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3 PC Hand Tool

Model # 13189

$11.99 (List Price)

$6.49 $11.99 (List Price)

Work Like a Pro with the Craftsman 3 Pc. Plug Cutter Set This 3 pc. plug cutter set lets you have a fully finished piece that is professional and clean looking. If you want a flush or even domed look over your wood screw and hole pockets, the best way to get it is with a custom-fit wood plug, which you can make with these plug cutters. The result will be a look you can ...

Model # 20173

$14.93 - $35.99
$29.99 (List Price)

$14.93 - $35.99 $29.99 (List Price)

Get in Line with This Craftsman Chisel Alignment Set No matter what your chiseling or alignment needs, you'll be covered with this Craftsman 12-piece chisel alignment set from Sears in your garage. This versatile set includes 12 pieces, each individually labeled on the handle for easy identification. The set comes with three cold chisels (1/4" x 4" #42971, 3/8" x 5" #42972, and 5/8" x 6" #42974), four pin punches (1/8" x 4 1/2" #42883, ...

Model # 12977

$7.93 - $9.99
$9.99 (List Price)

$7.93 - $9.99 $9.99 (List Price)

Maintain a Strong Hold on Various Pieces of Wood with the Craftsman 10-pc. Clamp Hobby Set Clamps allow you to hold all types of wood together when gluing them, and Craftsman’s 10-pc. Clamp Hobby Set  features multiple sizes to meet all of your clamping needs. With four baby-spring clamps, two 3/4" spring clamps, two needle-nose and two micro-ratchet clamps, this set will allow you to tackle arts and crafts projects at home. With this versatile ...

Model # 13546

$3.93 - $39.99
$34.99 (List Price)

$3.93 - $39.99 $34.99 (List Price)

Give Your Toolkit an Extra Edge with this 2 pc. Snip Set Made using a unique hot drop-forging process, the snip blades used in this Midwest Snips Offset Aviation Snip Set are forged from molybdenum alloy steel resulting in virtually unbreakable blades. The red left cutting snip and the green right cutting snip are designed to keep material out of the way when cutting in the direction they are designed for. The serrated blades in ...

Model # 94675

$10.93 - $13.99
$13.99 (List Price)

$10.93 - $13.99 $13.99 (List Price)

3-pc. Pink Stubby Tool Set Features Matching Screwdriver, Wrench and Hammer The tools in the Essential Home 3-pc. pink Stubby tool set are stylish and work efficiently, too. Designed for the homeowner, the tools are perfect for the kitchen drawer, craft room or glove box. The set contains three of the most commonly used tools: a screwdriver, wrench and claw hammer. All tools match with pink and black handles. The 3-pc. pink Stubby tool set ...

Model # 21171

$6.93 - $29.88
$31.99 (List Price)

$6.93 - $29.88 $31.99 (List Price)

With the Craftsman 3-pc. Brake-Adjusting Tool Set, You Won't Break Your Brakes When Adjusting Working on your car brakes is double the job without this 3-pc. brake-adjusting tool set . With the correct tools, changing or adjusting your rear drum brakes can be done properly and quickly. Included in this set are a drum brake spring tool, a brake spring washer tool and a brake adjusting spoon, providing everything you need except the pliers. The ...

Model # 25190

$9.93 - $26.99
$24.99 (List Price)

$9.93 - $26.99 $24.99 (List Price)

The Evolv 3/8 in Drive Tool Set is the Right Tool for the Job Featuring large-size markings, the Evolv 20 pc 3/8 in Drive Tool Set gets the job done easier and faster. The Evolv 3/8 in Drive Tool Set comes with 20 sockets in both standard and metric for versatility. The drive tool boasts an ergonomic, easy-grip fiberglass handle for comfort and exceptional durability.

Model # 90334

$14.93 - $26.99
$29.99 (List Price)

$14.93 - $26.99 $29.99 (List Price)

This 42 Pc Zipper Case Tool Set Keeps You Prepared A good idea for any home or apartment, the tidy Evolv 42 pc zipper case tool set covers most light and medium duty repairs then zips up and stows away fast. A smart addition to your glove box, it�s equipped with both metric and inch sockets, a pair of dual end open wrenches, hex keys and common drivers, so whether you need to pull over ...

