Air Purifier Hepa

Model # 87164

$98.93 - $296.99
$329.99 (List Price)

$98.93 - $296.99 $329.99 (List Price)

Whirlpool Top-Rated True HEPA Air Purifier with free, one-year supply of pre-filters�a $29.99 value. Compact design means it can can placed against wall.

Model # 137280

$69.93 - $111.93
$139.99 (List Price)

$69.93 - $111.93 $139.99 (List Price)

Keep your environment cleaner and smelling fresh with the Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover Air Purifier . This model incorporates a 2-stage cleaning system to help clean the air that passes through the filter in the unit. In stage one, the odor reducing air pre-filter not only helps reduce odors, but also helps capture large airborne particles that enter the grille. Stage two of the filtration process involves the True HEPA filter capturing particles as ...

Model # 34663

$21.97 - $59.99
$21.97 (List Price)

$21.97 - $59.99 $21.97 (List Price)

This Holmes HEPA-type Mini Tower Air Purifier is space safing and work two ways. First, it contains a high efficiency filter that helps remove airborne particles such as pollen, dust, smoke, mold, and pet dander. Then, it absorbs and eliminates the odors with the help of Arm & Hammer, which is enhanced in the filter.

Model # 26025

$9.93 - $111.93
$139.99 (List Price)

$9.93 - $111.93 $139.99 (List Price)

Permanent True HEPA Allergen Remover captures 99.97% effective at capturing airborne particles. Long Life HEPA Filter -Replace in 3-5 years. AHAM Certified. CADR(smoke) 130. Certified for Medium Rooms 5 Year Limited Warranty

Model # 26644

$4.93 - $119.99
$34.97 (List Price)

$4.93 - $119.99 $34.97 (List Price)

This Holmes HEPA-type Tower Air Cleaner is a quiet operation that is equipt with LifeLong Permanent filter which is washable. It also comes with an optional Ionizer that naturally improves the removal or particles while freshening the air. This operation is quiet, so it is perfect for any room.

Model # 122209

$50.93 - $169.99
$169.99 (List Price)

$50.93 - $169.99 $169.99 (List Price)

The Claritin True HEPA Mini Tower Allergen Air Purifier CAP529 is ideal for allergy sufferers. It utilizes Permanent True HEPA 99.97% filtration which captures airborne particles as small as one micron. Filtered particles of this size include household dust, pollen, mold, spores and pet dander. Dual position operation fits seamlessly into any room.

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