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Positive Reviews Sat, Sep 8, 2012

Life Safer
Last weekend our central air went out. It was anticipated to take several weeks for repairs. This entire summer has been wicked and recently the temperature has been mid to uppers 90's. We purchased this unit over Labor Day and we are thrilled. It is powerful, efficient, and not too loud. It has allowed us and out multiple pets to remain in our home during then oppressive heat.....thank you, Kenmore!!

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Negative Reviews Thu, Apr 9, 2015

Dangerous failure!
Mine lasted for 2 years and 7 months of year-around use. It recently failed when the plastic condenser blower shattered, causing the compressor to overheat. It was unattended when this failure happened, and I discovered it a couple of hours later when the room was hot and smelled of burning rubber. The unit was blowing hot air and the compressor was buzzing, but it did not sound normal. After the unit cooled off, I took off the side panel and discovered that the compressor had gotten so hot that it melted off some of the rubber insulation and plastic zip tie that held the insulation in place. I doubt that the compressor is thermally protected for overheat conditions. If it is protected then it failed. There is a good chance that the unit could have caught fire if it had been left unattended longer. Inside the unit, the air housings are built of Styrofoam and packing tape. There isn't much quality built into this 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner. I highly suggest purchasing another brand as I am convinced that this device is not safe.
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"Junk- don not waste your money"
Jul 14, 2015

Harrisburg, PA
"Failed in less than 1 year."
Apr 14, 2015

Cambridge, OH
"Dangerous failure!"
Apr 9, 2015

Brighton, CO
"Great Stand up Ac"
Apr 1, 2015

North Hollywood, CA
"Quit working after one month"
Sep 16, 2014

Vancouver, WA
"couldn't have found a better unit"
Sep 12, 2014

Aug 8, 2014

Tualatin, OR
"An excellent unit"
Jun 1, 2014

Alameda, CA
"Great cool! "
Jun 1, 2014

Alameda, CA
"As advertised"
Feb 10, 2014

Rockport, TX