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Positive Reviews Thu, Apr 23, 2009

Nice Mower
Having used this new mower only a few times I've found it fairly easy to use. The electric starter is a wonderful option. Mower cuts evenly and with the castor wheels it's easy to navigate. Holding the clutch drive for long periods of time is difficult and tires my hand quickly.There should be a way to adjust the tension on the clutch drive. Changing the cutting level on the back wheels is quick and easily done with one lever. Adjusting the cutting height on the front wheels is a problem though. You have to loosen the wing nut, remove the axle and raise or lower each wheel all while supporting the mower with your other hand. I've decided that changing the wheel height is really a two person operation. Also the wing nuts used to hold the front axles are made of cheap plastic rather than metal. You would think that such a strategic part on a quailty mower would be made of a good quality metal. One of these plastic wing nuts has already broken (after two uses) and I've purchased some metal ones to replace.I would also strongly suggest wearing ear protection while use this mower. This mower suits my needs well, with the exception of my few negative issues.

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Negative Reviews Sat, May 9, 2009

Crafsman Professional 21" Caster Mower,May 9, 2
While I really like the mower itself, there are some serious flaws that need to be fixed by Sears. Originally I purchased last years' model (a slightly different model number) and took it back because the rear wheel covers kept coming off - on the first use. Afterward, I ordered another unit in hopes that "this years'" model would incorporate improvements. Sadly, the same issue, both wheel covers falling off, remains. This exposes part of the drive mechanism to the weather. This is a serious flaw and is due to the flexibility of the plastic core on the rear wheels. All four wheels have a plastic core and tread. The caster front wheels also use a plastic bolt and wing nut assembly. Why use a cheap plastic here? The engine is a professional grade Kawasaki motor. The unit is solidly built...why skimp on these parts? These are the parts that will receive the most stress. Since I have only just purchased the unit, I will likely consult with Sears and see if the wheels (at least the rear-drive wheels can the traded out for a sturdier type that could also have a protective cover. If not, I'll need to get another type. I really like this mower...I hope Sears can Make it right. Until and unless they do you'll be able to see another slightly used caster mower at a reduced price at Sears. Simple changes would fix this and make a very happy camper.
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" Great Mower!!!!!"
Jan 7, 2013

Poplar Bluff, MO
"great mower"
Oct 22, 2012

Wantagh, NY
"Piece of junk"
Oct 16, 2012

Saint Louis, MO
"Outstanding lawnmower with a few minor issues"
Aug 13, 2012

Manassas, VA

Lawnmower does an outstanding job of cutting the grass and assembly was a snap.  In my 30+ years of cutting grass, it probably does the best job of any mower I've owned.  I agree with other users that the self propulsion does take a little bit to get used to, but it works well.  Instead of going in a circle or back and forth, I've adopted what I call the zamboni method.  I cut a rectangle about half the size of the yard and move the top and the bottom the same direction (i.e., both towards the house if I started at the back of the yard).  This allows me to cut the entire yard without continuously releasing the self propulsion at every turn.   My favorite things about this mower:

1) Starts extremely easily.  I've only used the pull cord as I haven't remembered to charge it in time to do so before I mow, but I know my wife could start it and my four year old might be able to if I let him.

2) Does an OUTSTANDING job of mowing and mulching.  Let's face it, if we are spending this much money on a mower, we give a $%^& about how our yard looks.  This mower helps us have the best looking yard in the neighborhood.

3) Not sure of the specifics, but it seems to me that I don't have to fill the gas as frequently as I'm used to.  Living in the South, it's hot and it's humid.  Once I start mowing, I don't want to stop.  I've now cut the whole yard 1.5 times without refilling.

4) I haven't used a bag yet, but I watched the video online and it seems like a snap to empty.  I'm used to a Murray where the top of the bag lifted up to empty.  Grass flew all over the place and it just wasn't fun in general.  This looks a lot easier and neater.


I have one significant issue and two minor ones:

1) The blade control cable is either too long or misadjusted.  It took me 30-45 minutes of troubleshooting to figure this out.  I basically have to place a piece of mulch under the cable to tighten it in order for it to even start.  While this is annoying and may point to quality control issues, once the fix is in place, it starts easier than any other mower I've owned.

2) Due to its weight, you need make sure the ground is completely dry prior to mowing.  (This is a good idea anyway but doubly important with this mower.)

3) As far as I can tell, the handle has to be folded forward slightly for the charger to be attached as the lower part of the handle blocks the plug.  Since you only need to do it at the beginning of the season (assuming it's used regularly), this shouldn't be an issue.

"Craftsman Professional 190cc* Variable-Speed Rear-Wheel Drive Mo"
Jul 5, 2012

Leesburg, FL
"Craftsman Professional 190 mower"
Jul 5, 2012

Marietta, Georgia
"Craftsman Professional Mower"
Jul 5, 2012

Saint Petersburg, FL
"Great Lawn Mower"
Jun 25, 2012

West Haven, CT
"Very poorly designed, and very poor quality"
Jun 14, 2012

Sudbury, MA
"Craftsman Professional 190cc"
Jun 5, 2012

Warren, MI