Craftsman Battery Lithium Tools

Model # 26193

$25.97 (List Price)

$16.93 $25.97 (List Price)

Dozens of Jobs get Done with the Craftsman Cordless Multi Tool Perfect for getting those finishing touches done on the site and at home, the Craftsman 17438 Nextec delivers clean cuts, smooth surfaces and a portability that moves as fast as you do. Whether you’re replacing tiles, snapping shims or polishing the perfect miter, this cordless multi delivers 12 volts of oscillating power that helps you get the job done fast and right. Leave the ...

Model # 120896

$20.93 - $49.97
$59.99 (List Price)

$20.93 - $49.97 $59.99 (List Price)

Count on This 1/2" Heavy Duty Drill Driver Add-On Tool to Deliver (Batteries and Charger Not Included) A solid addition to any shop, this Craftsman C3 1/2" heavy duty lithium drill delivers the versatility of powerful torque, high RPMs and portable power. Powerful drill delivers up to 565 inch pounds of torque, while a simple shift in gears delivers up to 1600 RPMs of fast driving action. Easy to control and maneuver, its lightweight frame ...

Model # 129753

$104.93 - $109.97
$149.99 (List Price)

$104.93 - $109.97 $149.99 (List Price)

The C3 family of tools continues to grow and innovate!! The all NEW C3 multi-tool is compatible with all C3 batteries on the market today. The C3 multi- tool comes with 1 lithium-ion battery, multi-chemistry charger and 15 accessories, all the accessories are universal and fit all other Craftsman multi-tools.

Model # 139325

$55.93 - $97.93
$139.99 (List Price)

$55.93 - $97.93 $139.99 (List Price)

Craftsman Evolv 107 pc. Toolkit Features 18-Volt Cordless Drill The Craftsman Evolv 107 pc. project toolkit is an excellent collection of quality tools for your big and small projects around the home. These hand tools will save you money by working hard for you all over the house. This kit features an 18-volt cordless lithium-ion drill that carries impressive torque to drive many of the fasteners you regularly find at home. The battery comes with ...

Model # 88997



This Craftsman Nextec multi-tool is powered by a 12.0V Die Hard® Lithium-Ion battery for enhanced performance and longer shelf-life.

Model # 21318

$19.93 - $47.99
$39.99 (List Price)

$19.93 - $47.99 $39.99 (List Price)

Craftsman 4-V Lith-Ion Screwdriver

Model # 113764

$83.99 - $149.99
$139.99 (List Price)

$83.99 - $149.99 $139.99 (List Price)

Power Through Tough Jobs With the C3 19.2V Lithium Chainsaw Make the most of your next project with the versatile, powerful Craftsman C3 19.2V lithium chainsaw . This mighty tool delivers serious cutting muscle, yet is lightweight and compact for easy, comfortable handling. This easy-to-use chainsaw features a simple design and user-friendly options that make the tool a great choice for homeowners looking to make quick work of all kinds of tasks around the yard. ...

Model # 113762

$54.99 - $99.99
$109.99 (List Price)

$54.99 - $99.99 $109.99 (List Price)

C3 19.2-Volt Lithium Blower Does More Work With Less Effort Light, compact and cordless, the Craftsman C3 19.2-volt lithium blower can make quick working of clearing the sidewalk, driveway or garden without feeling like a workout. The blower weights only 5.5 pounds and is designed with ergonomic and balance in mind, to make it easy to handle. That does not, however, mean that it's a lightweight when it comes to performance. Thanks to a special ...

Model # 120804

$199.99 (List Price)

$179.88 $199.99 (List Price)

Get those limbs trimmed with this Craftsman 40V cordless chainsaw 98946. The 12 in. The Oregon bar and chain and 40V lithium-ion battery power deliver high performance results for cutting through small- and medium-size limbs quickly and easily. This chainsaw also features a wrap-around handle, reduced kickback bar and chain, tool-less chain adjustment and automatic oiler for ease of use and low maintenance. The translucent oil tank provides a clear view of your oil level ...

Model # 111589

$127.93 - $149.93
$199.99 (List Price)

$127.93 - $149.93 $199.99 (List Price)

Get it Cut with this Cordless Trimmer Fast, powerful and cordless, this lithium string trimmer takes precision cutting and a 10-12 inch cutting path wherever duty calls, without dragging a mile of extension cords behind. Featuring the power of a 40 volt lithium-ion battery, it delivers a wide range of muscle that whips through thin grass and thick weeds easily, while the one-touch pivoting head allows for rapid edger conversion, so you can get two ...

Model # 43295

$169.99 (List Price)

$118.93 $169.99 (List Price)

Take On Any Project with the 4-pc. Cordless Combo The Craftsman Nextec® 12-volt Cordless Combo includes a 3/8-inch drill/driver, pad sander, a 3-1/2-inch circ/saber saw and a 24-bulb LED work light which makes it a smart choice for professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts. These tools are powered by high-performance 12 Volt lithium-ion batteries that are lightweight, long lasting and have a charge time of just 30 minutes which improves your work performance. With a ...

Model # 140034

$199.99 (List Price)

$119.99 $199.99 (List Price)

Craftsman's electric lawn and garden equipment releases zero emissions in your yard, helping to reduce your carbon footprint. The PowerDrive™ Transmission; delivers more power from the motor to the cutting string so you can get the job done faster.

Model # 120959

$169.99 (List Price)

$149.88 $169.99 (List Price)

Clean up has never been easier with this Craftsman 40V cordless blower 99077. Lightweight and easy to use, the blower features a variable speed option up to 150 mph and is perfect for cleaning your driveway, walkway and patio areas. No longer will you have to mix oil and gas, a simple battery insert and electric start will make the clean-up process much easier.