Model # 87525

$13.93 - $19.99
$19.99 (List Price)

$13.93 - $19.99 $19.99 (List Price)

The Craftsman Evolv 3-Pc. Snip Set Cuts Time and Effort on the Job The Craftsman Evolv 3-pc. aviation snip set is engineered to make cutting through thick wires and other materials much easier. These finely crafted tools are designed with your comfort in mind. Each snip tool has an ergonomically designed handle that feels just right in your hand, and is molded to avoid chafing and blistering from repeated use. This Craftsman Evolv 3-pc. snip ...

Model # 100282

$15.93 - $39.99
$39.99 (List Price)

$15.93 - $39.99 $39.99 (List Price)

A Plier Set That Lets You Gets a Grip: The Craftsman 3 pc. Electricians Tool Set The foundation of any electrician�s tool set, this Craftsman 3 Piece set includes everything that is needed to complete a quality electrical job. Lineman pliers feature a precision machined cross serrated jaw that provides extreme grip for twisting and gripping wiring. Needle or Long nose pliers work for small items, getting into hard-to-reach spaces and making delicate bends in ...

Model # 129441

$9.93 - $107.99
$99.99 (List Price)

$9.93 - $107.99 $99.99 (List Price)

Craftsman 53-pc. Mach Series Tool Set Offers Speed, Convenience and Access The 53-pc. Mach Series tool set has the pieces that you need to turn sockets with ease without wasting time switching out sockets. Built for speed, the 3/8 in. drive ratchet can turn sockets 16 times more efficiently than a regular ratchet, thanks to the swing arch of 60 degrees. Regardless of the job at hand, with this set, you'll have the tools that ...

Model # 16141

$39.93 - $95.99
$109.99 (List Price)

$39.93 - $95.99 $109.99 (List Price)

An Air Tool Set That Can Handle Your Toughest Projects with Ease Get this Craftsman 10-pc air tool set and handle all your toughest projects, from construction to auto repair. The work goes fast with these efficient air tools, and it gets done right and tight. The kit includes a high torque wrench, ratchet wrench and air hammer, air hose and accessories. The hard shell case keeps your tools in good shape and ready whenever ...

Model # 36243

$51.93 - $95.93
$136.99 (List Price)

$51.93 - $95.93 $136.99 (List Price)

82-pc Standard 6-pt Deep 1/2 Sockets Get the Job Done Whether you're hard at work under the hood, in the workshop or just around the house, the Craftsman 82-pc easy-read socket set 6 gives you the power and grip needed to get the job done. This inclusive set contains 82 standard-sized sockets, each designed to deliver for decades to come. No matter where the job takes you, you'll always have the right tool in your ...

Model # 15154

$20.93 - $49.99
$49.99 (List Price)

$20.93 - $49.99 $49.99 (List Price)

3-pc Flip Socket Set with Red Pouch Fits Common Wheel Lugs and Lock Sizes The Craftsman 3-pc flip socket set with red pouch features 1/2-inch drive, impact-rated sockets. Broken or missing wheel lock key? No worries. This versatile set has been designed to fit the six most common wheel lugs and lock sizes on the road today, removing damaged lugs and wheel locks with ease. The Craftsman set contains uncompromising helical flutes for better grip ...

Model # 27959

$44.93 - $58.93
$83.99 (List Price)

$44.93 - $58.93 $83.99 (List Price)

42-pc Hex and Torx Bit Socket Set Offers an Impressive Selection for Both Professionals and Amateurs The Craftsman 42-pc hex and Torx bit socket set is a cost-effective solution to getting a variety of indispensable tools. This handy set consists of metric and standard hex bits, Torx bits, screwdriver bits and female bits, value priced to fit your budget. There is no need to carry Torx wrenches, screwdrivers or hex keys; this set has all ...

