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Nice looking, but really a piece of junk.
Nov 1, 2011

Horseheads, NY

Never again will I buy anything Frigidaire.  Ice maker has never worked, despite having a repair person out here several times.  Now my fruit drawer is already broken. The doors hardly ever shut on their own and the "door open" alarm works about 25% of the time.  Twice I've had to throw out everything in my freezer because my kids didn't close it properly and the food got warm.  Not a good appliance w/ kids!

I also bought the matching stove and had to replace the entire electrical piece after 16 months (shortly after warranty expired of course).

10 service calls in 5 months!.
Sep 14, 2011

Fort Wayne, IN

I will never, ever buy a Frigidaire refrigerator again. We bought a whole line of appliances at once (this refrigerator, the matching dishwasher, range, and microwave). We decided on this line over the others mainly because the finish is fingerprintless and we have small children. Total regret! It stopped making ice after 4 months and for the last 5 months we've had a service man out here 10 times. He's replaced 4 parts now so finally Sears is going to get us a replacement due to the lemon law. It's still not making ice even today. It started out just not making ice then it started leaking water and one day we got home from work and our kitchen floor was covered in water from this refrigerator! Also, the freezer compartment could never keep it's temperature. I had it set on 0º and it was consistently in the upper 20s or low 30s. Ice cream would melt and drip out of the carton. I would give this 0 stars if I could, it doesn't deserve the 1!

Water & Ice Maker fails due to water coil freeze up.
Feb 28, 2011

Lexington, KY

I had the unit for 6 months of which the water/ice dispenser won't work in the past 3 months due to the water line freezing up. The service guys are waiting on the correct gaskets (now 3 weeks and counting) as the kit which Frigidaire sent had the incorrect cover/gasket in the kit. Frigidaire/Electrolux would not express ship the part unless I paid for it. The customer support via email is a joke as this is what they replied

Thank you for contacting Frigidaire.

We regret to hear that you have had such difficulties with receiving service and parts for your new unit.

Although we place a great deal of emphasis on quality control, there are occasions when even the best products may malfunction. Quality tests are continually conducted to provide the consumer with the best appliance possible in the industry.

We appreciate the time you took to write in regarding your appliance and we will continue to use your comments to improve the look, performance, and quality of our appliances in the future.

I'm very doubtful that replacing the gaskets as Frigidaire will correct the problem as all the gaskets and seal whic were being replaced were not leaking air as Frigidaire mention to the Serviceman.

Frigidaire/Electrolux seem to be following how the US car makers did by making POS products and wonder why the customers leave them.