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Positive Reviews Mon, Jun 21, 2010

The Kenmore 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner is quiet and powerful.
<p>We didn't know which air conditioner to get when our central air went out and the air conditioner repair man couldn't come out for two days.&nbsp; So, I researched **************** and found out that Kenmore is the most recommended brand.&nbsp; Then, I tried to find the highest btu's that would still take a 110 plug so that I would not need an electrician to come out and do any wiring.&nbsp; This&nbsp;model&nbsp;was the one we found.&nbsp; It cooled our 2000 sq foot home quickly.&nbsp; I am sure it is not designed to cool a house this large.&nbsp; However, we are using it that way until our central unit gets fixed.&nbsp; Also, it is right next to our TV in our living room and there is very little noise.&nbsp; Finally, there was no hassle in installing it.&nbsp; It has a 10.4 seer which makes it very energy efficient.&nbsp; The higher the seer number the more energy efficent it is.&nbsp; It is an energy star model.&nbsp; It says that it will cost $89 per year to run.&nbsp; That is probably not correct the way that we are currently using it to try to cool our whole house instead of just one room.&nbsp; However, when compared to other models, it was one of the most energy efficient models out there.&nbsp; 12,000 BTU is as high as you are going to get with a 110 plug&nbsp; and not having to call an electrician, so if you are looking to cool your house with an energy efficient quiet air conditioner, buy this model!!!&nbsp;&nbsp;115&nbsp; and 220 plugs will require an electrician if you don't know much about this kind of stuff.&nbsp; I wish someone else could have provided this much information in a review so I am hoping my review helps you if you are in a bind like we were.</p>

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Negative Reviews Wed, Aug 24, 2011

Kenmore 12000 BTU window unit Item# 04270121000 Model# 70121
<p>This is a horrible product!  I read and read reviews before purchasing this one- I thought it was going to be a good one. Even **************** rated it well, plus all the reviews on this page show this as a great a/c unit- well- it is freaking noisy!  SOOOOOO NOISY- do not believe these people that say it is not noisy- it is very freaking loud!  I can't stand it! I'm not sure what I am going to do now- i had to jump through hoops just to get this one &amp; now I'm not sure how I am going to replace it.- I don't have help to get a new one installed. :(</p> <p>Anyway- I don't usually write reviews- but I had to tell you guys the truth about this one- don't believe the fake reviews! IT IS EXTREMELY LOUD!!!!!!</p> <p>LOUD!!!! </p> <p>LOUD!!!! </p> <p>LOUD!!!!</p>
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Aug 25, 2016

Stanton, MI
"... Too Many Things Wrong"
Aug 17, 2016

Dallas, TX
"love it"
Aug 10, 2016

Wichita Falls, TX
"12,000 btu"
Aug 1, 2016

Winsted, CT
"Great Value .."
Jul 22, 2016

Carthage, TX
"A/C good.....remote never worked"
Jul 1, 2016

Poquoson, VA
Jun 26, 2016

Medford, OR
"good product"
Jun 26, 2016

Woodlyn, PA
"Excellent so far"
Jun 16, 2016

Nutley, NJ
"Awesome A/C"
Jun 11, 2016

New Orleans, LA