Black Craftsman Tool Chest

Model # 84668

$55.93 - $111.99
$139.99 (List Price)

$55.93 - $111.99 $139.99 (List Price)

Make Light Work of Your Projects with the Craftsman Tool Storage Chest Next time a hole needs to be drilled or a leak needs fixing, get it done in a snap without having to hunt for the right tools. Allowing you to find a needle in a haystack, this Craftsman 5 Drawer Tool Storage provides the ideal storage solution for all your hand and power tools, parts and other supplies. The top chest sits easily ...

Model # 140929

$49.93 - $115.93
$164.99 (List Price)

$49.93 - $115.93 $164.99 (List Price)

6-Drawer Craftsman Tool Chest for Home Tool Storage Expansion A basic tool chest is an indispensable part of keeping your tools protected and ready to use, and the 26" Craftsman 6-drawer tool chest helps you get more out of your storage system. If you already have a Craftsman bottom chest, this one sits securely on top for a one-stop rolling tool station. This top chest can also be used on top of sturdy work benches ...

Model # 28711

$269.99 (List Price)

$202.49 $269.99 (List Price)

Portable and versatile 26'' Wide 5-Drawer Top Chest The 16 inch deep Craftsman ball-bearing top chest puts more tool storage exactly where you need it. Five ball-bearing drawer slides move smoothly for easy access to your tools while providing enough space to hold complete sets of sockets and wrenches. The top five-drawer top chest works in tandem with other Craftsman tool storage systems or for extra capacity on a tool bench or shelf. Combine it ...

Model # 28374

$379.99 (List Price)

$189.93 $379.99 (List Price)

Get the Edge with the Craftsman Ball-Bearing Bottom Chest Big on features, easy on the wallet, the heavy-duty Craftsman 5-drawer bottom chest offers the perfect tool organization solution at a price that works. A variety of drawer sizes provides the perfect set up for tools so you can sort them according to their sizes and separate your metrics from your standard tools, for example. And since the heavy-duty steel chest is constructed with the exclusive ...

Model # 85352

$239.99 (List Price)

$99.93 $239.99 (List Price)

Protect your tools with the Black 26" Wide 5 Drawer Top Chest The rugged Craftsman Black Heavy Duty Top Chest is a great way to protect your tools from the dirt and the grime of the garage. Add it to a rolling chest (Item #009-31295) or cart to organize all your tools into one easy-to-use tool chest. Whether at home or the shop this tool chest has plenty of storage space. The ball-bearing system of ...

Model # 9152

$849.99 (List Price)

$425.00 $849.99 (List Price)

Premium Features Step Up To the Plate in this Craftsman Griplatch® Top Chest It’s official! With much more space than you thought possible, this premium, heavy duty Craftsman Ball Bearing Griplatch® tool chest is the ultimate storage to organize, protect and showcase your extensive tool collection and expensive equipment. The 52 inch wide tool chest offers double the storage capacity of a standard size and its variety of drawer sizes lets you systematically organize your ...

Model # 85774

$439.99 (List Price)

$329.99 $439.99 (List Price)

Upgrade Your Workspace with the Craftsman 5-Drawer Bottom Chest \\ This heavy-duty Craftsman 5-Drawer storage chest is the perfect tool organization solution for your home or work with variable sized drawers, smooth-rolling ball bearing guides and almost 10,000 cubic inches of storage. The nine-inch-tall bottom drawer on this bottom chest provides storage for your large power tools, while the top drawers accommodate smaller parts, hand tools and everything in between. Upgraded features like ...

Model # 30232

$239.99 (List Price)

$95.93 $239.99 (List Price)

Shallow 6-Drawer Tool Chest Has Seven Levels of Tool Storage The Craftsman 26-inch shallow drawer tool chest works for you as a top chest for your existing tool chest, a chest for your work bench or even a toolbox for your vehicle. Whether you keep it at the shop or at home, it will keep your tools organized in seven different storage compartments. All of the drawers are wide, with a sixth that has additional ...

