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Positive Reviews Thu, Jul 12, 2012

Excellent TV
Did some research on this tv before I bought so I knew it was a couple of unnecessary options (voice&gesture) in my opinion and two models behind from having the best micro-dimming for better picture (blacks&whites) from being top of the line. The picture, color and movment on this tv is beautiful. I previously owned a lcd samsung with 120Hz so I knew I was going up in technology but I really didn't think the picture was going to be that much better, boy was I wrong. 3D works well even though I really wasn't looking to get into 3D sets yet but I guess you really don't have much of a choice yet when a television with these specs. If you want an excellent lcd-led tv without having to pay extremley high price and don't mind not having the highest level of micr-dimming or voice&gesture control this is the tv for you, would definetly recomend this to anyone. Excellent tv! Excellent price and options.

Most Helpful Reviews12found this helpful

Negative Reviews Tue, Aug 21, 2012

Not for the Money
<p>Recently bought the ES6500 and returned it for the ES7100 due to ghosting in Dark seens. I figured the Micro Dimming was going to help alot. Well i was wrong I get more ghosting on this model then the 6500,its not worth the extra $400 in my opion. Also when watching football on the kickoff or a deep pass u get the famous Samsung &quot;Triple ball affect&quot; where the ball is blury and u see triple of the ball.</p> <p>As far as picture its a very good picture as far as color and clarity and 3D is great but I should of stuck with Sony which was what I had before you get what you paid for with them. For $2k not worth it</p> <p> </p>
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Dec 6, 2012

Orland Park, IL
"Yes, it's worth the price"
Oct 18, 2012

Saint Louis, MO