driveway, mold on your garage, and rust from your vehicles and patio furniture. From occasional spring cleaning to frequent cleaning jobs, the Craftsman 2600psi gas ...

Model # 2563



Built and Designed by Professionals for Professionals Craftsman Professional offers the hard-hitting Honda powered pressure washer for heavy-duty scrubbing and cleaning. With 3800 PSI and 4.0 gallons per minute, this power washer is the perfect tool to blast away loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud and dirt and gives you the power to rid the world of dirt, grease and grime. Watch in wonder as the Craftsman Professional gas powered pressure washer unleashes the raw ...

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