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3/8 Inch 6 Point Socket

Model # 20120

$78.93 - $93.93
$262.99 (List Price)

$78.93 - $93.93 $262.99 (List Price)

41-pc Flex Socket Accessory Set 6-point and 12-point Sockets Offers Practicality, Durability and Value The Craftsman 41-pc flex socket accessory set 6-point and 12-point is valuable for both the automotive technician and the home handyman. Sockets are fabricated for use with 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch drives, while the set consists of 34 6 point sockets and seven 12 point sockets, ensuring you will always have the right socket for the job. The flex pivot head gives ...

Model # 119029

$11.99 (List Price)

$8.99 $11.99 (List Price)

\n \n \n With an essential assortment of sockets, the WorkShop 40-Piece 1/4-Inch Drive and 3/8-Inch Drive Socket Set is a great basic tool set for home mechanics. The sockets are made from drop forged carbon steel with a corrosion-resistant, chrome-plated finish. Included sockets are a combination of tapered-end 6-point and 8-point sockets. Ratchet is reversible with non-slip knurled handle grip, and it has a lock-on drive tang. Conveniently keep everything organized and stored in ...

Model # 12621

$23.93 - $83.93
$119.99 (List Price)

$23.93 - $83.93 $119.99 (List Price)

The Craftsman Flex Socket Set Gets it Moving The 17 pc Standard And Metric Flex Socket Set boasts six-point construction to displace stress with stronger, broader contact services. The handy unit includes both standard and metric sizes to handle any task. The Craftsman Flex Socket Set comes with a lifetime warranty to protect your investment. 3/8 in. drive sizes handle any job big or small.

Model # 25256

$3.93 - $7.99
$7.99 (List Price)

$3.93 - $7.99 $7.99 (List Price)

6 point style will not round off fasteners. Large size markings make jobs easier and faster. Most popular sizes for small applications and tight spaces.

Model # 28007

$99.99 (List Price)

$64.93 $99.99 (List Price)

These 18 Pc Inch and Metric Flex Sockets Give You a Grip Built to torque at the toughest angles, this Craftsman 18 pc standard and metric flex socket set delivers the muscle and weight distribution of six point sockets with some serious flex. Featuring hardened steel construction, from the center pin to the drive and socket ends, each socket deliver uniform strength, while the reinforced center drives torsional forces to where they�re needed most. And ...

Model # 17700



Craftsman 18mm Socket 6-Point Deep 3/8-Inch Drive Gets The Job Done With Ease Whether filling a gap in collection or you only need one, the  Craftsman 18mm easy to read socket 6-point deep 3/8-inch drive is the right choice. A 12-point socket is sufficient for lightweight repairs, but a 6-point is essential for precise jobs. It is much less likely to slip off of a stubborn fastener or round over the corners. The Craftsman 18mm ...

Model # 70131

$77.93 - $90.93
$129.99 (List Price)

$77.93 - $90.93 $129.99 (List Price)

The Craftsman Socket Set is a Staple When it comes to the basics, get the best for your box and start with the Craftsman half-inch drive 14-piece 6-point standard socket set . These powerful tools will likely soon be your preferred partner for projects in the shop or around the house. This sturdy socket set boasts a resilient build that is specially designed to grab on to nuts, bolts and fasteners and limit slip to ...

Model # 123478

$159.93 - $223.93
$319.99 (List Price)

$159.93 - $223.93 $319.99 (List Price)

142-PIECE ALL 12-POINT SOCKET SET Every 12-point socket you will need is included in this Craftsman Ultimate 12-point Socket Set with 142 sockets to choose from. In fact, this set includes every 12-point socket made by Craftsman, so you won't have to go back to the store to find just the right size. Both standard and metric sizes are included, giving you all the options you need to complete any job that might come up. ...

Model # 12312

$6.39 - $6.99
$6.39 (List Price)

$6.39 - $6.99 $6.39 (List Price)

Put a Hex on Your Socket with the Craftsman 6mm Hex Bit Socket The Craftsman 6mm Hex Bit Socket  makes working with hexes a breeze. Attach this socket to a 3/8" drive socket wrench and quickly loosen and remove hex cap nuts and bolts with smooth ratcheting action. Keep one of these sockets in your toolbox to avoid hiccups in your project and so you don’t have to make an extra stop at your local ...

Model # 14949

$4.93 - $19.99
$19.99 (List Price)

$4.93 - $19.99 $19.99 (List Price)

Read and Go with this Craftsman 10-Pc. Standard Easy-To-Read Socket Set 1/4" Drive Finish your project faster and easier with the help of this versatile Craftsman 10-pc. standard easy-to-read socket set 1/4 in. drive . This socket set features a total of 10 fade-, chip- and corrosion-resistant sockets, so you'll always have the right size on hand for your construction, repair or maintenance projects. What sets this quality Craftsman 10-pc. standard easy-to-read socket set 1/4" ...