Model # 105587

$7.93 - $47.99
$39.99 (List Price)

$7.93 - $47.99 $39.99 (List Price)

High Pressure Tire Inflator Attachment A Handy Helper From saving gas by making sure your car tires are adequately aired up to fixing the kids' bike flats, the Craftsman Bolt-On High Pressure Inflator Attachment can get you going fast. Portable and lightweight, the air pump delivers up to 120 psi of pressure - that's more than enough pressure for cars, bikes, trucks and off-road vehicles, not to mention the random pool float. Its analog gauge ...

Model # 119962

$39.93 - $97.93
$139.99 (List Price)

$39.93 - $97.93 $139.99 (List Price)

Get the Job Done Fast with the Max Axess Auto Ratchet The CM C3 Max Axess auto ratchet is powered by Craftsman's top-selling platform, the long-life C3 19.2V battery. That means you're not tied to air hoses or cords. You loosen and tighten quickly and easily, anywhere. You also carry fewer tools, because the pass-through design eliminates the need for deep sockets, and easily tightens long rods, too. The auto ratchet comes with the three ...

Model # 23655

$53.93 - $116.93
$145.97 (List Price)

$53.93 - $116.93 $145.97 (List Price)

The Craftsman C3 19.2-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Drill is 30% lighter and has features comparable to full size drills. The powerful 19.2-volt motor delivers up to 340 in/lbs of torque. The drill offers a two-speed gearbox with a low range from 0-440 rpm for high torque applications and high range from 0-1,600 rpm for high speed drilling. It is equipped with a 1/2 inch keyless chuck, adjustable torque clutch and built-in LED work light to handle ...

Model # 113770

$119.93 - $149.88
$179.99 (List Price)

$119.93 - $149.88 $179.99 (List Price)

40 V Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer is a Battery-Operated Alternative to Gas and Electric Hedge Trimmers The Craftsman 40 V lithium-ion hedge trimmer has 24-inch dual action blade with 2/3" cutting capability. This gives you two feet of reach over hedges so you make fewer passes. You will also spend far less time trimming your hedges than you would have if you did them manually. You do not even need to pull out an extension cord. ...

Model # 111025

$99.99 - $124.99
$119.99 (List Price)

$99.99 - $124.99 $119.99 (List Price)

19.2V Cordless C3 Lithium Ion Hedge Trimmer Offers Comfort and Control Keeping a tidy landscape around your home is simple with the Craftsman 19.2V cordless C3 lithium ion hedge trimmer . This powerful tool is convenient thanks to its technologic cord-free design and offers easy control and comfort. The over-molded handle gives you an easy grasp, allowing you to work longer and smarter. The dual-blade design also reduces vibrations, making a big job like trimming ...

Model # 107397

$25.93 - $159.99
$129.99 (List Price)

$25.93 - $159.99 $129.99 (List Price)

This 1/2 In Dual Battery Drill Kit Powers Through the Job This Craftsman C3 compact 1/2 in. dual battery drill kit features twice the battery power of regular kits, an ergonomic, grippy design and a sensitive clutch mechanism that sinks fasteners with precision. Kicking out 340 inch pounds of torque, this driver tears through steel, aluminum, wood and plastic, while fueled by a powerful lithium-ion battery pack, it delivers more action per charge than traditional ...

Model # 15045

$9.97 - $19.99
$19.99 (List Price)

$9.97 - $19.99 $19.99 (List Price)

Lighted hat with ultra-bright, long-life LED technology. Adjusts to fit most head sizes. 100% cotton hat. Used by professional tradesmen, outdoor enthusiasts and homeowners alike.

Model # 80682

$20.93 - $84.99
$69.99 (List Price)

$20.93 - $84.99 $69.99 (List Price)

Work Faster, Better and Smarter with the 12.0 Volt Next Generation Rotating Hammerhead from Craftsman The Craftsman NEXTEC Hammerhead is an innovatory tool that's a Craftsman first! With three different hammer angles, this tool is a must-have. Use the 90 degree angle and the 45 degree angle for hammering in nails at right angles and awkward angles respectively while the 0 degree angle is perfect for driving in nails straight above the head. It's an excellent tool for ...

Model # 115465

$79.93 - $239.99
$199.99 (List Price)

$79.93 - $239.99 $199.99 (List Price)

C3 19.2-Volt 4-Pc Lithium Combo Kit Keeps Your Workplace Uncluttered Imagine having four tools that all work with the same battery charger; that is what the Craftsman C3 19.2-volt 4-pc Lithium combo kit offers. It has the convenience of having a toolbox full of power tools, in one small compact bag. The tools include a 1/2-inch drill, a reciprocating saw, a circular saw and a handy light. The battery used for the C3 19.2-volt 4-pc ...

Model # 137021

$164.93 - $230.93
$299.99 (List Price)

$164.93 - $230.93 $299.99 (List Price)

The Craftsman C3 19.2 Volt 6 Tool Combo Kit has a great assortment of tools that can help you to do a wide variety of projects. This kit has 6 full sized tools, which are a 1/2-inch Drill/Driver, 1/4-inch Impact Driver, Multi-Tool, Reciprocating Saw, Circular Saw and a Pivoting LED Flashlight. Also included in this kit is a full size Lithium-Ion Battery and Compact Lithium-Ion Battery, Charger and Soft Bag. Built for serious work, this ...

Model # 35628

$9.47 (List Price)

$6.93 $9.47 (List Price)

Tighten it Right with this 12 Volt Cordless Impact Driver Designed to give you the power to sink fasteners quickly, this Craftsman Nextec 12 volt cordless impact driver channels the power of lithium into a rapid hammering action that gets the job done fast. Ready to take on construction, maintenance and repair tasks alike, it�s built from tough materials, while the short bodied design helps you get work done, even in tight places. The key ...

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