Model # 119913

$284.93 - $455.99
$569.99 (List Price)

$284.93 - $455.99 $569.99 (List Price)

Organize and Store Your tools with the Black Craftsman Heavy-Duty Top Chest \n Craftsman 40-inch 8-drawer premium heavy-duty top chest black provides plenty of secure and sturdy space to store your tools, parts and equipment. This tool chest is packed with premium features such as sturdy gas struts, large tray area, lid stiffener and enlarged drawer trim. The drawers can hold up to 100 lbs., and fully pull open with smooth DynaGlide performance even when ...

Model # 119915

$400.93 - $800.99
$889.99 (List Price)

$400.93 - $800.99 $889.99 (List Price)

52-inch 8-Drawer Premium Black Top Chest Is Serious Space Hand tools, power tools, backup batteries, chargers and fasteners: There's room for all that and more in the Craftsman 52-inch 8-drawer premium black top chest . With drawer depths ranging from 2 to 4 1/8 inches, there's room to be smart about it, too, picking the perfect place for everything without wasting space. There's also a lid boosted by gas struts that reveals a compartment where ...

Model # 94616

$579.99 (List Price)

$405.93 $579.99 (List Price)

The Craftsman 9 Drawer 27in Top Chest is Professional-Grade Tool Storage Sporting double-wall steel construction and a high-gloss, powder-coated finish, the scratch-resistant Craftsman 27inch 9 Drawer Top Chest Black delivers the ultimate in long-lasting durability. Extra-deep design provides ample storage for your prized tools. Ball-bearing slides on all the drawers provide exceptional smooth-rolling performance. Boasting a rugged black exterior and extruded aluminum drawer handles, the ...

Model # 26864

$529.99 (List Price)

$370.93 $529.99 (List Price)

Convenient Storage with the 26'' Wide 6-Drawer Bottom Chest The Craftsman Ball-Bearing Bottom Chest offers a professional storage option for the garage or work. This versatile bottom chest can stand alone or be used with a top chest to maximize storage space. The casters make it easy to move the chest to wherever you need it and then lock the casters down to keep it still. Combine the bottom tool chest with a top chest ...

Model # 115191

$48.93 - $161.99
$161.99 (List Price)

$48.93 - $161.99 $161.99 (List Price)

Craftsman Middle Tool Chest Gives You the Space You Need The Craftsman 26 in. 3-drawer heavy-duty red/black middle chest is the perfect place for those odds and ends currently scattered around the garage in cans or for those power tools you want to grab quickly. With 1,830 square inches of storage space and drawers load rated for 75 pounds each, this chest is a great way to build up instead of out. Put it on ...

Model # 127087

$999.99 (List Price)

$649.93 $999.99 (List Price)

This Craftsman ® Premium Heavy-Duty 52-Inch 8-drawer top chest has ample storage for the professional who has an expansive tool assortment.  Easily organize small-to-large hand tools, power tools, supplies, parts, and manuals in the various sized drawers.  Packed with quality features like sturdy gas struts, lid stiffener in chest lid, large tray area and easy-to-grasp large drawer trim, you have everything at your fingertips.  Open the drawers and experience solid, smooth drawer operation ...

Model # 12229

$23.93 - $84.99
$84.99 (List Price)

$23.93 - $84.99 $84.99 (List Price)

The Black 4-Drawer Metal Chest is ready to get to work. The all steel construction of this Craftsman 4-Drawer Portable Chest combines the durability of larger tool chests with the portability you need. With 1,840 cubic inch storage space, this tool box gives you plenty of room to pack a lot of tools for a wide array of jobs. There's space for large screwdriver and socket sets, so you'll have plenty of versatility when away ...

Model # 28910

$449.99 (List Price)

$124.93 $449.99 (List Price)

Red Craftsman Top Chest Huge Capacity and Ball Bearing Glides The Craftsman 40" Quiet Glide top chest gives you 40 percent more storage capacity than a standard 26 inch chest, so you have a place for every single tool. The Quiet Glide drawer slides give you smooth operation and can hold up to 50 pounds in every drawer. An internal locking system safeguards your valuable tools and keeps them where you put them. Eight drawers ...

