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3/8 Inch Torque Wrench

Model # 100556

$12.93 - $23.99
$19.99 (List Price)

$12.93 - $23.99 $19.99 (List Price)

3/8-in Dr Beam Style Torque Wrench Achieves Accurate Readings with Ease The classic Craftsman 3/8-in dr beam style torque wrench easily and accurately tightens and loosens nuts and bolts on your car, truck, garden tractor, four-wheeler and more. The beam style torque wrench can accurately measure torque in a variety of applications. The attached calibrated scale moves when pressure is applied. Via the indicator, you'll be able to determine when proper torque is achieved. The ...

Model # 31642

$183.99 (List Price)

$128.93 $183.99 (List Price)

Dial type wrenches provide unmatched reliability, accuracy and durability for applications where torque measurement is extremely critical. Accurate to 2% of the reading from 20% of full scale to full scale clockwise and counterclockwise. The dial type wrench is the only wrench that is not affected by the hand-hold position on the wrench. Exclusive torsion bar design features a connecting arm directly from the square drive to the easy-to-read dial to enable the user to ...

Model # 88059

$7.93 - $94.99
$79.99 (List Price)

$7.93 - $94.99 $79.99 (List Price)

Nothing Works as Hard on the Job as Craftsman's 10-75 Ft Lbs., 3/8-Inch Drive Torque Wrench Built from a combination of high tensile strength alloyed steel and rugged plastic formed to an ergonomic shape, this Craftsman Micro-Clicker 10-75 Ft Lbs lbs Torque Wrench is designed to withstand years of steady use and even after hours of tightening bolts, it'll stay comfortable in your grip. Whether you're wrenching on a small engine, building a bike or ...

Model # 96635

$71.93 - $119.99
$119.99 (List Price)

$71.93 - $119.99 $119.99 (List Price)

Grab a 3/8-in Dr Digi Click Torque Wrench for Multiple Engine Jobs The Craftsman 3/8-in dr digi click torque wrench , a micrometer style wrench, features an LED backlit screen, creating easy readability even in low-light conditions. The click-style torque wrench easily tightens various automotive bolts, from lugs and crankshaft bolts to cylinder heads and engine-mountings. Click style is perfect for small engine repairs, four-wheelers, motorcycles, brakes, engine and more. The 3/8-in dr ...

Model # 38636

$83.99 (List Price)

$33.93 $83.99 (List Price)

3/8 in. Fixed, Nonratchet Drive beam-type torque wrench. Directly measures a variety of torque values when tightening fasteners.

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