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"Great TV"
May 15, 2012

El Cajon, CA
Mar 7, 2012

Key West, FL
"Samsung's 32" LED TV is wondrous! "
Dec 19, 2011

Alhambra, CA
"Samsung - 32&#34 Class 720p 60Hz LED HDTV"
Jun 24, 2011

Houston, TX

Great TV! Sansung is a great product easy to set up no problems.

"Very Disappointed in Samsung"
Jun 20, 2011

Oceanside, CA

The picture quality is not HD quality at all. It is not ready for viewing right out of the box, instead requiring so much adjustment just to get an ordinary TV picture on HD. I have an older Samsung LCD with an incredible picture that invites you into it. This does not. My picture is nothing like the quality of the one in the Self-Diagnosis. I can't recommend this at all, especially at this price.

"Samsung 32" LED TV"
Jun 13, 2011

Friend, NE

This TV is fabulous just as Samsung always are. I purchased this to replace my TV that went out and I have to say it has the best picture and best part is that it is a LED for the price and the name as well as being LED you cannot find a better deal on this. Such a shame people write bad reviews when they do not know how to work the TV. It is a great buy and a great product. I would recomend anyone to buy this model. Picture perfect, sound perfect would not trade for anything easy to set up no problems with assembly at all for me.

"Best 60hz 32in lcd in the store"
Apr 24, 2011


This TV definately has the best picture and screen in its class for a standard 32in lcd. If you go into the store and compare this tv next to others you can really see the difference in dynamic contrast ration. The blacks and whites are crisper and deeper in this model resulting in a much more defined picture. Great TV for the price range. However, Do not pay above 400.00 for this tv, it is a great buy in the 379-400 dollar range.

"Defective, poor picture quality"
Apr 12, 2011

Potomac, MD

I bought this set because I thought it was the latest technology, a good price, and a quality brand. I had trouble setting it up because the stand's screws wouldn't tighten completely but was told that it was done correctly. The plug and cables were hard to attach to the TV because of the narrow depth. But the biggest problem was that the picture was completely distorted (think warewolf transformation) and faces especially stretched and moved around like they were rubber. It was suggested that my cables were not well connected, then that the TV's quality was so good that inperfections would show up since I wasn't using HD with my cable service. But in the end, when I returned it, it was checked and I was told it did seem to be defective. I haven't decided if I will replace it with another one or buy a different brand or type (maybe not LED?). I would definitely check for other reviews before I purchased this set.