Model # 115189

$50.93 - $152.99
$169.99 (List Price)

$50.93 - $152.99 $169.99 (List Price)

Craftsman 26" Middle Chest Makes Room for Your Tools If you're tired of toolboxes sitting all over the place, it's time to admit that you've outgrown your storage system and invest in the 26-in. 2-drawer red/black ball-bearing middle chest . With 1,896 inches of storage space, it easily replaces two portable tool boxes, giving you the room you need to keep your frequently used hand tools, fasteners and small power tools at your fingertips. The ...

Model # 119911

$110.93 - $239.93
$368.99 (List Price)

$110.93 - $239.93 $368.99 (List Price)

Simple and Professional Tool Storage With a Craftsman Premium Heavy-Duty 5-Drawer Top Chest Built for the professional, this Craftsman ® Premium Heavy-Duty 5-drawer top chest is packed with quality features like sturdy gas struts, lid stiffener in chest lid, large tray area and enlarged drawer trim.  Open the drawers and you will experience solid, smooth drawer operation with DynaGlide™ drawer performance.  Featuring five ball-bearing drawers that hold up to a 100 pounds each, rest assured ...

Model # 115190

$48.93 - $113.93
$161.99 (List Price)

$48.93 - $113.93 $161.99 (List Price)

The new improved heavy-duty line delivers both tough durability and smooth operation with DynaGlide™ drawer performance.  Each drawer holds up to a whopping 75 lbs. which allows you to store more tools! This 3-Drawer middle tool chest creates space for more tools.  More tools means you need more space, and this Craftsman 3-Drawer ball bearing middle chest will store your tools and actually save you space!  

Model # 84699

$49.93 - $119.99
$99.99 (List Price)

$49.93 - $119.99 $99.99 (List Price)

26-Inch-Wide Three-drawer Standard Duty Ball-bearing Top Chest Lets You Build Your Storage \n The Craftsman 26-inch-wide three-drawer standard duty ball-bearing top chest is a fantastic storage unit if you're tired of sweating the small stuff - searching coffee cans for the right nail or digging through tool boxes for your favorite screw driver. This all-steel chest will hold all of that and then some. There are 2,748 cubic inches of space in the lidded area ...

Model # 140928

$44.93 - $104.93
$149.99 (List Price)

$44.93 - $104.93 $149.99 (List Price)

26 in. 2-Drawer Heavy-Duty Ball Bearing Middle Chest - Black The new improved heavy-duty line delivers both tough durability and smooth operation with DynaGlide™ drawer performance. Each drawer holds up to a whopping 75 lbs. which allows you to store more tools! This 2-drawer middle tool chest creates space for more tools.  More tools means you need more space, and thi s Craftsman 2-Drawer ball bearing middle chest will store your tools and actually save ...

Model # 13182

$24.93 - $59.99
$49.99 (List Price)

$24.93 - $59.99 $49.99 (List Price)

Red 3-Drawer Metal Chest is perfect for the DIY handyman. Lightweight yet durable tool storage for DIY handymen or the professional on the go, the Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Chest keeps your tools secure, organized and ready to work. Weighing only 15.6 pounds, this hard plastic chest comes with three full-extension metal drawers to organize your growing tool collection and take it with you wherever you need it. The Red 3-Drawer Metal Chest features three 17-7/8 ...

Model # 135606

$649.99 (List Price)

$325.00 $649.99 (List Price)

NEW Craftsman 52 in. 8 Drawer Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Top Chest with a double bank of drawers for double the storage Have your frequently used tools where you need them when you need them with this Craftsman 52 in. 8 drawer heavy duty ball bearing top chest . Gas struts open the lid to an impressively large top tray where you can keep your tools close and easily accessible. Storage space is more than enough ...

Model # 85250

$32.93 - $83.99
$99.99 (List Price)

$32.93 - $83.99 $99.99 (List Price)

Save floor space with the 26" Wide 2-Drawer Middle Chest The Craftsman Ball-Bearing Middle Chest easily adds more storage space without taking up to much room. Use it with a floor chest and top tool drawer chest to get the maximum storage area. With all steel construction, the 26" Wide 2-Drawer Middle Chest makes a great addition to any home or shop tool storage system. Designed for easy access to your tools, the ball-bearing drawers ...

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