30 Amp Electric Cooktop

Model # 2961

$999.99 (List Price)

$949.99 $999.99 (List Price)

Electric cooktop with variable-speed downdraft ventilation is shipped with a grill and an open bay. Requires purchase of 1 cartridge to complete this cooktop. Image shows 1 optional radiant cartridge.

Model # 79349

$866.24 - $1274.93
$1699.99 (List Price)

$866.24 - $1274.93 $1699.99 (List Price)

This KitchenAid® 30 in. electric cooktop features Tap-Touch controls with a ceramic glass surface. The induction element generates instant heat to cookware and provides faster heating times. The 11-inch burner includes a 3700-watt element boost function to accommodate high-temperature cooking methods required for some recipes.

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