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Positive Reviews Sun, Feb 11, 2007

Great efficiency
The electric cord can be plugged into a programmable timer outlet which allows the water heater to turn off as many hours as you wish. I keep mine on for 8 hours per day and betwween a gas dryer and this water heater I use only 0.8 Therms per day on average for a family of two. If I do need hot water it is still available for 4 or 5 hours after it shuts off because I put an insulated blanket on the sides. And if that is not good enough I just unplug the timer and it turns on giving me what I need.

Most Helpful Reviews5found this helpful

Negative Reviews Thu, Jul 24, 2008

Defective gas valve from factory
I purchased this top-of-the line water heater from my local Sears store on July 21, 2008 and spent 8 hours installing it. When I finished it would not start. I called Sears' warranty service and they sent out a repairman. The repairman said the gas valve was defective and wouldn't let the burner start and that this was a flaw from the manufacturer he was regularly seeing. He also told me that a replacement for the defective valve has been on backorder from the OEM for some time. He was surprised that Sears was still selling a unit which is known for defects. As a result I do not know when I will have hot water in my home. The Sears customer service clerk I called after learning this told me to just bring the heater back to the store for a replacement or a refund!!! How about covering the cost of my truck rental and the help I hired to get this into my home? BUYER BEWARE - buying this defective unit may result in not only wasting the cost of installation, but giving you a major delay in restoring hot water to your home!
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" I Love Hot Water"
Mar 13, 2013

Madison, WI
" Super Hot Water Heater "
Nov 21, 2012

Spokane, WA
"Will Fail in less than two years. Buy a Ream instant Hot Water Heater!!!!"
Nov 7, 2012

Quakertown, PA
"Do Not Waste Your Money Buying This Thing"
Aug 6, 2012

Madison, WI

This water heater worked for about a year then stopped working. I had to pay for a repairman to come and fix it, and it cost almost as much as a new unit. Problem is the reviews on it were good. I will not waste my money on one of these units ever again. FYI Reliance and A.O. Smith have the exact same hot water heater with their names on it, so be careful not to buy it with their name slapped on the side of it either.

"Extremely dissatisfied customer- buyer beware!!"
Jan 12, 2012

Abingdon, VA

I don't normally write negative reviews, but this situation definitely warrants one.  Bottom line: So far, $899 has bought us a 6 day wait to obtain a defective product that has failed twice in 4 days, countless hours on the phone with extremely unhelpful Sears customer "service", and no prospect of reliable hot water in the foreseeable future. Buyer beware!

"Kenmore 50 Gal.Tall Natural Gas Hot Water Heater(33205)"
Nov 30, 2011

Phoenix, AZ

It does a great job heating the water up fast,the power vent is quieter then my old one was, it was easy to put in and it was at a good price.Thank You Sears

"Had it 6 months, already broken "
Oct 25, 2011

Louisville, KY

just quit on us Thursday.  Called for service, they came out two days later.  He can't figure out what is wrong.  Says they don't carry replacement parts, so he ordered them.  Says they will be here in a day or two, another day or two for a service tech to get out here to work on it.  Of course he has no idea that the replacement parts will fix the problem, he's just guessing.  Can't say I'm real thrilled with the product or the service.

"Kenmore 50 gal. Tall Natural Gas Hot Water Heater (33205)"
Jun 27, 2011

Delmar, NY

Easy control panel to adjust the water temperature.

"This product should be more clearly labled as a "Power vent.""
Feb 25, 2011

Milford, CT

This is a good price for a 50 gallon power vented water heater, but unless you knew what one looked like, or knew the exact model number you wouldn't know this is a power vented water heater.
Note to Sears. Add "Power Vent" to this product discription.

"the best in the market , powerful , money well spent "
Feb 15, 2011

Mission, KS