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Positive Reviews Tue, Jan 15, 2013

A big relief
Everything at home feels just great after installing this softener...which is as it should be. But.... My rating is not as much for the softener as it is for Sears. Although all these softeners look and function the same and are probably made by the same company, Sears installation people were much better than the "other" large home improvement shops. Obviously specialized in doing just this one job all over the place, they are just great. On time and ready to work within 3 days ! All other installers were obviously plumbers and/or salesmen for other water companies that tried to sell me their own systems!

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Negative Reviews Thu, Mar 31, 2011

Easy installation but lacks important "Recharge Tonight" display

Purchased and installed a new Kemore #38350 3/23/11 to replace our 20-year old Kenmore that was starting to fail intermittently. Since the unit has identical dimensions (height, width and diameter) to the inlet and outlet ports as our old one, the new unit went in super easy. The hardest part was removing the old unit since the port snap rings were "frozen" in the slots. The initial set up was very simple too. The unit's computer determines when to regenerate based on the hardness input and the water usage identical to our old unit. However during the past week we have noticed this new unit lacks one extremely important and key information which is the "Recharge Tonight" warning that tells you the unit will recharge that evening is no longer available. We are extremely surprised and disappointed Sears would take out this very important feature since it gives homeowners advance warning when the next recharge will occur as well as giving us the option to either turning that off if that flashes on the screen. We confirmed this finding with Sears water softener customer service and was told Sears took that feature out for some reason and has since received quite a few complaints for not having this "Recharge Tonight" warning feature. For this reason we are rating this as "Below Average" because it is unacceptable not to have this very important feature. We are also not recommending this unit until this gets corrected. Since this involves a software change, any modification by Sears on this matter won't happen on existing units. We should mention the only time this "Recharge Tonight" flashes on the display is if you manually set it to come on each time you set it. Otherwise it simply won't come on automatically.

We would've rated it a 4-star or higher if Sears had not left out this important "Recharge Tonight" feature.

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Kenmore ultra soft 100 & 150.
Mar 27, 2014

Katy, TX
Works as Advertised.
Mar 11, 2014

Fort Lee, NJ
Very happy with my new water softener..
Feb 22, 2014

Little York, IL
Feb 12, 2014

Jasper, IN
Very easy to install.
Feb 10, 2014

Butler, PA
poor quality.
Feb 4, 2014

Middletown, DE
Feb 1, 2014

Newton, KS
It does it job !.
Jan 23, 2014

Knox, PA
Water Softener.
Dec 21, 2013

Marion, TX
Good water.
Dec 16, 2013