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90 Degree Hand Tool

Model # 11992



Craftsman 3-in 90-deg Quick Release Corner Clamp Keeps You Precise and Saves Time With the Craftsman 3" 90-degree quick-release corner clamp , you can lock down your 90-degree corners and get to cutting, drilling or glueing. Simply slide your corner pieces into the jaws of the clamp, which comes equipped with jaw protectors, making sure to prop up any long ends. From there, it is already as tight as you need it. You have plenty ...

Model # 133011



Locks into 45-Degree, 90-Degree and 180-Degree positions For versatility and access to tight spaces Ratcheting mechanism locks into forward, reverse and fixed positions Removable cap with bit storage Durable carrying case

Model # 80682

$52.49 - $84.99
$69.99 (List Price)

$52.49 - $84.99 $69.99 (List Price)

Work Faster, Better and Smarter with the 12.0 Volt Next Generation Rotating Hammerhead from Craftsman The Craftsman NEXTEC Hammerhead is an innovatory tool that's a Craftsman first! With three different hammer angles, this tool is a must-have. Use the 90 degree angle and the 45 degree angle for hammering in nails at right angles and awkward angles respectively while the 0 degree angle is perfect for driving in nails straight above the head. It's an excellent tool for ...

Model # 136674

$15.93 - $159.99
$159.99 (List Price)

$15.93 - $159.99 $159.99 (List Price)

This Mach Series 83 piece Ratcheting Tool Set offers SPEED, CONVENIENCE and ACCESS containing the 72-tooth Mach Series 3/8-Inch Drive Ratchet , Mach Series 8-Inch ratcheting adjustable wrench and the Mach Series Crank Bit Screwdriver and a wide assortment of sockets 1/4 and 3/8" drive inch and metric sockets.  Also included 12 nut driver bits, 30 screwdriver bits and 12 hex keys making this a versatile and easy to use tool set that you will ...

Model # 12559

$7.93 - $12.69
$12.69 (List Price)

$7.93 - $12.69 $12.69 (List Price)

Craftsman�s Snap Ring Pliers for Internal and External Snap Rings The Craftsman internal external snap ring pliers come with four pairs of replacement tips, including two straight tips, one pair of 90-degree tips and one pair of 45-degree tips. Snap rings or retaining rings hold components or assemblies onto a shaft or in a housing when installed in a groove. Many products and household items rely on snap rings to keep a structure in place, ...

Model # 17290

$5.09 - $5.99
$5.99 (List Price)

$5.09 - $5.99 $5.99 (List Price)

Gain Optimal Leverage with the Craftsman 5-1/2-in. Pry Bar Remove nails, disassemble door frames, open old crates and gain the leverage you need to move heavy objects with Craftsman�s 5-1/2-in. Pry Bar . Designed with one 90-degree end for high, up-close leverage and one 30-degree angled end for fast-starting projects, this pry bar boasts real versatility. Professional building mechanics, carpenters, repairmen and do-it-yourselfers all need extra strength once in a while, and this pry bar ...

Model # 31996

$43.93 - $109.99
$109.99 (List Price)

$43.93 - $109.99 $109.99 (List Price)

Tool features an unprecedented 70 ft-lbs of maximum torque. Features a unique variable speed throttle that allows precise control of the speed and power of the tool. Ball and socket retainer for secure socket retention. Narrow head design allows for use in close quarters. Forward and reverse switch in ratchet head provides convenient one-touch directional control and 360 degree rotational exhaust. Insulated soft touch grip for maximum comfort. 1 Year Warranty.

Model # 13756

$11.04 - $12.99
$12.99 (List Price)

$11.04 - $12.99 $12.99 (List Price)

The Craftsman 18 In. Pry Bar Dislodges the Stubborn When you're serious about pulling down cabinets or ripping up trim or floor tile for example, you need a rugged pry bar to help you with tear downs, renovations and general wrecking work like this 18 in. pry bar by Craftsman. When you need some muscle and power but are working in areas where a larger wrecking bar would not fit, this is the tool that ...

Model # 21170

$9.93 - $19.99
$19.99 (List Price)

$9.93 - $19.99 $19.99 (List Price)

Craftsman Small Retaining Ring Pliers Deliver Performance for Professionals and Keen Hobbyists This unique Craftsman convertible small retaining ring pliers can be used for internal and external retaining ring applications with the simple flip of a switch and squeeze of the handle. Mechanics commonly use this tool to work with vehicle transmissions and the steering assembly. Craftsman�s convertible retaining ring pliers features nickel-chrome plated handles for protection against rust and ...

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