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Positive Reviews Mon, Jun 3, 2013

Needs a better window kit
I was looking at the SG-PAC-08E4 but decided to spend the extra $30 on a better looking unit (in-case you are wondering whose unit Kenmore badged). Lots of cold air and the fan blows across the room. The remote control is really difficult to work and I wish you could adjust the fan speed from the unit itself. But the window kit needs to be re-thought out. Unless your windows are at least 48" wide, you will need a saw to cut one of the two pieces (not scissors). Then take a trip to ********** to buy weather stripping (why couldn't they include some in the kit?). The instructions to assemble the window kit for some reason aren't in the Kenmore user's guide, so, go to the Soleus website to see a nice color instruction page.

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Negative Reviews Mon, Oct 13, 2014

Noisy design flaw
I looked at reviews before I bought this and most were good, I must have just got a dud but this unit is so loud that I can't sleep with it running. We purchased the protection plan and I have had someone out to look at it 3 times with no resolve. Basically the unit does not use a pump and float for the auto evap, instead it uses a blade to push water over the condenser coils but because there is no float to tell it to stop, it gets noisy as the blade keeps trying to push water when there is not enough water there to deaden the sound. So far we have a brand new air conditoner that we can not use due to excessive noise and poor design.
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"Noisy design flaw"
Oct 13, 2014

Dover, DE
"Worth the money"
Jul 24, 2014

Fort Thomas, KY
"Great value"
Jun 29, 2014

East Grand Forks, MN
"Very Reliable Air Conditioner"
Mar 25, 2014

Independence, MO
"Excellent quality for the money paid!"
Oct 26, 2013

San Diego, CA
"Just what I needed"
Oct 12, 2013

San Antonio, TX
" Great Portable AC"
Oct 2, 2013

Santa Ana, CA
"Just what the doctor ordered"
Sep 19, 2013

Thousand Oaks, CA
"Kenmore 8,000 btu portable a/c"
Sep 12, 2013

Morgantown, WV
"worth the buy"
Sep 8, 2013

Lakewood, CA