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Positive Reviews Mon, Jun 14, 2010

kenmore 13.7 inch laundry pedestal has drawer for storage
<p>I like how the pedestal puts the height of the washer and dryer to keep me from having to bend so much. &nbsp;A draw back is that it does not easily accomadate the larger sizes of laundry product. &nbsp;If it was just about 2 inches taller it would be better</p>

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Negative Reviews Wed, Feb 17, 2010

We just purchased the 42192 Kenmore (4.5cuFt Front loader) washe
<p>We just purchased the 42192 Kenmore (4.5cuFt Front loader)&nbsp;washer and this pedestal to go with it.</p> <p>We are replacing a 5 year old Kenmore HE4T washer with its matched pedestal.&nbsp; According to the Sears sales people, the old pedestal will not work with the new washer.&nbsp; (Old washer was made by Whirlpool and the new washer is made by LG)</p> <p>There isnt much you can say about a pedestal.&nbsp; It seems to be of good quality and is sufficiently strong enough to hold the 200lb washer.</p> <p>However the biggest advantage to have the pedestal is the storage it gives you.&nbsp; In my previous model I was able to store all of the washing supplies (detergent, bleach, oxyclean, color catchers, etc).&nbsp; It all fit without a problem.</p> <p>I was transferring all of my washing products to the new pedestal and found the detergent bottle is too tall for the drawer to close.&nbsp; The height of the inside of the new drawer is 11 inches.&nbsp; The old drawer is 11.5 inches.&nbsp; My bottle of Tide 100oz liquid detergent is 11.25 inches.</p> <p>I cant say how other detergent bottles will work, but Kenmore should of noted the size of the possible products that could be stored in the the pedestal and made it a 1/2 inch taller.</p>
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Pedestal amplifies noise of Washer! . ”
Mar 2, 2015

North Chelmsford, MA
Very nice!. ”
Dec 30, 2014

Glen Burnie, MD
Make your life a little easier!. ”
Aug 1, 2014

Frederick, MD
I love them!. ”
Mar 26, 2013

Gainesville, FL
Perfect in every way. ”
Feb 21, 2013

Fort Wayne, IN
Laundry Pedestal. ”
Dec 1, 2012

Glendale, AZ
it's a must. ”
Oct 12, 2012

Kenmore 13.7 in.Laundry Pedestal w/Storage Drawer. ”
Jul 23, 2012

Bethel, CT
The Kemnore Laundry Pedestal is excellent!. ”
Jun 18, 2012

Troutman, NC
Kenmore Laundry Pedestal with Storage Draw is a real backsaver!. ”
Jul 3, 2011

Susquehanna, PA