Model # 47573

$157.99 (List Price)

$110.93 $157.99 (List Price)

1/4 in. sockets include ten inch (3/16, 7/32, 1/4, 9/32, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, and 9/16 in.). 3/8 in. sockets include 13 inch (1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, 3/4, 13/16, 7/8, 15/16, 1 in.) and 15 metric sockets (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 21mm). 1/2 in. sockets include 19 inch sockets (3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 19/32, 5/8, 21/32, 11/16, 3/4, 25/32, ...

Model # 25189

$10.93 - $16.19
$14.99 (List Price)

$10.93 - $16.19 $14.99 (List Price)

The Evolv 1/4 in Drive Tool is the Right Tool for the Job Featuring large-size markings, the Evolv 22 pc 1/4 in Drive Tool gets the job done easier and faster. The Evolv 1/4 in Drive Tool comes with 22 sockets in both standard and metric for versatility. The drive tool boasts an ergonomic, easy-grip fiberglass handle for comfort and exceptional durability.

Model # 16791

$6.93 - $22.99
$19.99 (List Price)

$6.93 - $22.99 $19.99 (List Price)

Craftsman 4 Piece Spark Plug 3/8" Drive Socket Set Gets The Job Done Without Stress The Craftsman 4 pc 3/8" Drive Spark Plug Socket is high quality and versatile. While you can spend less money for spark plugs in this size range, you don't want to skimp on quality just to save a few bucks. From servicing lawn mowers to weed whackers to vehicles, this spark plug set covers all of your bases. Once you ...

Model # 21180

$10.93 - $24.99
$26.99 (List Price)

$10.93 - $24.99 $26.99 (List Price)

This 3 pc. set from Lisle features a Window and Door Clip Remover, a Door Upholstery Remover and a Door Panel Remover. Clip Remover helps remove door handle and window crank clips on GM, Ford and other models using the common C type clip. The Upholstery and Panel Removers are designed for plastic fasteners. The stepped, square cutout in the tool tip provides a no-slip grip, even on fasteners with small ears. The bent handle ...

Model # 21436

$136.93 - $146.93
$209.99 (List Price)

$136.93 - $146.93 $209.99 (List Price)

This 176 pc easy read socket set gets things turning Crafted from rugged steel to deliver superior service and torque, this Craftsman 176 pc easy read socket set is not only designed to perform, but give you fast access to the right size at a moment�s notice. Covering not only metric but SAE in standard and deep well builds at 12 and 6 points in multiple drive sizes, this 176 pc easy read socket set ...

Model # 107127



This 3-piece electrical set from Sheffield Electrical is a must have for anyone working with electrical wiring. This set includes circuit tester 90-500V, UL listed, 7 in. wire stripper/cutter and a 5-in-1 insulated screwdriver.

Model # 31411

$60.99 (List Price)

$42.93 $60.99 (List Price)

3 piece 5/8 in. extended universal spark plug socket set. Unique design includes 5/8 in. spark plug socket, universal joint, and extension in one piece.Allows for ultimate access while staying securely attached to the drive tool.Includes 4, 6, and 11 in. lengths in a blow mold storage case. Catalog/Online Exclusive

Model # 14949

$4.93 - $22.99
$19.99 (List Price)

$4.93 - $22.99 $19.99 (List Price)

Read and Go with this Craftsman 10-Pc. Standard Easy-To-Read Socket Set 1/4" Drive Finish your project faster and easier with the help of this versatile Craftsman 10-pc. standard easy-to-read socket set 1/4 in. drive . This socket set features a total of 10 fade-, chip- and corrosion-resistant sockets, so you'll always have the right size on hand for your construction, repair or maintenance projects. What sets this quality Craftsman 10-pc. standard easy-to-read socket set 1/4" ...

Model # 29685

$149.99 (List Price)

$89.93 $149.99 (List Price)

Get Turning with this 49 pc Easy Read Socket Set Built tough and designed to put the right size tool in your hand, this Craftsman 49 pc easy read socket set features laser etched markings that stand out, even in low light conditions, like under the hood. Crafted from high quality alloyed steel and precision machined, each piece of this set stands up to heavy torquing while the helping to eliminate fastener rounding at every ...

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