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Positive Reviews Thu, Aug 15, 2013

Very Spacious! Outstanding Refrigerator!
Ok so this refrigerator is excellent! (this is week 5 since I purchased it). Very quiet, very spacious! I want to say that I know someone who has this model, smaller cu. Ft. (about 3 years ago) with a touch screen, and I am glad they changed that! They have had nothing but problems with it. Some people complain about the left door ice storage, what do you expect? It?s basically like that on all French door type designs, buy a side by side instead if this is your concern. Our MAIN concern was the food storage with a family of 4, so that?s why we went big. Nice upgraded ice storage bin on the bottom for extra is fine. Unless you have larger parties, you shouldn?t have issues running out. We also thought that the freezer came with a flip out shelf located on the door, I do know the 31 cu. ft. model had it, but doing some measurements, I don?t think that shelf would be able to fit and close the freezer door. Maybe that?s why it was eliminated? I was even thinking of buying the part from the 31 cu. Ft. model and installing it until I realized it may not fit. Don?t let other lemon reviews change your mind (buy the extended warranty if this is your concern). Very glad we deiced on this model! Love it!

Most Helpful Reviews34 found this helpful

Negative Reviews Thu, Mar 13, 2014

Do Not Buy- Money down the drain
Purchased the Fridge in November of 2013 and the problems began. The freezer is defrosting on it's own, all my food is melting. 4 Technicians came, one changed the parts and three do no know how to fix it. They keep calling for technical support. Sears Customer Service is not great. I would never buy anything from Sears again. Taking time off from work to constantly have technicians come to my house and not fix anything and wasting money on food that I have to throw away everyday. Sears doesn't seem to care. They need to replace my fridge and refund my money from all the trouble and food I wasted.
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Dec 2, 2014

Columbia, SC
making a loud noise.
Dec 2, 2014

Tickfaw, LA
very spacious.
Aug 13, 2014

Bloomingburg, NY
Love my new Kenmore Elite Refrigerator.
Aug 7, 2014

33 cu. ft. French Door.
Aug 6, 2014

Shreveport, LA
Don't bother with this one.
Aug 1, 2014

Gillett, WI
Good refrigerator, slow undersized ice maker.
Jul 28, 2014

Harleysville, PA
Beautiful Refrigerator.
Jul 25, 2014

Don't Buy This Refrigerator.
Jul 24, 2014

Simi Valley, CA
major part broke after 6 months.
Jul 16, 2014

Texarkana, TX