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Positive Reviews Fri, Sep 18, 2009

Buy it!
<p>This was a replacement for a 9 year old Bradford White water heater. I first called a plumbing house but in the end the Sears&nbsp;reputation&nbsp;and the fact that they are right around the corner anytime I need them won the day. I paid abut $1200 installed which includes a 5 year comprehensive warranty. I think the tank has a 6 year warranty. There is one complaint posted here that the blower is so loud that it can be heard throughout the house. Not our house. This blower is quieter than what we had for close to 10 years. &nbsp;I can't vouch for its longevity yet as it was put into service just this morning. I am not worried.</p>

Most Helpful Reviews5found this helpful

Negative Reviews Tue, Jul 13, 2010

Be Prepared to Pay!
<p>I strongly recommend the service plan if you make the mistake of buying this model.&nbsp; My unit is less than 4 years old and it's needed the gas valve AND ignitor replaced at a cost of $600!&nbsp; I'd avoid buying this unit.&nbsp; It is a money pit!</p>
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" I Love Hot Water"
Mar 13, 2013

Madison, WI
" Super Hot Water Heater "
Nov 21, 2012

Spokane, WA
"Will Fail in less than two years. Buy a Ream instant Hot Water Heater!!!!"
Nov 7, 2012

Quakertown, PA
"Do Not Waste Your Money Buying This Thing"
Aug 6, 2012

Madison, WI

This water heater worked for about a year then stopped working. I had to pay for a repairman to come and fix it, and it cost almost as much as a new unit. Problem is the reviews on it were good. I will not waste my money on one of these units ever again. FYI Reliance and A.O. Smith have the exact same hot water heater with their names on it, so be careful not to buy it with their name slapped on the side of it either.

"Extremely dissatisfied customer- buyer beware!!"
Jan 12, 2012

Abingdon, VA

I don't normally write negative reviews, but this situation definitely warrants one.  Bottom line: So far, $899 has bought us a 6 day wait to obtain a defective product that has failed twice in 4 days, countless hours on the phone with extremely unhelpful Sears customer "service", and no prospect of reliable hot water in the foreseeable future. Buyer beware!

"Kenmore 50 Gal.Tall Natural Gas Hot Water Heater(33205)"
Nov 30, 2011

Phoenix, AZ

It does a great job heating the water up fast,the power vent is quieter then my old one was, it was easy to put in and it was at a good price.Thank You Sears

"Had it 6 months, already broken "
Oct 25, 2011

Louisville, KY

just quit on us Thursday.  Called for service, they came out two days later.  He can't figure out what is wrong.  Says they don't carry replacement parts, so he ordered them.  Says they will be here in a day or two, another day or two for a service tech to get out here to work on it.  Of course he has no idea that the replacement parts will fix the problem, he's just guessing.  Can't say I'm real thrilled with the product or the service.

"Kenmore 50 gal. Tall Natural Gas Hot Water Heater (33205)"
Jun 27, 2011

Delmar, NY

Easy control panel to adjust the water temperature.

"This product should be more clearly labled as a "Power vent.""
Feb 25, 2011

Milford, CT

This is a good price for a 50 gallon power vented water heater, but unless you knew what one looked like, or knew the exact model number you wouldn't know this is a power vented water heater.
Note to Sears. Add "Power Vent" to this product discription.

"the best in the market , powerful , money well spent "
Feb 15, 2011

Mission, KS