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Positive Reviews Sun, Sep 26, 2010

Kenmore window a/c&heat unit is light wght and easy to install
<p>Replaced old Kenmore unit with this 18,500 BTU.&nbsp; Runs quietly, light weight and easy to install.&nbsp; We put an extra support, a piece of wood&nbsp;outside, as this&nbsp;is in a second floor window.&nbsp; Ready to run and cool down in no time at all.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

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Negative Reviews Tue, May 1, 2012

Newbie user Hea/cool window A/C
Beware. There are electrical considerations to take into account. As a new user that stumbled upon a heat/cool window unit, I did not at first think I would like it: there were several electrical fixes that had to take place to make this work. 230 volt heat/cool must have 30 amps, and would not work with the 15 amp circuit breaker I had wanted to replace for my old 230 window a/c unit. So, getting the electrician to fix the 230 volt setup is key. Then it really is a nice unit, and the heat is a good backup in case the boiler goes out.
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"air cond."
Apr 16, 2014

"While this unit is expensive"
Feb 24, 2014

Charleston, SC
"Works well"
Feb 7, 2014

Dunedin, FL
Oct 31, 2013

Aug 23, 2013

Swifton, AR
Jun 19, 2013

Redding, CA
"Kenmore 18,500 h/a/c"
Jul 25, 2012

Lebanon, TN

I've had this unit for about 15 months now.  We have a large main area with lots of windows and sliding glass doors in the house and have had central air since day one.  The central air has never managed to keep the living room and kitchen cool on those hot summer days.  A few years back I decided to get a small window unit for the living room just to help the central unit out.  It helped, but it still didn't really do the trick.  So, the next year I got a bigger one.  Same deal, it helped a little more but still couldn't really deal with the really hot days.  So, I got the Kenmore.  I installed it in the wall rather than the window, since I had to run wires just for it.  Also it's going to be much more effective through the wall than in a window.  I've delt with a lot of air conditioners in my life.  This Kenmore is by far the best air conditioner I've ever run across.  The only problem I ever have with this unit is my daughter often gets to cold and turns it off.  Even when we had this heat spell just a while back and the temperatures were running up to 104 in the daytime.  My daughter would still get to cold and turn it off.  We no longer use the central air as it just burns way to much electricity and can't even compete with the kenmore.  I've put the smaller units in the bedrooms.  Our electric bill has gone way down.  I would recommend this unit!

"Newbie user Hea/cool window A/C"
May 1, 2012

Hot Springs, VA
"The Kenmore 18,500 Heat/Cool Room AC is a big disappointment. "
Jan 5, 2012

Nashville, TN

The unit I replaced was also a Kenmore and I loved it, but this new one does not even heat the room and it is on high.  I've walked by and the air changes from hot to cold and then the unit turns off.  It cuts off and on often.  This happened more on the energy saver mode so I changed it to heat.  It still happens a lot.  It is louder than my last unit.  $600+ to ONLY take the chill out of the air is not a good deal.  I would at least like to feel warm.

Mar 20, 2011

Louisville, KY

You will need 2 people to help install this unit. I did it by myself, but it wore me out just carrying it up the stairs. I installed it in an upstairs bedroom that has a window facing West. That's the hottest room in my house. The Kenmore through-the-window air conditioner is powerful and cools this 10x10 room in a couple of minutes. It comes with a washable, plastic screen that traps a lot of dust. I love the 3 speed settings and usually only operate it on the lowest fan setting. This Kenmore is the 1st one out of 3 to actually keep my bedroom cool...and I love it!