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Positive Reviews Thu, Mar 27, 2014

Quiet, Efficient, Effective
I got this unit for a great deal along with its matching washer. It's simple but has moisture sensors that allow it to detect how dry the clothes are and not over-dry them. This saves energy, prevents damage, and still ensures that the load is dry when it stops. It's fairly quiet while doing it's job?about normal for a dryer. And no doubt in part because the companion washer spins so fast it leaves clothes barely damp, the dryer doesn't take nearly as long as the one it replaces. I've noticed less lint in the trap than my previous machine, indicating it and the washer are doing less damage to my clothes. And I've been thoroughly impressed with the fact that even large loads are not left bundled into a ball. My old dryer would wrap sheets up into a ball unless they were dried one sheet at a time. This dryer will handle a queen-size sheet set, two bath towels, and three throw blankets at the same time. All items get dry and nothing is balled together. The only two things I could ask for are (1) for it to dry a load in about the same time as the washer takes to wash a load?although it's actually pretty close, within 10 minutes?and (2) for a slightly more accurate estimate of how long the load will take to dry. The initial estimate is based on settings, but the actual drying time is based on moisture.

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Negative Reviews Mon, Dec 1, 2014

buyer beware
The control board tends to fail just past warranty. Very costly to repair and you will be out hundreds of dollars . First symptom is beeping and flashing buttons requiring reset and eventually nothing will work and your dryer is dead.
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"Wonderful dryer- great price"
Apr 18, 2016

Savannah, GA
Apr 13, 2016

Indianapolis, IN
"Clothes are always damp when they should be extra dry."
Feb 21, 2016

Plymouth, MI
Jan 13, 2016

Schaumburg, IL
"Excellent Electric Dryer"
Jan 4, 2016

Swiftwater, PA
"Good dryer"
Dec 13, 2015

Phillipsburg, NJ
"Excellent Electric Dryer"
Dec 10, 2015

Massillon, OH
"so far so good"
Dec 6, 2015

Madison, WI
Dec 1, 2015

Lakeland, FL
"love this dryer"
Nov 28, 2015

Tucson, AZ