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Positive Reviews Fri, Jun 29, 2012

Kenmore Elite Bottom Freezer Refrigerator - Counter Depth
We purchased this refrigerator about 8 months ago and I've been waiting to see how it would do. We bought it the week after it was introduced back in October, 2011, so it was without the benefit of any reviews! However, it was counter-depth, and had 25 cu ft capacity, and everything else we wanted. We looked at several stores, and while very few seem to have counter-depth display models, we knew we wanted to sacrifice a bit of interior space so it would fit better in our remodeled kitchen. Go take a look at some local brick-and-mortar stores to compare the interior size of counter-depth vs. regular if you're not sure. This is one of the largest counter-depth refrigerators on the market, or at least it was back in October, 2011. I have to say after 8 months it has been a super fridge! Pros: - Counter depth is perfect for a smaller space or kitchen. The fridge doesn't stick out into the kitchen, yet there is good space inside for our family of four. - Bottom freezer - a must have anymore if you're tired of bending over 12 times a day to get things in and out of your refrigerator. - French Doors - Nice to have and when both are open it's nice and wide. Once you know where things are you only open half the fridge to get something out (most of the time) so that saves on some energy. - Quiet - I know I shouldn't compare our old 25 year-old refrigerator with a new one but this one is like a whisper when it's running - barely audible. - Compact In-Door Ice Maker - Instead of taking up shelf space in the main fridge (which is a premium in counter-depth models) this has a nice compact ice maker in the door, which even has two three-inch-deep shelves on the front - great for storing smaller items like A-1 stake sauce bottles, etc. - Bottom freezer has two independent drawers above the main freezer compartment allowing you to get to things more easily than having to dig down into a single bin. - Doors adjust to align them with each other with an included wrench. I had to adjust the right door up to match the left, but it worked fine and the doors align great. - Plenty of vertical space under the water/ice dispenser Cons: - You have to open both doors to pull out the the bottom full-width crisper drawer. This is a small 'con' but a tradeoff when you go with french doors. - Smaller ice capacity - We wanted more space in the fridge so not having tons of ice isn't a big deal for us, and you can easily empty out the ice holder into a larger bucket in the bottom freezer if you want to stock up for a party. It's got plenty of ice to fill the glasses for a family of four. - Ice sometimes melts together. If you don't get ice very often the individual cubes can fuse together over time, perhaps because the ice maker is in the door, but if you just grab a little ice each day we've never had a problem. Overall this has been a really good fridge! I wouldn't trade it for any of the other counter-depth models we looked at. I believe it's made by LG and has many of the features of the LG models. I know ratings for all products are sometimes filled with those who've had nothing but trouble (I think people who've had a bad experience are more likely to want to tell others!), but that hasn't been our experience. We really like it! I would recommend it to anyone.

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Negative Reviews Fri, Jun 1, 2012

Shoddy Construction DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT
I've owned this refridgerator for 18 months and its been serviced 4 times now. 3 were under warrantee. There is a bar connected to the right door that that becomes unhinged and breaks after a time and not too much time at that. When I called the last time they offered me an extended warranty for an additional year for $250 which is excessive on a new product, they must know its temperamental. This time with no coverage it cost $118 for someone to look at the refridgerator and to repair over $600. Needless to say if this broke 4 times in a little over 1 year I am not going to pay for the repair, I'm investing in a new one and never again a KENMORE product. Customer service is terrible. Finally the icemaker runs out of ice very quickly. Stay away from Sears!
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"Good Fridge, not much space and magnets won't stick"
Dec 9, 2014

Owensboro, KY
"Kenmore Elite Fridge"
Aug 19, 2014

Littleton, CO
"Great Fridge"
Aug 12, 2014

Dallas, TX
"Slow slow ice"
Aug 7, 2014

Lincoln, CA
"Beware of design flaw with fan"
Aug 5, 2014

"Stopped working after 1 year and 1 month"
Aug 4, 2014

Willow Springs, IL
" Fridge"
Aug 1, 2014

"A huge improvement over our old GE refrigerator"
Jul 28, 2014

Oceanside, CA
Jul 24, 2014

Staten Island, NY
Jul 21, 2014

Brooklyn, NY