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Positive Reviews Mon, Jul 5, 2010

Kenmore Top Freezer, great unit, has everything!
<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Purchased this refrigerator about two weeks ago.&nbsp;&nbsp; I love the &quot;hidden&quot; handles!&nbsp;&nbsp;Keeps little children from opening.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;An ice maker and filtered water dispenser very hard to find&nbsp;on refrigerators with top freezers. &nbsp; I like&nbsp;where the water dispenser is located and how it works.&nbsp; There is even a warning light that comes on when&nbsp;its time to change the filter!&nbsp;&nbsp; One neat thing I didn't&nbsp;notice when I purchased this refrigerator was that there is a top shelf that actually slides back to&nbsp;make &quot;half a shelf&quot; so&nbsp;large items can be put in the front of the second shelf without&nbsp;having to adjust&nbsp;where you want your shelves.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Great idea!&nbsp; Refrigerator is quiet and the energy star label indicates it has one of the lowest ratings, average of&nbsp; about $45.00&nbsp;a year.&nbsp;&nbsp; Even with increases in electricity, it should save money!&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;I'm glad I&nbsp;decided to purchase this particular unit and would highly recommend it. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

Most Helpful Reviews1found this helpful

Negative Reviews Tue, Mar 27, 2012

Design Flaw
As other reviewers have noted before, this Kenmore refrigerator has a major design flaw in that the freezer door opens when the refrigerator door is closed. We had Sears service inspect the refrigerator a few days after delivery and they were unable to correct the problem. Future buyers should avoid purchasing this Kenmore refrigerator. It is a shame that Sears sells such an expensive refrigerator with a known major design flaw.
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? 19.0 Cu. Refrigerator from the Outlet. ?
Feb 1, 2013

Pittsburgh, PA
Jul 26, 2012

Saint Paul, MN

Within 5 months of having this fridge, the refridgerator door seal started to crack. The internal water dispenser sticks (i.e - you can't turn it off - what a mess!). Now 1 year later the seal is falling off, the freezer went frosty (probably because the door tends to open when the fridge is opened) and.... on the coolest temp setting, the fridge is not cold enough. This product has been a hassle - DONT BUY!

? Small Space? Great refrigerator!. ?
May 10, 2012

Rockville, MD
? Design Flaw. ?
Mar 27, 2012

Miami, FL
Mar 23, 2012

Buzzards Bay, MA
? Love the refrigerator water dispenser and ice maker. . ?
Jan 10, 2012

Magee, MS

The refrigerator is fine and the water dispenser is great. The ice maker makes plenty of ice but I don't see any difference in the cube size when adjusted from small to large. Service has been called.

? Freezer door opens. ?
Jan 10, 2012

San Pedro, CA

The freezer door opens EVERY time the fridge is opened and then does not close itself. Frost is building inside the freezer, and clearly it cannot be energy efficient. Have read the same complaint on other reviews. It appears to be a design flaw with the air flow between fridge and freezer. Will be returning. Do NOT recommend buying this product. Lousy design. Really Sears, how can you sell a product with such a clear design defect-did no one do a quality check before putting this on the market?? All you had to do was open the door once and look at the freezer door.

? nice fridge. ?
Jan 1, 2012

Brooklyn, MD
? kenmore 19 cubic refrigerator. ?
Dec 23, 2011

dearborn heights, MI

i really like our refrigerator especially the water inside the refrigerator never seen that inside a refrigerator it is really quiet i hope it will last more than our old whirlpool refrigerator which we had for 8 years

? Great refrigerator with one drawback. ?
Nov 1, 2011

Arlington, VA

Because the cabinets in my kitchen allowed for a refrigerator that was under 66 inches, I was limited in the appliances that met my height criterion. This was one of the few that did. I am very happy with my new purchase, which I have had two weeks now. The interior is very roomy with lots of handy shelves and compartments and I like the sliding shelf that makes room for very tall or bulky items. The freezer compartment is also exceptionally spacious (compared to the one in my previous refrigerator) and since it has its own light, it's easy to see what's in the back.

I have only one criticism regarding its functionality and design: when one closes the refrigerator door at all forcefully, the freezer door pops open slightly and may not close on its own. The two compartments are linked by airflow. The first day or two I found this very troublesome--especially when I discovered that the freezer had been left slightly open and moisture and cold air were detectable on the top of the refrigerator door (which is where you put your hand to open it). Since then we've all gotten in the habit of giving a little push to the freezer door after closing the fridge, just to make sure. Perhaps this could be remedied by adjusting the legs of the fridge to make it tilt slightly more to the rear. Definitely the problem has become less pronounced now that the fridge is stocked with food.