Model # 21436

$125.93 - $136.93
$209.99 (List Price)

$125.93 - $136.93 $209.99 (List Price)

This 176 pc easy read socket set gets things turning Crafted from rugged steel to deliver superior service and torque, this Craftsman 176 pc easy read socket set is not only designed to perform, but give you fast access to the right size at a moment�s notice. Covering not only metric but SAE in standard and deep well builds at 12 and 6 points in multiple drive sizes, this 176 pc easy read socket set ...

Model # 15344

$39.96 (List Price)

$25.93 $39.96 (List Price)

Take Hold with the 44 Pc Easy Read Socket Set With a range of sizes that suits both light and medium duty jobs and combining the torque of standard with the reach of deep well sockets, this Craftsman 44 pc easy read socket set gets the job done in the garage, furnace room and on the job site. Crafted from high tensile strength steel, this set resists deformation, cracks and chips while giving you the ...

Model # 29685

$149.99 (List Price)

$89.93 $149.99 (List Price)

Get Turning with this 49 pc Easy Read Socket Set Built tough and designed to put the right size tool in your hand, this Craftsman 49 pc easy read socket set features laser etched markings that stand out, even in low light conditions, like under the hood. Crafted from high quality alloyed steel and precision machined, each piece of this set stands up to heavy torquing while the helping to eliminate fastener rounding at every ...

Model # 16791

$5.93 - $22.99
$19.99 (List Price)

$5.93 - $22.99 $19.99 (List Price)

Craftsman 4 Piece Spark Plug 3/8" Drive Socket Set Gets The Job Done Without Stress The Craftsman 4 pc 3/8" Drive Spark Plug Socket is high quality and versatile. While you can spend less money for spark plugs in this size range, you don't want to skimp on quality just to save a few bucks. From servicing lawn mowers to weed whackers to vehicles, this spark plug set covers all of your bases. Once you ...

Model # 100533

$5.93 - $12.99
$12.99 (List Price)

$5.93 - $12.99 $12.99 (List Price)

Tackle Six Types of Hardware with the Craftsman 9-pc. Universal 1/4-in. Dr. Socket Set The Craftsman 9-pc. Universal 1/4-in. Dr. Socket Set  features a universal design, allowing you to work with six different types of hardware including 4-, 6- and 12-point head nuts and bolts, spline, external Torx and partially rounded hex fasteners. The 9-piece set includes sockets from 3/16-in. to 1/2-in., helping you bust loosen or tighten a variety of nuts and bolts used ...

Model # 12412

$5.49 - $6.39
$6.39 (List Price)

$5.49 - $6.39 $6.39 (List Price)

Ratchet up Your Screwdriver with the Craftsman No. 2 Phillips Bit Socket Socket wrenches provide smooth-ratcheting action so you can quickly loosen tough hardware, and Craftsman’s  No. 2 Phillips Socket  allows you to bring the convenience of ratcheting to Phillips head screws. At 2-3/4" long, you can bypass obstructions without losing torque, allowing you to secure and bust loose stubborn screws with ease and efficiency. Keep the  Craftsman No. 2 Phillips Bit Socket  in your ...

Model # 14207

$3.93 - $5.79
$5.79 (List Price)

$3.93 - $5.79 $5.79 (List Price)

Dig In With This Craftsman 3/8 In. Socket, 6 Pt. Deep Let your socket wrench dig deeper with this 3/8 in. socket 6 pt. deep . Made of steel with a silver finish, this versatile socket fits on any standard wrench with a 3/8 inch drive - it's not made for impact wrenches, though. The socket has large, visible markings that make it easy to pick out even in low light. Its longer reach makes ...

Model # 39727



Craftsman 3/8 In. Socket, 6-Pt. Puts Torque at Your Fingertips This 3/8 in. socket, 6 pt. can help you with a range of jobs under the hood or around the house. It's great for oil changes and fantastic for making sure the play sets and patio furniture are secure at the beginning of the season. You'll find yourself turning to this socket repeatedly for a range of small jobs when you need a little extra ...

Model # 32764



Precision Tightening With Craftsman 18mm Socket, 6 pt. The 18mm socket, 6 pt. puts torque in your palm. This 6 contact point standard depth socket has a 3/8 in. drive size. The standard socket is sized for metric and Torx nuts and is 18 mm. Socket is made to give you the power to easily get to the nuts you need to reach. Professional quality is what you are known for and using professional tools ...

Model # 49782

$4.19 - $4.39
$4.39 (List Price)

$4.19 - $4.39 $4.39 (List Price)

Craftsman 16mm Socket, 6 Pt. is Easy to Read in Low Light The 16mm socket, 6 pt , from Craftsman, is a durable socket that puts torque at your fingertips. It features easy-to-read size markings that let you grab and go on the job. This standard socket tightens and loosens fasteners well with its six points that suit heavy work at home or a job site. The Craftsman 16mm socket, 6 pt , is made ...

Model # 120954



Craftsman Universal 8mm Socket, 3/8" Drive Puts Power in Your Palm This universal 8mm socket, 3/8" drive can handle up to six different fasteners on the box end, and covers 4-point, 6-point, 12-point, external Torx and spline fasteners on the front. It also can handle even partially rounded hex fasteners. This Craftsman universal 8mm socket, 3/8" drive is the type of tool you should have in your tool chest even if you aren't a professional ...

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