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Positive Reviews Wed, Jun 27, 2012

Kenmore 18,500 BTU Room Air Conditioner
I recently purchased this item and am very pleased with it's performance. I use this unit to cool off multiple rooms on the first floor of my home and it has done quite a job. It is also very quiet compared to my old air conditioner. Everything from the sales person to the installation team went very well and professionally. Recommended. A++

Most Helpful Reviews4 found this helpful

Negative Reviews Thu, Sep 12, 2013

Fails 2 Months out of Warranty
We have a small frame house so this A/C was installed in a 10'x10' room to also help with the adjoined kitchen. It is pretty heavy but not as much as others I have installed which is important because this thing's bottom edge is over 5' off the ground. So we install it last spring it tools along until just this September and the compressor freezes. I call "Christine" somewhere in India and she blithely informs me the warranty went out in June. Figures. I am so tired of spending hundreds of dollars on disposable appliances (refrigerator went out in two years) and now this lasts just long enough to get out of its short warranty. We're done...no more Kenmore or any of its "camouflaged" brands. Facebook is going to hear about this as well. I figure at least some of my 300 friends will heed the warning.
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7 years and running strong!.
Nov 15, 2013

Fails 2 Months out of Warranty.
Sep 12, 2013

Flower Mound, TX
Great air conditioner.
Aug 11, 2013

Does a Great job.
Aug 4, 2013

Albert, KS
Very heavy... professional installers from Sears will do it for you! .
Jul 31, 2013

Cibolo, TX
bought to cool a 1200 square foot garage.
Jul 21, 2013

Great A/C.
Jun 28, 2013

Kingwood, TX
room air conditioner.
Jun 8, 2013

ac works great until.
May 13, 2013

Lemoyne, PA
will recommend this air conditioner to a friend.
Apr 17, 2013

Staten Island, NY