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Positive Reviews Thu, Jun 30, 2011

Kenmore 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater is worth every penny
I purchased it couple months ago but I decided not to purchase the installation since the cost was close to the cost of the water heater itself. After couple months I decided to try to install it myself and it was almost a piece of cake. Only issue was the removal of the old tank. It took about 1-2hours and the whole instalation was done and in less than an hour I took a first shower. Water was already hot for a long hot shower. The power misser 6 50 gallon is great, heats the water really fast there is no need to switch it to 5500 Watts just a waste of electricity, the 3800W is more than enough. I had 3 people shower one after another with the washing machine running and noone ran out of hot water. THe thermostat is very accurate, you can have it luke warm to scalding hot and I never had the valve blow up. I have it set to approx 130 degrees and the water at the tap when I measured was actually 129 degrees. I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good quality, solid and reliable electric water heater and don't want to spend a fortune for the high end water heaters that costs more than twice as much but they all perform the same function. Can you tell the difference in your shower that your waterr is coming from a water heater that costs 300 bucks or 600 bucks, I sure can't but so far after 3 weeks I feel like I got a best wanter heater out there. Lets just hope it stays this way. I have a lot of Kenmore appliances and I never really had any negative experiences that is why I chose the water heater as well. Hope this review is helpful because I am just an ordinary guy that wants quality stuff that lasts but don't want to spend unnecessary fortune on it. Kenmore wanter heaters is a perfect choice if you are looking for solid reliable water heater that (So far!!!) never runs out of hot water even after 1 hour shower.

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Negative Reviews Tue, Apr 22, 2014

If I could give this thing a half star, I would. I purchased this heater 3/2010...I begin having problems, February 2014. You don't expect to replace a water heater after ALMOST 4 years of use!. The previous reviewers are not bending the truth. This unit will begin to require resetting about every month or so. You will first think that the thermostat could be bad or the heating element but this is actually a manufactured defect. I am now having to buy another heater. Oh, by the way...this is in a rental property. If it were in my house, I would just keep resetting it, but I can't ask someone to pay rent and tell them to keep resetting the heater so you may have hot water.
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Excellent. ”
Jan 8, 2015

great heater so far. ”
Jul 17, 2014

Apr 22, 2014

Memphis, TN
Water heater works great!. ”
Mar 5, 2014

Oakdale, CT
simple but effective. ”
Jan 11, 2013

Queensbury, NY
Kenmore 50 gal Electric Water Heater. ”
Sep 19, 2012

Bristol, PA

We priced self-cleaning water heaters at ***** & **********, thier was $100 more! The

self-cleaning models last a long time, like our old one that lasted 18yrs.

Kenmore 50 gal Electric Water Heater working fine for 6 years. ”
Apr 16, 2012

Farmington, MI
Kenmore Power Miser 6 32662. ”
Apr 16, 2012

Elkton, MD
Kenmore 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater is worth every penny. ”
Jun 30, 2011

Fairfield, CT
Kenmore 50 gal.Electric Hot Water Heater(32666)works perfectly.. ”
Feb 15, 2011

Cincinnati, OH